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Wledge she has acuired throughout her career whether working on Titanic or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is shared in this book It does not matter if you are just starting your career in sound or if you are an experienced sound professional on set this book is a must read or you This is the book every sound mixer and boom operator needs From being on your very The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 first set to being a seasoned veteran everyone benefitsrom the knowledge of this bookIt s detailed easy to understand and has invaluable insight into one of the most complicated industries in the world Anyone interested in professional sound recording should read this book and pass the knowledge on to the next generation of sound professionals It will proudly earn a spot on my bookshelf as soon as I m done reading it Great book Walking With Ghosts: A memoir for anyone looking to get into soundor the Inside Out: The Instant Number 1 New York Times Bestseller film and TV business. Winner1917The UST could be one of the most essential crewmembers on set Any production without a UST would sufferrom poor or under executed sound work and that would surely be a disservice to the The Duke in His Domain filmmakers creators and budgetMichael Minkler 3 time Sound Oscar winner Dreamgirls Chicago Blackhawk Down 11 time Oscar nomineePatrushkha has written the book I wish I could have read when I started out This is my go to reference and should be in everyilm school on the globeSimon Clark Head of Location Sound Recording National Film & Television School Engla.

Y career in sound We are gifted to work in an industry that is constantly shifting and changing constantly presenting new opportunities to learn and adapt Ms Mierzwa has Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the '80s Changed Hollywood Forever found a way to not only navigate but bridge the educational chasm between our industry AND our humanity we bring both to our craft so why write a book addressing only the technical craft It s brilliant work and speaks to the artfulness of what many see as a purely technical position This is not just insight into the technicalilmmaking process Walt Disney's Disneyland from a professional in peakorm but also a guide to how to navigate the pitfalls of the industry with your integrity and humanity intact I uite literally cannot endorse this work stronglyThomas Cassetta Production Sound Mixer Re recording Mixer Patrushkha Mierzwa is a class A professional when it comes to sound on set All the experience and kno. Ok describes the job of the utility sound technician UST or 2nd AS in the UK a career almost invisible minimally considered yet extremely interesting and excitingand paying up to six MADELINE IN LONDON 70TH ANNIV figures a year Discover tips and tricksor microphone placement Understand how the UST interacts with the director actors and producers Learn why you can know a lot about Sterling Hayden’s Wars film yet still not sustain a careerThis book condenses years of experience into a practical guide that will prepare you to walk onto ailm set with the confidence of a sound ninjaStuart Wilson Sound Oscar.

Deep insight to considerations of communication collaboration work ethic Forever, Jack: A beautiful love story you will never forget flow and so much It sar reaching than just a technical manual Hollywood Heyday: 75 Candid Interviews with Golden Age Legends for button pushers After 20yrs in the industry I can genuinely say that had I read this when I started the whole navigating a sustainable career would have come a lot easier I m thrilled totally happy to have access to this knowledge and thankful that Petrushkha knocked it out of the park with this one I highly suggest reading this Veteran s Guide to get way than a glimpse at what it takes to be confident and pleasant to work with on set There s just so much here even other industry giants chime in This book preps youor real life and the skills you ll learn while reading it are going to change your trajectory All I can think about while soaking in the pages of this book is Where was this book when I Lulu in Hollywood: Expanded Edition first started Patrushkha Mierzwa has worked on movies and television showsor major directors including Robert Rodriuez uentin Tarantino James Gray and Robert Altman She has been a judge Stanley Kubrick for the Emmys IATSE Sound Local 695 director and given workshops globally Her Sound Oscar nominated shows are Ad Astra and Once Upon a Timein HollywoodPatrushkha Mierzwa takes yourom the Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing: 1 first work call to theinal wrap explaining the order of the work and the details that experience can provide so you dont make mistakes that can sabotage your career before its even startedThis bo.

Kindle Epub Behind the Sound Cart: A Veterans Guide to Sound on the Set – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Patrushkha Mierzwa is one of the first women boom operators in Hollywood She has worked on 80 movies and television shows for major directors including Robert Altman Robert Rodriuez Roger Corman James Gray and uentin Tarantino She has also been a judge for the Emmys and was a Director on the Board of the sound union IATSE Local 695Ms Mierzwa has spoken on multiple panels and given workshops at film schools in Los Angeles China Ireland Oslo Maine England Bath and New York City on the duties and responsibilities of a ualified Boom Operator and Utility Sound Technician She has lectured on the performance work skills necessary to succeed under a fast production schedule with A list talent Her last 2 credits AD ASTRA and ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD were both Oscar nominated for sound mixing Ms Mierzwa is actively building a global sound community and during this uarantine period writing books on both Utility A2 work and Boom OperatingA1 ExperiencePANELIST UTILITY SOUND SEMINAR LOS ANGELES SEPTEMBER 2018I was one of 6 panelists speaking on the duties and responsibilities of a ualified Sound UtilityTechnician With the rise of multiple cameras and faster production schedules technicians who canuickly and accurately wire actors as well as handle a second boom are in demand In the US womenare being reuested to wire actresses and small childrenTopics included handling talent and interacting with other depts micing techniues administrativetasks paperwork inventory payroll tips for booming Comtek distributionInstructor WIRING FOR SOUND symposium New York City April 2018I was the lead speaker and instructor for a workshop on wiring actors for sound in film Sponsored bySchool of Visual Arts Cinema Audio Society Gotham SoundSPEAKER SEBASTOPOL FILM FESTIVAL CALIFORNIA 2014 2018How low budget filmmakers can get better sound and have any uestions answeredINSTRUCTOR MAINE MEDIA WORKSHOPS MAINE 2010 2015A practical workshop on how to boom for narrative film in collaboration with Mark Ulano instructorCOO to Mark Ulano Sound Services IncI coordinate bookings logistics and accommodations for his speaking engagements and assist with materialspreparation and follow upCo Author with Mark Ulano CAS Practical Guide to Production Sound for Motion Pictures A Text Book forcreative approach to narrative film A work in progresshttpswwwimdbcomnamenm0585815refnvsr1

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