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Pouting and eye begging the audience to clap for the stupidity that falls outta her trap A good read to see the ruthlessness and ego that take place behind the scenes of a day time talk showI saw the author on the Jenny McCarthy show podcast on YouTube he seemed well versed and researched so I purchased the bookThis book confirmed for me what I thought about Rosie O Donnell insofar as she is a nasty nasty human being Barbra Walters being full of herself and Star Jones also I give Barbra credit however for being able to see the signs and know the Hollywood game which kept The View on so ong I m not American yet find it sad that The View is so eft eaning which seems to not really give an honest view of the full political Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide: Reset Your Health, Detox Your Body, and Feel Your Best landscape in America I see why Elisabeth didn t want to be interviewed for this book and drag herself backwards or relive it I also see why Rosie O Donnell slammed this book after its release even though she was interviewed as she has been exposed for who she really is a thug I admire the author for not being scared to tell the truth about Rosie and give us an insider account behind the scenes over the years well researchedA well written book easy to understand and keep up I adored this book This book was an indepthook at everything that has gone into The View the good the bad the uglyBarbara created a fascinating ecosystem at the view and Ramin captures it perfectly with in depth background analysis from all the key partiesIf you ve ever wondered what happened behind the scene The Simple, Healing Cleanse: Detox and health your body with ayurveda like me this is the book for you Well written balanced fair on all concerned I felt I was getting a real insider glimpse of whatife is really The Complete Book of Juicing, Revised and Updated: Your Delicious Guide to Youthful Vitality like behind the scenes of a high octane successful TV show Very well researched To be honest I haven t a clue why I bought this But I did and I found it helpful when I couldn t sleep in the middle of the night It s full of gossip conjecture gossip Much to my relief Meredith Vieira escaped unscathed I can t recommend it but I don t think those who read it areooking for good writing Ah well. Ble then pushed themselves away feeling betrayed one nearly uitting during a commercial Meanwhile the director was being driven insane especially by Rosie  Setoodeh uncovers the truth about Star’s weight oss and wedding madness Rosie’s feud with Trump Whoopi’s toxic relationship with Rosie Barbara’s difficulty stepping away Plus all the unseen hugs snubs tears and one dead rodent Ladies Who Punch shows why The View can be mimicked and mocked but it can never be matched  .

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BOOK READ Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of "The View" – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

This book ranks among my favourite non fiction books for the same reason The View has evolved and established itself among the most socially if not politically relevant television shows over the past two decades Mr Setoodeh has not only succeeded in authoring a cohesive and comprehensive account of The View historically but also managed to offer the reader an authentic portrayal of the sometimes flawed humanity seen on camera as well as what s been revealed off camera It s a good read if you enjoy the dramatic aspects of The View over the ast twenty years If the drama of the show doesn t interest you the book will bore you to pieces My main issues after having read it are The Juice Master Juice Yourself Slim: The Healthy Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting literally everyone in the cast is made toook Dry: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Cordials and Clever Concoctions like a terrible human being besides Debbie Lisa and MeredithBarbara is made out to be a psychotic control freak nazi boss firing and making women cry on a weekly basis that was only jealous of Joy while on airWhoopi is made out to be a job stealing vulture refusing to give up the position Barbara gave her even though Barbara was fired for WhoopiElizabeth is a crazy religious zealot but the book actually attempts you make you feel sympathy for her even though she was just Bill s talking puppet with no original thoughts of her own She was a waste of a paycheckRosie Perez I don t even remember if she was mentioned in the book which is pretty much the same impact she had on the showSherri No one cares She thinks the world is flat bye girl Same for that other blonde that s an anti vaxxer Waste of oxygen No one cares Barbara made you cry once you re an anti vaxxer you re killing children with your stupidity shut upStar comes off as a money hungry thief that knowingly married a gay man in order to have ongoing wedding segments to get as many free things as possible She constantly demanded the spotlight in meetings and hatedwas jealous of every other woman on the staff all whileying about her gastric bypass surgery forcing the women to The Big Book of Juicing: More Than 150 Delicious Recipes for Fruit Vegetable Juices, Green Smoothies, and Probiotic… lie for her Honestly she comes outooking Drink the Harvest: Making and Preserving Juices, Wines, Meads, Teas, and Ciders like the second worst after Rosie so I fee. This program is read by the author Like Fire & Fury the gossipy realife soap opera behind a serious show  When Barbara Walters aunched The View network executives told her that hosting it would tarnish her reputation Instead within 10 years she’d revolutionized morning TV and made household names of her cohosts Joy Behar Star Jones Meredith Vieira and Elisabeth Hasselbeck But the daily chat fest didn’t just comment on the news It became the news And the headlines barely scrat.

L for her even though I think she s a bh in real ifeBill comes off pretty terrible as he admits to providing all Lezzie beth s republicon facts and talking points This just proves Elizabeth was always an absolute waste of a hire besides providing eye candy to maybe someone Meh The pompousness and ego that oozes from this man s pores is not my taste He tries super hard to take credit for Bab s idea for The View as if without him it never would have happened He had very ittle to do with the show actually getting picked up it was all BarbaraAnd poor poor Rosie they raked her across the coals Her image will forever tarnished by this book I would sue honestly She is made out to be a mentally unstable villain screaming and crying and threatening people all the time while on the job Upon being hired to give a fresh take on The View to help ratings which she did she is painted as a villian even though all she wanted to do was help one of her idols have an amazing television show with good ratingsThe author reallys wants the reader to hate Rosie but all it did was make me feel sympathy for her for what the producers put her through by using Elizabeth to attack her on air with their written notes she would read It feels as though Rosie was hired just to fail for a gotcha moment and it doesn t sit well with meI hope the women of The View were given a copy of this book to read before it came out because if I gave interviews to someone writing a book and they used my stories and honesty to make me ook The Moon Juice Cookbook: Cook Cosmically for Body, Beauty, and Consciousness like a monster WITHOUT asking me about the specific situation but instead going on hearsay from others I would beividI will forever maintain that the only truly amazing times of The View were when Rosie was on it even though I ve watched it since it started airing in 97 2006 2007 were the best years of The View She always brought facts humour wit and inteligence Wish Rosie and Kathy Griffin would do a special or television show together they have such ovely chemistryMegaham makes the show nearly unwatchable at this point with her screeching. Ched the surface  Based on unprecedented access including stunning interviews with nearly every host award winning journalist Ramin Setoodeh takes you backstage where the stars really spoke their minds Here's the full story of how Star then Rosie then Whoopi tried to take over the show while Barbara struggled to maintain control of it all a modern day Lear with her media savvy daughters You'll hear about how so many cohosts had a tough time fitting in suffered humiliations at the ta.

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