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Give it away here Needless to say The Prisoner s subtext continues to confound all those who analyse it I personally think the series was stating an obvious truth about us all being prisoners in our lives to a certain extent but the theory offered in this book is laughable Be seeing you I was introduced to The Prisoner as a child in reruns Despite my advancing years I am too young to have seen it when it originally airedMy mother was a fan of McGoohan s spy series Dangerman but could not fathom The PrisonerAs a kid I loved it and my favourite episode back then was the one where No 6 tells a story to some of the children in the village which involves a lady assassinI id not learn much from this book as over the years I have watched a few The Distance Between Us: A Memoir documentary programmes analysing this highly iconic tv show However I had forgotten a lot of theetails behind the show and some I The Devil's Highway: A True Story did not know This book was a pleasing strollown memory lane. Es of all timeClear and well informed written from a gifted film makers point of view with a Coxian twinkle in its eye this is the best guide to THE PRISONER and its hidden epths that I have read If you want to find out who Number 6 REALLY was and whowhat was managing the Village look no further Christopher FraylingIf youve been itching for answers theyre largely here Jon Wise Sunday Spor.

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Books book I Am (Not) A Number: Decoding The Prisoner – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Fun overview of maybe the best tv programme ever Anyone who knows Alex Cox will not be oversuprised by IN THE DREAM HOUSE: A Memoir diatribes about state surveillance but incisive analysis and an original idea about number 6 s original job are enjoyable and informative And he goes into about a frenzy about re use of Patrick Cargill which I sadly admit has had me perplexed for fifty years Enjoy and be seeing you Almost six out of six By tracing the order in which the scenes from the Prisoner were shot Alex Cox brings a valuable insight into the way the project which seems to have started with a number of well meaning and very talented people at cross purposes unfolded This book is a professional s view of the work of fellow professionals I strongly recommend it It is also the first book in which I have seen a fair appreciation of the work of Nigel Stock who had the unenviable if not impossible task of standing in for Patrick McGoohan in a somewhat contrive. The enormously puzzling TV series The Prisoner haseveloped a rapt cult following and has often been escribed as surreal or KafkaesueAlex Cox watched all the episodes of The Prisoner on their first broadcast at the ripe old age of thirteen In I Am Not a Number Cox believes he provides the answers to all the uestions which have engrossed and confounded viewers including Who is Number 6 Wh.

D episode although seemingly necessarily so A professional performance by any standards But the Prisoner it is like uicksand The one becomes rawn into the Prisoner the greater the suction Yet unlike uicksand the greater the Ordinary Girls: A Memoir depth of penetration the greater the appreciation for a uite magnificent piece of performing art Itoes than merely entertain It challenges an awakened mind like little else has Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam done Alec Cox s contribution to this process is great I owe him aebt of gratitude for it Whilst I o not necessarily agree with Cox s conclusions this is a thoughtful and helpful guide to arguably the best and most perplexing TV series of all time The book takes us through each episode and asks what we learn from each one I found it a compelling read and it certainly has made me watch the series again in a new light Besides the occasional errors in the book the conclusion of the author is absolute nonsense but obviously I won O runs The Village Who or what is Number 1According to Cox the key to understanding The Prisoner is to view the series in the order in which the episodes were made and not in the re arranged order of the UK or US television screenings In this book he provides an innovative and controversial explanation for what is perhaps the best the most original and certainly the most perplexing TV seri.

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