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I thought I d add a review on this as there doesn t currently appear to be a single review for this volume of the series About Time Volume 3 the Second Edition covering seasons 7 11 the Jon Pertwee years all the reviews are for either the first edition or other volumesI love this entire series and recommend etting the other volumes In fact I even recommend etting both the first and second editions of this volumeAs other have stated the series is not intended as an introduction to the character and world of Doctor Who but rather a near exhaustive compilation of Information on the Doctor his companions and opponents and the various aliens he meets as presented in the series Background on things those of us here in America and the younger viewers in the UK wouldn t necessarily know about the times in which the stories were written information that often opens our eyes to a reater understanding as well as nigh useless trivia for instance this volume tells us when Britain moved from their old currency system to a decimal based one interesting but unlikely to ever be something I actually need to know Details about the episode when it aired how the ratings were who was in it and last but not least the behind the scenes Memoirs of a Geisha goings on during each story s writing and filmingIn the above well except for the lore the bookenerally works on the assumption that as much as possible of what we were shown happened and tries to reconcile the oddities that arise Sometimes they ll just relate the most commonly held opinions other times they ll come to a conclusion of their own Their format makes clear what s based directly and explicitly on what was on screen and what s conjectureIn some cases the cultural background the continuity oddities for instance three seemingly completely distinct places each of which is the Atlantis of legend or the urge to parlay the tidbits of data we collect into theories as to how the science of the Who universe works lead to a sidebar essayIf you already have the first edition this one is three times as big As I did have that one already I did some comparisons Much of the original text is still there albeit rearranged noticeably Obviously some things were added or expanded As Tat Wood has otten used to writing the series on his own the number of footnote has expanded something like 8 in the first edition and around 150 in the second editionOne of the most notable areas of change was in the sidebar essays Many have been added some are very similar to how they were originally but some have changed dramatically Where the last happened it was usually due to taking information from the new series into account Here s where having the first edition can pay out seeing how the first four seasons of the returned show impact the show s continuity and historyAdmittedly that wouldn t appeal to everyone If it does to. In the About Time 3 Second Edition Tat Wood vastly expands upon the discussion of the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who bringing this installment of the About Time series up to the size and elaborate depth of its fellows News essays in this edition in.

KINDLE About Time 3: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 7 to 11) (About Time; The Unauthorized Guide to Dr. Who (Mad Norwegian Press)) author Tat Wood, Lawrence Miles – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

You then stop reading this review and buy the book if you haven t already The previous reviews of this book have been about the first edition Although this is Volume 3 of the About Time series it was the first to appear written before the authors had ot into their stride Later volumes were longer and covered their subject in a lot depth Now Tat Wood has one back and rewritten this book almost from first page to last expanding it and bringing it up to the standard of the later volumes Th Probably the most detailed informative analysis of the show out there I ve now read the first three volumes as I work my way through re watching the classic series and reading this book s facts and opinions on the story I ve just viewed is one of my favorite parts of the process It s not for those who just want synopses and cast and crew details This book oes into deep analysis often to a level you didn t think possible for a 50 year old sci fi TV show But it s never dull or pedantic it s often humorous and entertaining and never a chore to read I can t say enough about how Tiberio: L'imperatore triste (Italian Edition) great this series of books is for a Doctor Who fanThis volume in particular is interesting as it covers the Pertwee era one of the contentious eras of Who with lots of cultural and political topics to delve into If you have trouble relating the show during this time period this may help you to at least understand why it was like this Not a reference work but a work of critical analysis and wit If you are a fan this will make you think again about the show you love whether you agree with it or not You will also laugh immoderately I own all the published volumes and then bought this again on kindle as it was updated The format seems to work better on kindle than on paper and I hope all volumes are issued in this format soon I bought this book along with season 4 6 as aift for my son who is a massive doctor who fan It seemed uite expensive at first but when I received it I found it to be a very thick book stuffed with information A Memoirs of a Geisha good buy for the real doctor who fan who is maybe a little older I find the About Time series of books on the original Doctor Who series to have been an entertaining and worthwhile enterprise However they are not well documented books and read like a stream of consciousness relating things the authors have heard or read over the years about the series making and about UK and world history They have picked up much wrong information along the way The books are conseuently not reliable sources and are not research efforts comparable to the books of David Howe The second edition of About Time 3 corrects numerous mistakes in the first edition but let me note two clear errors in the new edition 1 On page 74 the authors claim that the Doctor in Inferno is unworried about the Inferno project until itoes wrong this claim is contradicte. Clude The Daemons What the Hell Are They Doing Where Were Torchwood When All This Was Happening and Is This Any Way to Run a Galactic EmpireMany existing essays and entries have been reatly retooled and evidence from the new Doctor Who series unb.

D by dialogue in episodes 1 4 and 7 2 In their coverage of the Day of the Daleks the authors argue that the story can t be inspired by the time paradox in the Planet of the Apes movies on the rounds that Conuest of the Planet of the Apes was released after the making and screening of Day of the Daleks but this neglects the fact that the time paradox storyline is in Escape from the Planet of the Apes not Conuest which is the only Apes movie they ive as covering the paradox Great book for anyone who wants in depth review of classic series Good read This is a review of the expanded second editionThis is nearly three times the size of the first edition but does that make it three times the value I would have to say it probably doesn t I ve been a fan of the About Time books since I bought the first edition of this book But they have had a tendency to et and waffly as the series has progressed This expanded second edition seems to be the culmination of that processNow I can t deny that a lot of this book is very interesting but it is largely off topic for most of the time The author clearly has a A Place of Greater Safety great knowledge of the pop culture of the time and of theeneral political and world context of the early 70s but it seems that sharing all this knowledge is his real passion and the fact that it is a Doctor Who reference book is just a pretext to The Ragged Edge of Night get all this published Another reviewer mentions the end notes of the book numbering 147 entries as opposed to just 5 in the original book but these are mainly uite irrelevant and it becomes a bit of a drag to have to flick to the back of the book every other page to read them For example one entry is just explaining what a Ploughman s Lunch is Not as you may think because the Doctor eats one in a particular episode or even casually mentions one but simply because the author himself advised the reader to eat one whilst reading a particularly long section When you read things like this youet the strong feeling you are totally indulging the author as he just writes about whatever he likesIn addition as has often been the case with this series of books you can t help but feel an extra proof reading wouldn t have Gods and Kings: Chronicles of the Kings gone amiss You will often find typos extraneous words and even entire paragraphs that appear to make no sense at all In fact I have found many areas where the original edition actuallyets the same point across much clearly possibly a benefit of having two authors as opposed to just the one for this editionThis is by no means a bad book but if you own the first edition it is also by no means the essential upgrade it appears to be Far from being sparse and less detailed the first edition is if anything a tighter and accessible version This version seems of a thesis on Media Studies with occasional references to Doctor Who All very interesting but it may not be what you wan. Roadcast when this book was first published has been taken into account All told this Second Edition has nearly three times the material of its predecessor At present Mad Norwegian has no plans to do second editions of the other About Time volumes.

REVIEW About Time 3: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 7 to 11) (About Time; The Unauthorized Guide to Dr. Who (Mad Norwegian Press))

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