1 Popular Tim Recipes Banting Noakes Diet Pdf More Info Advanced Longsword: Form and Function (Mastering the Art of Arms Book 3) À BOOKS AUTHOR Guy Windsor – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

As usual with Master Windsor this book is the perfect tool to understand and work with a partner on evolved techniuesExtremely well written and detailed it will be a reat help to progress in your HEMA studies of the longswordI still encourage practitioners to try to attend some of his workshops any time you can Guy Windsor is an exceptional scholar and maestro di arma and his pedagogy transfers reatly in this book tooA must buy As with the previous volume thi. This book builds on the foundation laid in The Medieval Longsword and teaches you how to train Fiore dei Liberis Art of Arms as shown in his 1410 manuscript ll Fior di Battaglia Renowned swordsman and author Guy Windsor explains three of the longsword forms that are used every day in The School of European Swordsmanship The Cutting Drill The Farfalla di Ferro THe Longsword Syllabus FormEach form is explained step by step and application.

Advanced Longsword: Form and Function (Mastering the Art of Arms Book 3) À BOOKS AUTHOR Guy Windsor – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

I would also recommend watching some videos of the drills where you can find them the pictures help but watching the whole process in motion really aids understanding The book is written well and easy to follow Explanations are clear with proper interpretation of old Italian language It is a fine book with excellent illustrations BUT The author uses Italien expression which he has not defined Instead he refers to another book Which makes the present book useles. Arts for 30 years and teaching professionally since he founded The School of European Swordsmanship in 2001 The School has branches and study roups all over the world Guys other books include The Swordsmans Companion The Duellists Companion Veni Vadi Vici Mastering the Art of Arms volume 1 The Medieval Dagger and Mastering the Art of Arms volume 2 The Medieval LongswordYou can find him online at uywindsorcom and on Facebook and Twitte.

S book is an essential part of any library with a pretension of completeness on the subject of Italian longsword Mr Windsor makes the subject accessible and exciting while also keeping it relevant as a martial activity An excellant read This is a ood follow up in the Mastering the Art of Arms series to volume 2 the Medieval Longsword Taken by itself it is still useful but most of its worth is exposed when paired with volume 2 and some of Windsor s other works. By application with abundant photographs and images from Fiores manuscript Guy takes you through each step first as a pair drill then as part of the form then as a starting point for further training or for further research into Il Fior di BattagliaWithin these pages you will find in depth instructions and analysis dozens of tips for how to improve your skills and enough material for years of studyGuy Windsor has been training martial.

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