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Book ebook HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF: CANE – FISTS – DIRTY TRICKS – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

S book however some of the advice is valid The author was born in 1836 and this book was written just at the turn of the century so much of the advice given is somewhat dated however some of the suggestions and ideas can be used in a self defense situation The writer and book was originally written in French and there may be some things lost in the translation nevertheless the value of this book is its historical value For those like me who are collectors of anything to do with fighting self defense weapons and combat I found this book to be an interesting and somewhat. Ter at Arms Dubois had plenty of experience wrangling drunks and thumping street thugs who lurked about waiting for well dressed marks coming home late from work While we may never need his advice on unaway horses duels or the ad hoc fire

I bought this kindle book but is not opening As someone who has had a lifelong passion and seriously trained in numerous combat arts Wrestling Boxing Judo Jujitsu Krav Maga American Combatives Kenjutsu Tanto Jutsu Wakizashi jutsu Hanbo Jutsu Yawara stick and Firearms I am always interested ancient and modern books on the subject When I saw this old book How to defend yourself Cane Fist Dirty tricks by Georges Dubois on for a bargain price I decided to purchase itFirst off forget trying to learn much from just viewing the horrible ancient black and white photos in thi. Cane sword cane katana eye gouging Handmade Apothecary: Healing Herbal Remedies: Healing herbal recipes razors kicks arm bars & neck snappers it is allight here in Georges DuBois manual for self defense written just after the turn of the century As head of security at the #1 entertainment venue in Paris Mas.

Amusing Optimal Healing with DMSO: The Complete Natural Safe Healing Book for Managing Pains, Arthritis, Cancer, Strokeā€¦ readIf you are seeking a practical self defense book for the contemporary problems and issues this is NOT a book for you and there are numerousecent books you may want to Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain read and study on the subject If you are a collector of ancient self defense volumes for historical andesearch easons this is a book you may want in your collectionRating 4 Stars Joseph J Truncale Author Pro Systems Combatives Vol 12 Excellent translation from the original one wich difficult to find and very expensive isA great asset to any collectors librayThank you very much from Spai. Afety measures which were the only sort available at that time you are sure to find some nasty tricks for getting out of a scrape that never occurred to you in these pages The advice of a man with such grit cunning and good humor is timeless.