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epub online Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women Changed the Way We Think, Live, and Love AUTHOR Jennifer Keishin Armstrong – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

And this show blew me away and opened p a whole new world to me that I didn t know existed I didn t need to get married and I didn t need to have kids by age 25 There were other options and they were fun glamorous and gave you agency over your own life These women had there own careers apartments and money They relied on no one had fun and their friendships with each other were better then any love storyIf you re considering getting this book get it You ll love it As a SATC fan I bought this book expecting a behind the scenes tell all or a guide on how each episode was made It was neither It was still a good read but I didn t devour it all in one go You definitely don t want to miss this funny thoughtful clear eyed romp through your one time favorite show I loved every insider y story and whip smart line and it made me want to rewatch the show Loved the information and facts with the writers What is meant to be does really happen Everything can happen that is what made the series so real I heard about this book through the American Writers Museum in Chicago I immediately ordered the book to se as research about pop culture and sexuality I was pleasantly surprised to not only gather some Candace Bushnell began writing for the New York Observer she didnt think anyone beyond the Upper East Side would care about her adventures among the Hamptons hopping media elite But her struggles with singlehood struck a chord Beverly Hills 90210 creator Darren Star brought her vision to an even wider audience when he adapted the column for HBO Carrie Miranda Charlotte and Samantha launched a barrage of trends forever branded the actresses that took on the roles redefined womens relationship to sex and elevated the perception of singlehood Featuring exclusive new interviews

What an amazing book written by a truly wonderful prolific pop culture expert This book gave me a much greater appreciation for how SATC changed culture along with wonderful behind the scenes scoops Cannot recommend this enough If you are a fan of Sex and the City this book is a no brainer to read or listen to Lots of good information about the series You will not be disappointed I enjoyed reading this book Sex and the City was one of my favorite shows and it was fun to read some behind the scenes stories of how it came about Since I won t get a 3rd movie this was the next best thing It was funny heartfelt and real A great summer read This is a great hardcover that tells you the entire story of sex and the city From Candace Bushnell s humble beginnings to the legacy that is this show I love the stories from women who were inspired by Carrie and Co They are me and I am them I first discovered Sex and the City when I was 18 My parents wouldn t let me watch something so bold in my not legal years I watched the entire show by renting the dvds at Blockbuster in the summer of 2005 I had graduated high school and I was going to college in Southern California in the fall My life was just beginning. The bestselling author of Seinfeldia offers a fascinating retrospective of the iconic and award winning television series Sex and the City in a bubbly yet fierce cultural dissection of the groundbreaking show Chicago TribuneThis is the story of how a columnist two gay men and a writers room full of women sed their own poignant hilarious and humiliating stories to launch a cultural phenomenon They endured shock slut shaming and a slew of nasty reviews on their way to eventualif still often begrudgingrespect The show wasnt perfect but it revolutionized television for women When.

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Nfo for my research but also to be highly entertained I did not watch the series back in the day it was on HBO at a time I couldn t afford it plus I was busy raising three daughters Needless to say I am currently devouring the episodes as ickly as I can because of this fun interesting behind the scenes look at how the series was developedReading this book helped me realize just how important this show was as a cultural catalyst when it comes to women and sexuality This book appeals to many different individuals in fact I bought one for a producer in NYC I m working with for the behind the scenes glimpse of the show and for my daughter who seems to be the next generation of New York women trying to figure life out and who has watched the series countless times I might addThe book is a very easy read There are parts you can skim through but on the whole it is an entertaining fun informative book about a groundbreaking television series that altered the way society views independent capable women Great book came fast Great little book Interviews with the writers and producers Some extra nuggets of information about how the show came to be Good for people who want to dig into the shows creation. Ith the cast and writers including star Sarah Jessica Parker creator Darren Star executive producer Michael Patrick King and author Candace Bushnell Jennifer Keishin Armstrong brings readers inside the writers room and into the scribes livesThe writing is fizzy and funny but she still manages an in depth look at a show thats been analyzed for decades giving readers a retrospective as enjoyable as a 20 pink cocktail The Washington Post Sex and the City and Us is both a critical and nostalgic behind the scenes look at a television series that changed the way women see themselves.

A New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong is the author of seven pop culture history books including Seinfeldia; Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted; Sex and the City and Us; and When Women Invented Television Her work appears in many publications including BBC Culture The New York Times Book Review Vice New York magazine and Billboard

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