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BOOKS BOOK Capitol Revolution: The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire author Hornbaker Tim – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

If this book had been marketed differently it would have received 5 stars from me I struggled with the rating but I cannot understand why the ublisher would Penguin Readers Level 4: Pride and Prejudice (ELT Graded Reader) put aicture of Hulk Hogan on the cover when his name appears only 3 4 times in the book It seems deceptive as a Fluent English through Short Stories picture of Bruno Sammartino Nature Boy Buddy Rogers or Vince McMahon Sr would have been much appropriateWith that out of the way I would like to say that this book is an excellent resource forro wrestling historians The book really Paraphrasing Strategies: 10 Simple Techniques For Effective Paraphrasing In 5 Minutes Or Less picks up momentum after the halfway mark and tells the story of the WWWF in there titan sports days This book must have been a labor of love for the author and I commend and thank him for itI do have one additional uibble the information about Jess McMahon was fascinating but it seems to get lost in the author setting the context for that time 150 Everyday Uses of English Prepositions, Book 3: From Intermediate to Advanced period It almost seemed like Jess had to beushed as if he was The Official Guide to the Toefl Test prominent than he was to make theremise of the book workI d love to see historical IELTS Vocabulary 8.5 Masterclass Series MegaPack: Advanced Vocabulary Masterclass Books 1, 2, 3 Box Set: Full Self… pieces by this author I did read his NWA book which was great as well The amount of research that must have gone into this book is remarkable I have been following wrestling since I was a tot and have read several books about wrestling Titan Sinking Death Of WCW Sex Lies and Headlocks etc so I felt I had aretty good grasp of wrestling At least WWE history from the 70 s onward but this book did a great job bringing me up to speed exactly how the WWWF was formedThis book starts in the 1910 s and follows the double crosses Essential CISM: Updated for the 15th Edition CISM Review Manual powerlays and underhanded tactics that made the industry what we know it as today It follows a handful of The Police Academy: A Guide To Starting A Career In Law Enforcement From A Veteran Police Officer - 2nd Edition promoters Including but not limited to the McMahon lineage representing different regions of the country Primarily New York Boston Chicago and LA through the decades as they clash with their local athletic commissionsrima donna champions the waxing and waning of Quarterly Essay 81: Getting to Zero: Australia's Energy Transition public interest in their sport the federal government TV networks and most importantly each other The shifting alliances and double dealing amongromoters in every decade seems to be a constant and one can draw several Toxic: The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmania Salmon Industry parallels to the famous Monday Night War era of the WWEWCWECWI wish I could give this book aerfect 5 star review I am grateful everything I learned in this book and will Toxic: The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmania Salmon Industry probably re read it at least once Unfortunately in my opinion this book neglects to show theersonalities of wrestlers and This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world promoters that areortrayed in it I know about Jess McMahon and Vincent J McMahon s tactics and business dealings than I did before reading this book but I cannot say I learned much at all about the men themselves The same goes for many of the wrestlers who weave in and out of the story abruptly without much in the way of description than where they were from their age and a detail or two about their wrestling styleObviously Mr Hornbaker should be So You've Been Publicly Shamed praised for writing this book which is wonderful resource for anyone interested inrofessional wrestling But this is a book about rofes. The definitive take on the McMahon familys journey to wrestling dominationFor decades the northeastern art of the United States better known to insiders as the territory of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation was considered the heart of the rofessional wrestling world Capitol territory from Boston southward to Washington DC enjoyed lucrative box office receipts and New Yorks Madison Suare Garden was centre stageThree generations of McMahons have controll.

Sional wrestling which is known for it s larger than life characters in and out of the ring and I yearned for information on men like Ed Strangler Lewis Buddy Rogers and Lou Thesz I learned so much about what they did but I did not learn about who they were and for me that keeps this book from erfectionAlso as other reviewers have noted I do not understand why Hulk Hogan is on the cover Marketing I assume He is mentioned maybe twice at the very end of the book I thought the book would deal with the contemporary world wrestling entertainment but it is a history that ends with the establishment of the organizationIf you were a fan of Strangler Lewis you would enjoy the book solid read from a historical vantage Midnight in Chernobyl: The Story of the World's Greatest Nuclear Disaster point from the early 1900 s w Jess McMahon and co to VINCE Sr then Vince JR the early Capital days asart of the NWA to the formation and departure of what was thought to be the tradition NWA one world champion booking Call of the Reed Warbler philosophy Like the AWA the WWWF blazed its ownath and made its own history In the end ATE everyone up fun read and seemed spot on from the early 1900 era to late 1970 s How to Defend Australia prior to Vince Jr and Titan Sports taking it over well done I enjoyed reading this book whichrovides much information about the early years of the McMahon wrestling empire I found it intriguing how the business of Superpower: Australia's Low-Carbon Opportunity professional wrestling was conducted from the early years of the twentieth century and going through the years of Vince McMahon s grandfather Jess and his father Vincent James McMahon It was also fascinating to learn about the manyersonalities involved in the business both wrestlers and the MAZE RUNNER^MAZE RUNNER^MAZE RUNNER: 1 promoters who have been associated with the McMahons These included wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino Superstar Billy Graham Buddy Rogers Lou Thesz Ed Strangler Lewis and Jim Londos along withromoters who were colleagues of the McMahons like Toots Mondt and Sam Muchnick The stories involving the struggles and the back stabbing behind the curtains during those formative The Art of War Other Classics of Eastern Philosophy professional wrestling years just simply keeps you glued to this bookIt should be noted that very little is said about the business which emerged under Vincent Kennedy McMahon with all of his WrestleManiarograms and his rush to Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World's Greatest Nuclear Disaster pushrofessional wrestling from its territorial area approach Personally I Great Australian Outback Trucking Stories prefer to see the territorial area wrestling because it offers competition and the companies learn much from their competitors to continue improving their shows However this is just my opinion I am hopeful that the author Tim Hornbaker who is a very good writer and researcher carries this story to a seuel book focusing on the antics of the McMahon family under the leadership of Vincent K McMahon and their impact onrofessional wrestling Certainly their 1990s competition with WCW and ECW and the eventual demise of those two companies would make a compelling story in such a seuel In addition it would be nice to learn about the impact of steroid on the business and what happened in the court rooms to de. Ed wrestling in that storied building and have since created the most The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future powerful wrestling company the world has ever known Capitol Revolution The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire documents the growth and evolution ofro wrestling under the leadership of the McMahons highlighting the many trials and tribulations beginning in the early 20th centuryclashes with rival Silent Spring promoters government inuests and routineroblems with the otent National Wrestling All.

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Al with those kinds of abuses involving the WWE and their wrestlers I think the McMahon story should definitely be continuedAgain it needs to be said that I really enjoyed the story of those earlier years of this very influential regime It is just that I found it a bit jarring to find it ended at the oint when Vincent K McMahon was beginning to flex his muscles to take on the wrestling business which was BIOTECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY FROM A CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE: A book on biotechnology, its moral impact and the future on man passed on to him from his father This is an invaluable detailed history ofro wrestling from its beginnings to early 1980s However the title and cover are misleading Capitol Revolution is a seuelremix of Tim Hornbaker s NWA book This is FARMING DELVING INTO THE WORLD OFP RODUCTION: Agriculture as a production process, agricultural automation and… probably theublisher s doing but it still takes away from my overall rating The first 75% of the book is about the Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture pre NWA NWA and various boxing and wrestlingromoters in New York back in the day including Jess McMahon Vince Sr is finally featured in the last 25% of the book and Vince Jr has a few The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future pages at the end For the record this is not about the rise of Vince Jr no Rock n Wrestling Connection Wrestlemania PPV wars etcThe book could have benefited from being chronological as well but its tough when yourobably already had written a seuel to the NWA book but then may have been forced to convert it into a Jess Vince Sr book Hornbaker seems to get a free ass from the WrestlingClassics forum community due to his years of excellent research he erforms in South FloridaWith all of that out of the way this is one of the most important wrestling history books and was written better than Hornbaker s other wrestling books so I finished it in a timely manner I ll have to take notes next time I would recommend Steve Yohe s Ed The Strangler Lewis book Good book on wrestling abubtly ends at the start of the wrestlemania era thoughWorth a read but drags in a little bit This a very comprehensive look at the formation and growth of Capitol Wrestling with tremendous detail The book highlights the company s earliest days and is very well researched For those looking for a modern look this book is not for you For those looking to start from the beginning Hornebaker does a excellent job chronicling in fine but easy to follow detail the rise of Capitol The wrestling business was experiencing a tremendous boom Crashing Cars: How A Motion Picture Franchise Turned It Into An Art period withromoters making money hand over fist Wrestling commanded a mainstream audience and was My Mother Warned Me About Blokes Like Me prominently featured in the media Then the bottom dropped out andromoters couldn t draw a dime Pundits Triumph Bonneville 2016-2019: T100, T120, Speedmaster, Bobber, Twin, Thruxton, Cup, Scrambler proclaimed that wrestling was dead Like other fads it had its heyday and then fizzled It was nice whil As usual Tim Hornbakerresents a well researched document My only complaint here has to do with the omission of an index in consideration of the sheer volume of names terms organizations and Automotive Mechatronics: Automotive Networking, Driving Stability Systems, Electronics promotions mentioned As well a bibliography would ve been useful to the vast amount of amateurrofessional wrestling historians looking to increase their knowledge base All in all though another fine effort by a well respected author. Iance monopolyIn the ring superstars such as Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino entertained throngs of fans and Capitol became internationally known for its stellar Harley-Davidson Sportster Service Repair Manual 1970-2013: Service and Repair Manual pool of vibranterformersCovering the transition from old school wrestling under the WWWF banner to the op cultural juggernaut of the mid to late 80s WWF Tim Hornbakers Capitol Revolution is the detailed history of how the McMahons outlasted their opponents and fostered a billion dollar empir.

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