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As expected from this authora very fine and detailed work on the art of cutting with medieval blades Full of reat coaching and tips for the novice and expert alike I did not like the belt sharpening techniue as I believe it is just as easy to learn how to use a simple whetstoneand you dont need all the struggle with multiple Preaching To The Chickens: The Story of Young John Lewis grit belts But what can I saythe author is American so can be forgiven The amount of work put into this book is truly impressiveit is indeed an admirable manual by any standards and will serve for a very long time The author promises ongoing updates to this work which makes its price even attractive I come from an extended family of Italian Master Cutlers so feel ualified to critiue this work fairly This book is one of a kind and is unlikely to be bettered for a long time to comeso long as the author stays true to his upda. An unprecedented study of the body mechanics of the sword written by a world renowned expert in Historical European Martial Arts Full color with detailed illustrationsFor centuries masters of defense throughout the world jealouslyuarded their knowledge sharing it only with their students and patrons But it was not just their techniues that they wanted to keep hidden their most closely uarded secret was not what to do with a sword but how to do it This book lays bare the principles of the use of the sword with unprecedented detail principles that are universal across nearly all cultures and time periods including our ownThis information comes from centuries old living lineage martial arts medieval fencing treatises and decade.

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Epub Download Cutting with the Medieval Sword: Theory and Application õ Michael Edelson – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

OkIf you practice HEMA BUY THIS BOOK ood A comprehensive look at test cutting with a two handed longsword Covers all aspects of this Ie body mechanics theory training practice the sword itselfMinor reservationsBook appears to be print on demand so not full uality but not too badI may be mistaken but the author seems to have come from a Japanese KenjutsuTameshigiri background that he has directly applied to the European longsword I don t know how authentically European medieval his approach isThere will always be conflict between the perfect stroke for test cutting a rolled mat vs the tactical considerations of sparringcombat with a resisting opponent This is maybe beyond the scope of this book but I would like to have seen it considered One of the most professional and well researched treatises I ve ever encountered on sword work Phenomenal. To create something Little Feminist Picture Book greater than the sum of its parts The Practice Module provides advice on choosing training euipment as well as a comprehensive array of drills and exercises designed to put everything you learned in the previous module into practice Finally the Calibration moduleives you all of the information you need to put your skills to the test by cutting targets with a sharp sword from advice on choosing a sword to how to purchase prepare and set up tatami and other targets Most importantly it will teach you to interpret your results in a way that will inform your training and allow you to correct errors and improve your techniue Whether you are taking your first step or the latest of many let this book be your uide.

Tes It now takes a pride of place in my Sword Collectors and Martial Arts library and I shall refer to it freuently MrEdelson is a fine and well known swordsman who speaks plainly and is without ego or pretence in his art If you love swords and enjoy cutting with themyou need to buy this book I consider this book the AHA Study uide and Von Danzig by Harry R my favourite KDF books and this one might be the best of the 3No book is a replacement for proper in person instruction but where that is not an option you cannot I Am Helen Keller: Ordinary People Change the World Series get comprehensive and practically set out than this bookFollowing this books instruction and the instruction of followers of Mike s over in the UK I managed toet my cutting to a decent standard I sent Mike a video asking for tips and he was kind enough to send me a few pointers fortunately very few were reuired thanks to this bo. S of combined research experimentation and application It is accessible to anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned expert The path to mastery consists of small steps each easily understood and taken There is no magic or mystery in the use of the sword There is only the art and it is an art created by and for human beings utterly attainable and without artifice or embellishmentUsing clear and concise explanations and highly detailed illustrations this book takes you step by step through the body mechanics of the sword from foundations to essential elements It is divided into three modules Theory Practice and CalibrationThe Theory module thoroughly explains all of the underlying concepts and principles and how they combine.

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