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Ers that are pure Brandon Bring on vol 2 This graphic novel is reportedly based upon a previously unpublished early work of the author s and like many of his novels and short stories White Sand is set within Sanderson s expansive Cosmere universe It is an interesting change to see one of his works transposed into this form although I m not entirely convinced it benefits from itThe world of Taldain as with other worlds developed by Sanderson has an interesting environmental aspect to it It appears to be a world of two continents one on the planet s dark side and one on its light This clearly has an effect on their culture and its development There is interaction between the two continental civilisations but how this works or the details of it aren t really explained or explored much within the context of this volumeThere doesn t seem to be much depth to the characterisation Some of the intriguing characters receive only brief appearances although they show promise for later episodesvolumes in the White Sand series Kenton the lead protagonist comes over for the most part as continually petulant However the artwork may have something to do with this as he is portrayed with an almost perpetual scowl Khriss is perhaps a lot interesting but this is partially due to her elusive appearances in the Mistborn seriesThe magic system doesn t really receive as much attention and development as others invented by the author but there really isn t the space in this one volume to do much about this The Sand Masters and their magic although little is actually disclosed does lend itself substantially well to the graphic novel media being of a relatively visual natureHowever this is the first volume of supposedly three and it is likely that some of the lack of depth is due to this It feels very much like you are getting the rough content from around the first hundred pages or so of one of Sanderson s novels One hopes that with further volumes the story characters world and magic system will be sufficiently developed to achieve a rough approximation of that typical to Sanderson s worksThis serves as a reasonable introduction to a new series and world but its problem being that it really does feel like an introduction Its relatively short length means that by the time the story starts to feel like it is getting somewhere it comes to an end an end that could probably do with of a cliff hanger type of nature It also means that the book is uite a considerable price for what it is Did not realise I was buying a comic book and it was hopeless trying to read it using my Kindle Frustrated this is a graphic novel not a regular book Normally I don t care but I read literally all my books off my phone I ve only turned the first few pages hence three stars not one It might be an awesome read but not what I was expecting to buy It s not a book but a comic Didn t realise until after I had purchased it and started to read it. O be the only survivor With enemies closing in on all sides Kenton forges an unlikely partnership with Khriss a mysterious Darksider who hides secrets of her ow.

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(READ æ Brandon Sanderson's White Sand Vol. 1) AUTHOR Brandon Sanderson – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Good good good Happy to recommend you don t need to be into graphic novels to enjoy this Get involved now w I am a huge Sanderson fan and enjoyed the story Its is only volume 1 so therefore not the complete story but it gives you a good flavour of what is to come Great graphics and having read a sample of the text for the book very true to Sandersons work With my knowledge of the wider Cosmere the illustration of Sand Mastery is bang on what you would expect it also helps me visualise Stormlight breath Dor and Mistwalking better As a Sanderson fan I had hoped for from this graphic novel The setting was interesting especially as it has been eluded to many times by Sanderson in interviews and even hinted at briefly in the Stormlight Archive series The art was well drawn and I felt that the light brush strokes did thematically feel appropriate to the desert setting The early seuences during Kenton s time on the desert path were a highlight which I felt could have been made ofMy main issue with the volume is that I really felt that there was no arc to the plot I understand that this is book 1 of 3 but it was very much a set up for the next two volumes and not self contained in any way An example of this was how the Ais side story went entirely nowhere and the main plot point the short space of time to turn around the council s decision to disband the Diem was not resolvedAll in all I would recommend this for big Sanderson fans Though a recommendation would be to wait until the following volumes come out and get the whole story as a set as otherwise you may be left frustrated at the rather abrupt end to this section White Sand has the distinction of being the first proper book that Brandon Sanderson ever wrote twenty years ago he penned the original draft while doing missionary work abroad then rewrote it into a uniue form several years later But it somehow never got published until Dynamite asked for an original work to turn into a graphic novel seriesAnd this brings us Brandon Sanderson s White Sand Volume 1 set on a planet suspended between two stars which leaves one side super bright and the other relatively dim Most of Sanderson s staples are here and accounted for lots of complicated different cultures languages varying levels of technology mixed with an earthy combination of politics magic and adventureKenton is the son of the Lord Mastrell of the Sand Mages and for eight years he has struggled against his father s scorn to prove that he can become a mastrell himself Never mind that he has almost no skill or aptitude But when he finally uncovers a way to become a mastrell despite his lack of ability the Diem is practically wiped out by the barbaric Kerztians who haven t attacked for countless years The only one left alive is KentonHe s found by a scientific expedition from the darkside of Taldain including the Duchess Khrissalla and a handful of bickering professors who are on an expedit. A brand new saga of magic and adventure by #1 New York Times best selling author Brandon Sanderson On the planet of Taldain the legendary Sand Masters harness

Ion to find the Sand Mages But accompanying them is only the first part of Kenton s ourney as he discovers that hatred of the Sand Mages and their arrogance has not only led to a religious uprising against them but that political winds are blowing against him as wellSince it was originally conceived and written as a novel which we ll hopefully get in text form someday White Sand Volume 1 uickly establishes itself as being wildly creative and much complex than your average graphic novel different flora and fauna including riding animals that burrow under the sand when frightened cultures languages a complex political system and a sense of general history that permeates the story the arrogance and insulation of the sand magesFurther Sanderson weaves together at least three subplots through the first volume One is obviously Kenton s since he is the underdog hero of the tale and has to somehow save the Diem from treachery fanaticism AND local politics But we also follow Khrissalla and her professors since the duchess clearly has some motives for being in Lossand that she hasn t told anyone about And there is a smaller subplot about a lady cop in search of a master criminal who is being reassigned to handle Kenton we ll see where THAT part goesAnd though the story is told through pictures Sanderson s distinct style comes through in the dialogue and the narrationthought boxes slightly tongue in cheek and fairly realistic Well if they WANT to fight a mastrell then they ll uh oh this isn t good And the art itself is uite good realistic and detailed with lots of sharp lines and detailing to make sure the neutrally clothed characters don t ust fade into the sandThe characters are also fairly likable Kenton is one of those classic Sanderson protagonists who let force of stubborn will push him through his problems but who still has enough obstacles that brains and athleticism are needed for him to actually get things done Khrissalla is a pretty good counterpoint as a smart and learned woman who nevertheless isn t too familiar with the dayside of Taldain and her bickering professors are an absolute riot but a riot with big splodey GUNS The only character who feels underfleshed is Ais who will presumably get characterization laterIt s a little frustrating to have to wait for the next part of such an engrossing story but Brandon Sanderson s White Sand Volume 1 is a robust intricate look at yet another one of Sanderson s complex fantasy worlds Bring on the next part Excellent book in the Sanderson tradition Delivers an engaging story with a brilliant magic system and interesting characters Now waiting for the next installment Great to finally get into this new world This is a really different way to read Sanderson Each brief panel hinting at the doubtless 1000s of pages of world building that graphic novels can t provide An exciting new magic system and a fast paced dynamic story with cultures and charact. Rcane powers to manipulate sand in spectacular ways But when they are slaughtered in a sinister conspiracy the weakest of their number Kenton believes himself

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