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( KINDLE The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup in Horse Racing History ) Ð Nick Townsend – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

And sheer audacity The fact that it was not illegal and that Barney Curley also ran a charity from his winnings was icing on the cake One can t help but admire both his mind and the dispensation of the wealth it brought him We only ave it 4 stars instead of 5 because some of the betting minutiae bogged it down but since we didn t understand it anyway we just skimmed through and enjoyed it despite Highly recommend An historical book on horse racing in Europe on how a winning trainer pursued his dreams to come true Great book reat story Altho in common with most sports books this isn t exactly cliche free with the detailed description of the coup of 2010 this book became a well researched thrillerThe characters involved in that came across well and spoke well and the detail was very interesting and completely believableThe only shame is that there has been no added postscript to include the 2014 coup that was possibly even succesful Has to be one of the most intriguing engaging and well written books I have ever readAs my kindle reminded me how much of the book I had left I felt and unsettled I didn t want it to endIf you have an interest in horse racing or even if you don t this book is absolutely brilliantThere are fiction books that won t keep you as enthralled as thi. Er his first coup Curley staged the ultimate multi million pound winning seuel The Sure Thing tells the complete story of how he managed to organise the biggest amble in racing history and how he then followed up with yet another audacious scheme in January 20.

Ing and backing horses myself I had to Heinkel He 219 Uhu: Luftwaffe Profile Series 3 give it a shot as I ve heard about Barney curley being a successfulambler and winning loads but didn t exactly know what he backed and how much he stakedwon etcI was amazed how he landed the coups Horse racing has been part of my life all my life So loved the book Love history and of course anyone in horse racing knows D-Day: By Those Who Were There (Images of War) gambling is huge part Great story Not so well written Too dry too slow Not what I wantedBunch of writers experience I am a vicarious reader and I have read widely in everyenre This is the first time that I have written a review for a book having read many tens of thousands of them This book has been a joy to read The telling of the story is magnificentit flows very naturally It is extremely well written and feels like you are being soothed with every word I would highly recommend this book and look forward to reading from the author Well done This dive into the world of British racing and betting was a fun romp Well written witty and mostly fast paced it draws the reader into the planning and execution of the biggest coup in betting history as well as the why of it and the fascinating characters it brought together What Barney Curley did was akin to working a 3D jigsaw puzzle with moving pieces in its complexity. Entirely legal plan involving dozens of people perfectly timed phone calls sealed orders and months of preparation Curley and Yellow Sam beat the bookmakers and cost them millions They said that it could never happen again But in May 2010 thirty five years aft.

I loved this book I knew very little about Curley but this book was wonderful to read I didn t realize that he helped jockeys like Frankie Dettori and Tom ueally who rode Frankel Also his To the Limit: An Air Cav Huey Pilot in Vietnam great friend was Tommy Stack the rider of Red Rum Very fascinating man and I was interested in the Yellow Sam Coup and of course the one in 2010 A fantastic unbelievable nerve tingling story about a man who beat the odds in every way in his life profession and came out a winner An absolutely wond Having said that I admit that I picked this title at the recommendation of a friend I am certainly not aambler and rarely even buy a raffle ticket but the story behind the book intrigued meI looked on the book as a mystery and that The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam got me turning the pages but there were a few points where other detailsot to me incidentals that made me feel like saying well World War One: WWI History told from the Trenches, Seas, Skies, and Desert of a War Torn World (The Great War Series) get on with it As I am not aambler nor racegoer this may well be the reaction of a typical non partaker I do not knowThat aside the book was well written and an interesting read I do think you need some kind of interest either in racing or the intrigue side of it to make it work for you Tbh I never thought I d actually buy and read a book as never interested me as seemed boring when I used to try beforebut being interested in horse rac. The bookies always win But one man has been proving them wrong for four decades In the summer of 1975 Barney Curley a fearless and renowned A Train Near Magdeburg: A Teacher's Journey into the Holocaust, and the reuniting of the survivors and liberators, 70… gambler masterminded one of the most spectacularambles of all time with a racehorse called Yellow Sam With a meticulous.

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