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Usly ignored 2 accustomed to or 3paid a price to tolerate2 Confirm our understanding of their DECISION CRITERIA knowing what is of value to Digital SLR Photography All-in-One For Dummies your prospect3 LINKour product service to their VALUES4 Support The Photographer's Mind Remastered: Creative Thinking for Better Digital Photos (The Photographer's Eye Book 8) your claim with data proof and EVIDENCEAnyway I ve got a book full of actionable guidelines and techniues for crafting better presentations So the word PATTERNS and ANTI PATTERNS here mean DO S and DON TSThe GOOD Comprehensive well researched Source provided to extendour knowledge Some concepts are well illustrated using screen shots diagrams and photos You don t have to read it in seuence jump to any page and learn something useful Great examples for technical professionalsThe BAD Confusing book title Great Marketing though All patterns are given a name and the names are just too gimmicky Cookie Cutter Bullet Riddled Corpse Dual headed Monster Live on Tape etc Some of the materials are over stretched perhaps the authors have set straight guidelines for their writings so as to ensure consistency among chapters This is especially important when there are a few co authors is it a pattern or anti pattern. Ok shows Photoshop for Lightroom Users (Voices That Matter) you how to avoid themEach pattern is introduced with a memorable name a definition and a brief explanation of motivation Readers learn where the pattern applies the conseuences of applying it and how to apply it The authors also identify critical antipatterns clichs fallacies and design mistakes that cause presentations to disappoint These problems are easy to avoidonceou know how.

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S book This is a good book that would have worked better as an enhanced digital book or website than a printed book itselfOne of the problems I see with this book is that it is full of cross references that would work great as links The other major problem is that some patterns have very few images to illustrate what the pattern would actually look like so it feels like the book is over reliant on describing the patterns with a lot of words they definitely should have created a companion website with live examples of the patterns and anti patternsDespite those weaknesses it still is a good reference to have around Before The Photoshop Elements 2020 Book for Digital Photographers you purchase this book askourself how Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book (2020 release) you would define the word PATTERNSA pattern to me is a set of recurring eventsobjectselements The elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner So I was assuming that this book is an anatomy of GREAT PRESENTATIONS boiled down to something really simple for others to follow and replicate I was expecting something like thisPATTERN 26 SALES PRESENTATIONElements1 Relive the PAIN helpour prospects see feel hear the PAIN they might have 1 previo. N this book to construct our own recipes for different contexts such as business meetings technical demonstrations scientific expositions and keynotes just to name a fewAlthough there are no such things as antirecipes this book shows ou lots of antipatternsthings ou should avoid doing in presentations Modern presentation tools often encourage ineffective presentation techniues but this bo.

Muy util para una presentacion tecnica Ha superado mis espectativas Riene un sitio web para ver de ue se trata Il libro presenta un approccio diverso per la progettazione e lo sviluppo di presentazioni Utile soprattutto per informatici che possono apprezzare il paradigma dei design patterns The authors present a large collection of patterns and anti patterns for presenting Some of the patterns weren t patterns at all but major factors that affect a presentation along with possible conseuences and ideas for improvement As someone with some but not a lot of experience doing technical presentations I found several patterns that I intend to work into my presentations in the futureThe unfortunate side effect of the organization of the book into 1 5 page patterns is that the importance of any given topic does not necessarily match the focus it s given For example I would have liked to see content about the all important Narrative Arc perhaps examples or a larger how to create section Similarly the Ant Fonts anti pattern received detail than necessary The title is almost sufficientOverall I would recommend thi. Presentation Patterns is the first book on presentations that categorizes and organizes the building blocks or patterns that oull need to communicate effectively using presentation tools like Keynote and PowerPoint Patterns are like the lower level steps found inside recipes; they are the techniues ou must master to be considered a master chef or master presenter You can use the patterns

BOOK DOWNLOAD Presentation Patterns: Techniues for Crafting Better Presentations Author Neal Ford – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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