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Atics I was not aware of and had them explained to me very succinctly A great read Entertaining in parts a laborious exercise in his own mathematical self indulgence in other parts And there s a lot of repetition and reiteration and repeating see what I did there throughout the book which grates I was surprised how many of the Simpsons creative team had arrived there from such deep mathematical and other academic disciplines and if you re a huge maths and Simpsons fan you ll enjoy reading this book and then thinking oh yeah I remember that scene but hadn t noticed the euation On balance great parts to the book but it could have been half the length I tried to read this but decided that I wasn t a mathematical nerd and am suited to a good old murder mystery I got lost in the first 20 or so pagesMoney would have been better spent on an Ed McBain or Lee Child mysteryCheersBig Red Dog A strangely fun read and a totally new slant on the Simpsons Worth your time This was uite interesting got a little dry about 34 of the way in but made the mathematics understandable for the everyday person. Rom perfect numbers to narcissistic numbers and muchWith wit clarity and a true fans zeal Singh analyses such memorable episodes as Bart the Genius and Homer to offer an entirely new insight into the most successful show in television histor.

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And therefore was interested in how much I would understand It helps if you have seen a couple of episodes of the Simpsons to imagine typical scenes even if they were not the ones this book refers to Part of the book refers to Futurama a series I have never seen which made the last uarter a bit less fun for me but the explanations are very good If you are into mathematical problems or about to study maths this book gives you plenty of opportunities to chuckle at the way mathematical elements have been introduced into an animated I really liked this book I learnt a lot about fermats last theorem mathematics in sports and the story behind all of the writers Would have been a cracking magazine article length work Have enjoyed previous works by the author and am a Simpson s and Futurama fan but unfortunately there is ust not enough material here to Wreckage justify a book I had never realisedust to how much of an extent the Simpson s and Futurama went to including mathematics both as one off gags as well as being integral to some story lines Also learned a lot about different branches of mathem. Ns how the brilliant writers some of the mathematicians have smuggled in mathematical okes throughout the cartoons twenty five year history exploring everything from to Mersenne primes from Eulers euation to the unsolved riddle of P vs NP

The book is well written and apart from explaining the maths also gives insight into the authors of The Simpsons I haven t been a Simpsons fan but I might take to watching them now Whether I ll spot the clever maths references well I doubt that as many appear to be at post graduate level of maths Simon Singh does explain the maths well what the maths did in real life but even then I found some difficult to understand So in some ways a heavy read Something I would read a chapter or two then read something lighter before returning to it Brilliant brilliant book and funny tooEach chapter takes a different mathematical theme and talks about the Simpson s episodes that refer to it Later chapters include other shows by the same writersYou don t need a maths degree or even an A level to enjoy this book I have neither you ust need to be interested in mathematical ideas and puzzlesProbably suits anyone like that from around 14 years old and upwards I enjoyed reading it although I have no idea about maths Having ust finished Logicomix I recognized a lot of the mathematical concepts and ideas. You may have watched hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons and its sister show Futurama without ever realising that they contain enough maths to form an entire university course In The Simpsons and Their Mathematical SecretsSimon Singh explai.

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