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R and how it was made Enjoy I bought the 1st book covering 1st 2nd seasons had to have the 2nd book covering 3rd 4th seasons Excellent uality book and pictures excellent interviews covering every aspect of the production as well including the authentic swords dirks firearms and the actors being taught how to use them The research and attention to detail that goes into making the show is amazing Everyone working on the show is a credit to it Love Love Love it Great to learn the behind the scenes. Han on screen couple and real life friends as well as the writers producers musicians costume designers set decorators technicians andwhose hard work and cinematic magic brings the world of Outlander to life on the screen Every page features gorgeous photographs of the cast costumes and set design including both official cast photography and never before seen candids from on set The Making of Outlander Seasons Three Four is the perfect gift for the Sassenach in your lifeand the only way to survive a Droughtlander.

The making of the Outlander TV series This one covers seasons 3 and 4 which brings us up to dateInterviews with the major cast members and featured cast in certain episodes information about each episode costumes sets and props make up wigs buildings effectsyou name itTara has a great affection for the show and this shines through I have seen her interview the cas Like every thing about it and dislike nothing Beautiful book with photos of all the lovable characters from the TV series of Out lande. Is captured in gorgeous detail Now travel even deeper into the world of Outlander with this must have insider guide from New York Times bestselling author and television critic Tara Bennett Picking up where The Making of Outlander Seasons One Two left off this lavishly illustrated collectors item covers seasons three and four bringing readers behind the scenes and straight onto the set of the show Youll find exclusive interviews with cast members including detailed conversations with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heug.

Bought as gift so no idea what series is like but was very impressed with uality and appearance of book Love this second book ust as the first The beautiful photographs and the descriptions and summary of the making of THE BEST television adaptation from a book series everOutlander written by Diana Gabaldon Tara is such a talented writer and her conversations with the actors and crew themselves and how each gives their own experience is fascinating Beautifully illustrated second book following. See how the story of Jamie Frasier and Claire Beauchamp Randall comes to life on the screen with this official photo filled companion to the third and fourth seasons of the hit Starz television series based on Diana Gabaldons bestselling Outlander novels From its very first episode the Outlander TV series transported its viewers back in time taking us inside the world of Diana Gabaldons beloved series From the Scottish Highlands to the courts of Versailles to the shores of America Jamie and Claires epic adventure.

Book Read The Making of Outlander: The Series: The Official Guide to Seasons Three & Four – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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