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R unseen likely to win against experienced practitioners Danaher sees jiu jitsu as a set of integrated systems each with a goal One cannot necessarily learn jiu jitsu from a book especially when compared to the video instructionals Mr Danaher has been publishing in recent years However these volumes provide short reminders and insights that will efinitely help anyone looking to improve their training and performanceI have very few concerns with these books From a production standpoint they are simple amalgamations of Instagram posts Those who wish to save the 499 per volume cost could choose to consume the content from the source I would have preferred if the compilers of these volumes would have corrected the typos that occasionally appear in Mr Danaher s writings The third volume appears to have suffered some minor production issues There are large spacing gaps between posts in the Kindle versionI have bought and will continue to buy the volumes in this series I enjoy reading Mr Danaher s thoughts in this format rather than as an Instagram feed I would like to hear that Mr Danaher is receiving the majority of the royalties from book sales as this is his material and subject to his copyrights As I am barely competent in a few aspects of Brazilian jiu jitsu I appreciate all the wisdom I can glean from texts such as this Those who are much capable practitioners will likely have better success in implementing Mr Danaher s strategies. Long afternoon read Included are Danaher's famous concepts ofDivision and UnityThe fundamentals of guard passing and retentionKaizen and the mindset of constant improvementBuilding the perfeect armbars strangulations and leg attacksThe power of asymmetryCreating systems amongst the choas of aily trainingScattered throughout are fascinating little stories of John's life from a philosophy major in college to a bouncer in New York City It's and amazing glimpse into the thinking of a modern jiu jitsu mast.

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BOOKS EPUB The Danaher Diaries: Over 100 of John Danahers Musings on Jiu–Jitsu, Kaizen, Training, and Living BY Heroes of the Art – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Perhaps the only islike was that one came from UK and one from USA but both arrived on the same Diarios De Motocicleta: Notas de Viaje por America Latina (Che Guevara Publishing Project) (Spanish Edition) day so really no problem Five stars for sure Danaher is on the top of the mountain on jiu jitsu scenario He has the brilliant mind to make one of the best structure to study this sport which in general is so non formal This gift arrived in excellent condition on time very pleased Badly written typos bad grammar Waste of money just watch YouTube videos This is an awesome collection of ideas on the core concepts of Jiujitsu It will help you on how you should be thinking about the art Amazing read As a student to the martial arts BJJ being the primary I took great interest in these writings Danaher is world renowned as one of the greatest minds to ever coach in the sport of Jiu JItsu and his fundamental breakdowns of every single move and the thought process behind them is why he is so highly regarded I look forward to book 2 I m not sure who said it someone once said learning how too one thing well teaches you to Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. do all things well My enjoyment of the book was just as much about applying John s perspective to my life outside of BJJ as within Easy read Great book on bjj concepts Thank you for the compilation of Danaher s thoughts book is easy to read with large print I also bought theigital version and enjoyed reading it while at World Master s in Vegas on my phone I read almost every page multiple times to really ensure I kn. #1 in Multiple Martial Arts Categories on Since he burst onto the scene as George St Pierre's grappling coach in the late 2000's John Danaher has risen to be recognized as the foremost mindin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competitive grapplingMore than just a coach Danaher has garnered a reputation as a philosopher of the art His social media is read by hundreds of thousands serving as aily inspiration for students around the world Danaher is able to take the complex and often contradictory rules of jiu jit.

Ew what he was trying to convey Just like with every move in his jiu jitsu has meaning so oes his words I book marked some pages I also opened up YouTube to watch matches he referenced and some of his lessons John Danaher is one of the most famous and capable Brazilian Jiu jitsu coaches on the planet He is the leader for the Danaher Death Suad competition team He is also a Renzo Gracie black belt and a former bouncer and philosophy student The Danaher Diaries consist as of the time of writing of three volumes They were published by one or people calling themselves Heroes of the Art The books are straightforward reproductions of Mr Danaher s social media posts primarily from Instagram Only text is included although the first volume contains an introduction written by the publisher I have not seen any commentary indicating Mr Danaher is aware of these volumes or if he has anything to The Revolt of the Cockroach People do with themMr Danaher has written other materials on Brazilian Jiu jitsu He essentially wrote the text of the 2001 book Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Theory and Techniue and the 2003 book Mastering Jujitsu Note the spelling of jujitsu this is unusual in a book on modern jiu jitsu but may indicate Mr Danaher s preference for the traditional names of judoerived and associated topicsMr Danaher is probably the most elouent and philosophical advocate for jiu jitsu on the world stage Many in the community see jiu jitsu as an assortment of techniues with the newest Su and break them I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds down into universal conceptsAnd it's not just talk the infamous Danaher Death Suad is a who's who of combat sports From MMA champions like George St Pierre to grappling phenoms like Gordon Ryan and Gary Tonon His work speaks for itselfWe've assembled John Danaher's most timeless and thought provoking writings over one hundred passages in short segments At just a few minutes per passage they make for the perfect uick read before hitting the gym a uiet momenturing morning coffee or

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