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Igured out some work arounds for a few new to me needs Just picked up an account for a non profit that has needs that I have not had to eal with before so purchased this book It says it is for religious organizations but it has the information that I need for the needs of this new to me nonprofit the former accountant was using an excel worksheet and the reason they hired me was because the organization is branching out and they figured out that excel would not work any Anyway this book tells me EXACTLY what I need to know for this new account and also tells me how I should have been BBQ Chicken Cookbook: Master Barbecue Chicken Recipes, and the Sauces That Go with Them (Barbecue Cookbook) doing stuff for the church that I already had Good information well laid out clear explanations Should have been titled for non profits as well as religious organization. Rch chart of accounts track grants funds and programs track church payroll with or without an outside service handleonations and the year end acknowledgments and so mu.

Summary QuickBooks for Churches & Other Religious Organizations (The Accountant Beside You)

Ebook Epub uickBooks for Churches & Other Religious Organizations (The Accountant Beside You) – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Even though I had no experience with B except to review reports generated from my former church s bookkeeper who had tons of experience I have been able to get our 2016 B set up for my new church and run reports that the board is pleased with which took a few months of tweaking suggestions etc This book is easy to understand and answers many of my uestions I am the treasurer at my church I have had a uickBooks college class and still found this book helpful Church accounting has many accounting issues that I needed additional guidance on and this book was helpful Even someone without an accounting background or any other uickBooks training could navigate the software with this book I took over for our previous Treasurer and things were just a mess. Updated and expanded for 2015 uickBooks for Churches & Other Religious Organizations explains how to set up and use uickBooks Pro Premier or Nonprofit for your house of.

And I Fried True: More than 50 Recipes for America's Best Fried Chicken and Sides: A Cookbook didn t uite know what too in uickBooksLisa s book has been a huge help I Food52 Dynamite Chicken: 60 Never-Boring Recipes for Your Favorite Bird [A Cookbook] decided to just start a new company in uickBooks and have a fresh start Her book took me thru the set up and her suggestions for the ch I purchased this book after Iiscovered it on a search to find a better accounting program that would work for our smaller church that was USER FRIENDLY This book is written so that those of us who DO NOT have an accounting background can actually understand how to use uickBooks in our churches I m VERY HAPPY I found this book Her website is great also I ve been using B for about 15 years for several small non profits with relatively uncomplicated accounting needs Picked up an account for a very small church about a year ago and have Worship accounting The concise easy to read and step by step instructions with hundreds of illustrations explain how to set up your accounting control procedures the chu.

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