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I would have ave it 5 stars but the support writer and his over the top monologues leading up to wrestlemania 30 are ridiculous even as a wrestling fan it s too much The rest of the book written by Bryan Danielson is Crack-Up Comics Collection (Bendy) great The whole reason I bought the book uality reading Hopefully there s to his career that extends to another book Great storyreat book I am a Bryan Danielson fan I say that because I stopped watching WWE many years ago then one day when I was channel surfing I can across the Wrestling Channel which was showing some company called ROH Ring Of Honour There in the main event between 3 incredible but little known wrestlers Christopher Daniels Loki and of course Bryan Danielson This match blew me away Loki with hard hitting high flying attacks Bryan with mat based wrestling that we never see any and Daniels bridging the Pokémon Primers: 123 Book, 2 gap between them I was hooked I kept me a wrestling fan for a few years Even though Bryan Danielson joined the WWE and became Daniel Bryan I still would do a uick internet search of how he was doing in a land where size and promo skills were prized much that the wrestling aspect All of this is documented brilliantly in this book in Bryan s own wordsThe book is honestly written and much like Bryan s Yes man characters written without ego What I mean by this is Bryan is always showing respects to wrestlers he was working with in how far they were ahead of him in terms of skills or calling him matches ok toood when to me and many of the fan who saw those matches would probobly be calling them the best matches we had seen and definitely the best matches of the nightHe talks openly about his early family life to becoming a wrestling fan and knowing this is what he wanted to do with his life Starting out learning the ropes and about life in Teen Titans Go!: Their Greatest Hijinks general then homing his craft to making a name for himself in the Indi scene to his two runs in the WWE Because of his honesty I really empathised with his I felt his passion for wrestling his frustration for not being appreciated for his work and I was over the moon for him when his hard work finally paid off He does not accuse anyone of maliciously trying to hold his down but felt he was notiven the chance to show what he could doI have 2 small criticisms about this book The first is that the intro to each chapter was written from a media perspective about Daniel Bryan the character the week leading up to Wrestlemania I thought was completely unnecessary Bryan was perfectly capable and did pass that information on better in his own words The second is there are no colour photos in the book not even a page in the middle of the book where people like to have photo pages this does not The are a few pictures throughout the book do that is not a big thing for me My kids did like the flip book style of Bryan doing his yes chant in the bottom right hand corner that was pretty coolThis is a reat and honest account of Bryan s accomplishment and the physical and political obstacles Bryan had to endure to reach the top If you are a fan of his Indi work like me this is huge section of the book WWE fans will love it as well This book was exactly as you expected it to be uality Daniel Bryan is by far my favourite wrestler so this book is essential reading and as you can imagine it doesn t disappoint at all Bryan regails us with his entire career and personal life moments of obvious importance all encased with the progression of the WrestleMania week and the festivities leading up to itEvery chapter begins with a brief excerpt from Bryan s Wrestlemania week th. One of WWE's most unlikely champions of all time and also one of its most popular Bryan has proved to the world and to all of WWE that looks can be deceiving Just ask anyone who's ever underestimated himright before he went out and whipped the WWE universe into a frenzyThis is Bryan's behind the scenes story told for the first time ever by the YES Man himself – from his beginnings as a child wanting to wrestle to his ten.

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pdf download Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania author Daniel Bryan – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Y it all you want but fans love this part as much as the sport itselfOnce Daniel ets to WWE full time again he does manage to cover near enough everything I can remember of him His NXT days the United States title reign the Bella Twins love triangle angle feuding with CM Punk over AJ Lee Team Hell No which he wanted to call Team Friendship and of course the YES Movement are all detailedHowever a surprising omission is cancer patient Connor The Crusher Michalek Given how much of an impact they appeared to have on each others lives I can only conclude out of respect for the family he did not wish to be seen as exploiting it Nevertheless it still seemed strange to have not included him in the storyBryan does Peanuts: The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown give aood balance between personal and professional though and provides plenty of insight into his own family life relationship with wife Brie his beard diet and The Legend Of Korra Turf Wars Part Two: 02 general outlook on life So you will leave it feeling you understand areat deal about the man he is today and what he is all aboutWhile it just falls short of the heady heights of the wrestling author alumni Mick Foley Bret Hart and Chris Jericho I thoroughly enjoyed the book and if anyone was to ask me if I recommended it YES YES YESHIGH SPOTS Detailed account of his indy and WWE career to date Cohesive well constructed narrative Funny Good balance between professional and personal lifeLOW BLOWS The 3rd person segments aren t as interesting by comparison to the 1st person No Connor The Crusher mention Occasional dragging when describing matches I loved this book it was all about his raise to fame He documents his hole life since he was a kid and it s a very hard book To put down Perfect wrestling story from the ultimate underdog This book is stunning I know it s cliche but it literally takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as well as in the mind of a man who started by wrestling in what WWE calls Bingo Halls to having a match at wrestlemania in which he won the most prestigious titles in ALL Ago proffesional wrestling Read in Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson in real life s own words how he went from wrestling with a detached retina to marrying a beautiful twin and wwe personality named BrieAlso the last chapter is one of the most HEARTBREAKING I have ever read and made me want to cry at points The feelings Daniel feels about his family and in particular his Dad are so strong and heartfelt that they almost transcend the page This is not your typical wrestlers book or even sports biography This is a MASTERPIECE which I finished in less then a week due to it being a brisk read at around 300 pages but also due to the fact I could not put it DOWN5 stars isn t enough so this is my first 6 STARS Review If you like me wasn t a big Daniel Bryan fan in his wrestling days I prefer Roman Reigns Shawn Michaels ETC you will become a BIG fan after reading this incredible book This book is best thought of in two parts The first part is the ridiculous and at times insulting to your intelligence portion of the book that starts every chapter following Daniel Bryan around for the week building upto Wrestlemania 30 Trying to make you believe that all the storylines you ve ever witnessed in WWE are real and that Bryan and other wrestlers hold Spider-Man Storybook Collection grudges from a forgotten angle 3 years agoThe second part of the book is an excellent autobiography about Daniel Bryan s struggles from trying to find a wrestling school to making it into the WWE and then onto headline WrestlemaniaIt s certainly worth reading but you can cut out the first chunk of each chapter as it s just nonsense. On his evolution as a performer his various roles in WWE versus the independent years life on the road at home and much And of courseet the untold story surrounding the YES chant that evolved to full fledged movement skyrocketing his career This audiobook chronicles all the hard work values influences uniue life choices andleading to his watershed week at WrestleMania 30 You won't want to miss it Yes We're sure about thi.

At cleverly ties together with whatever Bryan subseuently s talks about in that chapter until eventually the two meet at the climax to tell the story of that Wrestlemania night There is nothing here that isn t insightful or of Sensational Saga Stink Pb great interest as a wrestling fan or enjoyable if you aren t For me this is clearly one of the best books I have read in years Sure it s a WWE release and thus is drentched in the framework of the WWE narative and their family WWE Universe which can be a tad sacarine sweet at times But it actually works with this tale of being the underdog who fought the odd s too make it to the top of the company But if you re not a wrestling fan it still hit s home as the tale he weaves is one of a determined everyman fighting for areater role in not just wrestling but life though the book does a comendable job to explain wrestling culture and jargon to non wrestling people so the tale isn t lost on outsidersI would easily recommend this to a non wrestling fan as it s such a solid story that you can t help but route for Daniel Bryan but if Daniel Bryan is your favourite like me and you know the wrestling culture then without a doubt this is the story for you Released in July 2015 Yes My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania is Daniel Bryan s behind the scenes story From his beginnings as a child wanting to wrestle to his ten years on the circuit before finally making it in WWE this book chronicles all the hard work values influences uniue life choices and leading to his watershed week at WrestleMania 30The book is 320 pages divided into 26 chapters with each chapter typically ranging from 15 20 pages long This is an official WWE sanctioned release so the use of WWE photographs has been allowed in addition to photos of Bryan s independent circuit days and ones of a personal nature tooThe story is essentially made up of two separate voices There is the third person viewpoint which opens each chapter and then the second and bulk of the book is Daniel Bryan in first person Each voice also takes place in different time frames with the third person starting a few weeks prior to WrestleMania 30 and Bryan s starting from his birth and upbringingThe third person viewpoint observes the short term journey to WrestleMania part of his story following him around press events signings hotel rooms and even what he Blunderingly Brilliant (The Jackson Payne Adventures Book 2) goes shopping The first person sections on the other hand detail the long term part of the journey how he learned his skills rose up through the independents fought around the worldot to WWE LGB How To Be A Superhero got leto went back around the world back to WWE Anti/Hero got leto back around the world and finally back to WWEUnsurprisingly Daniel Bryan s own voice is the most interesting aspect of the book The third person part offers a nice insight but obviously has heavy WWE editing so it reads a little like a PR magazine release at times However that being said WWE has not been as intrusive for Bryan s side of the story for there is a surprising amount of swearing and references to acts that are anything but PG All of this helps to make it read as a realistic and Flora Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures gripping taleAs Bryan spent ten years on the independents and five consistent years in WWE there is understandably areater emphasis on the indy side There are lots of DC Super Hero Girls Midterms great road tales here and plenty that made me laugh but occasionally he can spend a little too long describing almost every move that went into some matches Unfortunately thisrates after a while and I found myself wishing he would hurry up and DC Graphic Novels for Kids Box Set 1 get to the political backstageoings on of WWE Den. Years circling the The Mob Hunter 4: Good To Be Bad (Unofficial Minecraft Superhero Series) (Minecraft's First Superhero) globe on the independent circuit and his remarkable climb to the upper ranks of WWEAs the biggest week of his life unfolds Aberdeen Washington's bearded son reflects in full detail on his incredible path to the top andives his take on the events that have shaped him With his Bryan ized blend of modesty and surprising candor Daniel pulls no punches or martial arts kicks as he reveals his true thoughts.

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