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A very informative book on creating PowerPoint slide ecks I got a great eal of off it nearly all the information contained is still relevant to PowerPoint 2016365 but the advice provided on creating clear slides that convey your message applies across all versions A recommended read that will make you look loIke a pro There are other books out there a bit similar to Mr Altman s Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck and How You Can Make Them Better Beyond Bullet Points comes to mind And I commend both these works to anyone s reading Altman just writes a fun engaging and instructive work It s easy to read and filled with idea after idea after idea It s one of my must haves for any of us in this world of public speaking aspiring to be in that world or simply reading an upcoming presentation to our business class On the positive side I agree with some other reviewers that Altman makes some very good points in a humorous and lighthearted way However while this book will get me to look at some of my presentations a bit ifferently and there are some good tips it certainly Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production does NOT need to be on every presenters bookshelf Actually at times I had to wonder if I read the same book as some of the other reviewersVery annoyingly as anotherisappointed reviewer also pointed out is representing the printed version as. Did you learn PowerPoint in 30 minutes Join the crowdmost people get nothan a half hour of training time with PowerPoint before.

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He floor with the other books written with the best ideas and intentionsMr Altman if you re out there please have a nice chat with your publisher about getting a larger budget for the printing of the next edition of this book All the best to you M GREAT book It s entertaining practical and has a variety of beforeafter looks at slides It s almost a reality show about PowerPoint presentations and how to make them better Not to overstate it s inspiringRick after reading the book twice I feel as if I know him personally Understanding Basic Electronics does a good job of reminding us that PowerPoint is the vehic I bought this book for pointers as I prepare for my first solo presentation at a national conference The title caught me because I was really feeling like myraft already sucked I am in a Getting Started with the Yaesu FT-70D and MMDVM: Step-By-Step Setup and Programming Using CHIRP and the MMDVM design profession so I felt like I had already beenoing things with PowerPoint that others including making wedding invitations and I have a good graphic eye for color and proportion So I m already ahead of the game yes Nevertheless I learned lots of tricks in the first few chapters that are pretty exciting for a long time user and lover of the softwareI higly recommend this read for those of you who think you have PowerPoint presentations under your belt Reading it A GUIDEBOOK TO OPERATING KINDLE DEVICES: The Simple User Manual to Learning Mastering how to Operate and Knowing many… definately won t hurt the precious master presentation you were planning on using again. Enters and presentationesigners who want to escape the perils that entrap so many who turn to PowerPoint for their presentatio.

Being in color while the printed version is selling is in fact in black and whiteand with low resolution figures at that What gives as clearly a color version DOES exist Unfortunately this lack of colorresolution and false advertising efinitely biased my view of this book It s not fair to blame Mr Altman for s mistake in the Look Inside but he should take steps to correct this problemGiven that this is a book about PRESENTATIONS and one with a fairly condescending title at that some might call it humorous guess for 18 I idn t get the joke it should have COLOR or at least higher resolution figures Clearly color is an extremely important tool that is used well in the best presentations yet Altman obviously could not cover that subject well Also the figures are so grainy that I could barely read some of the screen shots In fact the sample photos that were used to show resolution RF Circuit Design differentials were useless given that the resolution levels of the original photos were clearly much higher than ANY of the photos published in the book These are such shortcomings in the book that they areeal kilers for me That combined with s false advertising means that this one s going back I feel embarrassed for Altman because he let the publisher shove what COULD have been a really good book into the irrelevant pile that sits on They are tasked with making what is likely to be a first impression of themselves or their company This book is for earnest pres.

Ebook Pdf Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck...and how you can make them better à Rick Altman – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Rick Altman on Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck...and how you can make them better