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Epub Books Bounder!: The Biography of Terry–Thomas ´ Graham McCann – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Disclosed I wish I knew Some word on what happened to any of the supporting amily characters in T T s life would have been welcomeThese gripes aside this is one of the best researched and entertaining biographies I have read There are a ew showbiz types I would have loved to meet and T T is one of them This biography is a sensitive and at times deeply moving account of a man who by sheer will invents his own larger than life persona and produced a body of work that will than stand the test of time I particularly enjoyed the account of his work in the early stages of television this was something of which I had no real idea It is a shame that the BBC has wiped some of its archives the same complaint can be made about the destruction of some of the old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore materialT T was a complex character in some ways and the book is willing to list some of his laws as well as many virtues But what is a joy about this book is that the biographer who is clearly a massive T T Richard III In Plain and Simple English (A Modern Translation and the Original Version) fan draws out the virtues so well Terry Thomas worked incredibly hard he was a perfectionist and aine actor who perhaps because of his brilliant portrayal of the upper class twit did not uite get the credit he deserved in terms of his serious acting talent It is understandable that he Titus Andronicus (Annotated by Henry N. Hudson with an Introduction by Charles Harold Herford) felt a bit jealous of Peter Sellers because in my view T T was every bit as good as Sellers and in some ways aar nicer personAnd as a human being T T jumps out of the page as a very warm charming and likeable person It says everything about him that even though he divorced The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold (Hogarth Shakespeare) from hisirst wife Pat they eventually regained a good riendship And the legions of people who loved and admired the man speaks volumesT T was a great entertainer I am delighted that he has been given the biography that did him justice The only law is perhaps that the book could have been a bit longerGood show A very interesting biography on the Terry Thomas a British actor who was a mainstay of many of the British Comedy The Shakespeare Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained films of 50 and 60 s usually playing a cad Well worth a read What a little gem of a book as Graham McCann takes an affectionate yetactual and very well researched glance back in time at the Great T T The style is easy on the eye and leaves the reader with a real insight into the man and what he valued personally and professionally I As You Like It found a need to reread passages of the book often to take in the witty observations and situations experienced by T T The author manages to step aside and allow the subject to seep through until youeel as if T T is sometimes personally recounting the tale This is achieved via the judicious use of T Ts comments liberally sprinked throughout the text. Gent After a long battle with Parkinsons disease he died in 1990 in comparative obscurity but his influence lives on Basil Brush was a polyester tribute to Terry Thomas and comedians including Vic Reeves and Paul Whitehouse hail T T as a role model Dandyism is the product of a bored society DAurevilly observed Terry Thomas cocked a snook at the dull sobriety of post war Britain with his sly humour As he would say himself Good sho.

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Ies and Sixties was part of our background He was the uintessential rotter the cad who was always looking out Vinegar Girl: The Taming of the Shrew Retold (Hogarth Shakespeare) for number one the man whose grin was always a little too wide and whose blazers always a little bit too sharp No matter what kind of rogue he played he did however always have you on his side That was part of his magic He enhanced everyilm he appeared inDespite his on screen The Tempest familiarity I knew very little about him And I count myself as a movie buff of that era The book reveals a man of considerable depth of a talent that was broader than most of us realised and whose end was a tragic one I am now having read Bounder searching through YouTubeor all the clips of the great T T that I can Shakespeare: The Tragedies: Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo… find I read this book in hospital recoveringrom a leg opand ound it very entertaining which I needed and informative Although I have always enjoyed Terry s performances I suspected that beneath the posh exterior he was probably a typically shallow showbiz ellow How wrong I was not only was he a reliable King Lear: Pelican Shakespeare: The Pelican Shakespeare friend but he almost si I started this off the back of aamily approved biography of T T s cousin Richard Briers The contrast couldn t be greater this was an exhaustively researched and engagingly written rounded account of a BBC Radio Shakespeare: Hamlet (Dramatized) fascinating man who also happened to be much of an innovator than I had imaginedT T took his Finchley surroundings andamily life in at an early age and decided this simply wasn t good enough He reinvented himself and proceeded professionally to mock and trade off the upper class dandy he had willed himself to be Each chapter is riveting even the endnotes Just when you Twelfth Night find you can t get enough of his ingenious self reinvention there s his meticulous approach to comedy in the late 1940s his show was a precursor of many of the comedy shows that we think of as ground breaking and on to his rise in the movies or his sad declinerom Parkinson sThere were a Much Ado About Nothing: Revised Edition few loose endsor me I would have loved to read about his relationship with his parents and wider The Two Noble Kinsman (Oxford English Texts) family postame I also wondered why his second wife was described as mercurial and not good with money without any specifics With T T living in penury towards the end of his life where exactly did the million pounds sitting in his bank account in the early 1970s go It certainly can t have been wiped out by the 40000 a year medical bills described Interest income alone would easily have covered such an expense in those days of sky high interest rates The author notes that T T s substantial and beautiful Ibiza villa is today run by T T s younger son but doesn t explain how presumably his children inherited very little or was there to T T s Shakespeare's English Kings: History, Chronicle, and Drama, 2nd Edition financial plight than is being. D not put theinishing touches to his persona until the mid 1950s with his groundbreaking TV comedy series How Do You View a orerunner of The Goon Show and Monty Python Terry Thomas went on to carve out a long and lucrative career in America appearing on TV alongside Judy Garland Bing Crosby and Lucille Ball and in Hollywood movies with Jack Lemmon Rock Hudson and Doris Day He became every Americans idea of a mischievous English.

I read this airly short book over a 24 hour period and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a pity it s not longer though as one other reviewer has pointed out many many pages are taken up with notes and references Do we really need the entire cast of most of T T s King Lear: King Lear (Dramatized) filmsA lot on his jolly times would have been good to We are told that he knew the likes of Liberace Mickey Rooney Peter Sellers etc but we re rarely told what he actually did with them Similarly we re told that he had amazing parties but never told exactly what went on in themAnd there s one big uestion mark hanging over his life story as related here where on earth did all his money go By the start of the 70s he had houses all over the world stocks and shares big wage packets etc but by the time his tragic Parkinson s disease has taken its toll he s practically penniless The author very briefly hints as to where a lot of it went and I m not referring to medical bills but I probably best not expand on it hereor Hamlet: The Arkangel Shakespeare fear of libel and not getting my comment published But it is extraordinary Maybe THAT was the real story and the author has had to avoid telling it I enjoyed this book immensely I am not old enough to remember Terry Thomas in his pomp being a child of the 70 s but knew him throughilms such as Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines How To Murder Your Wife and School For Scoundrels all cheerfully watched on rainy Sunday afternoons as a kidBoy did I have my eyes opened to this likeable brilliant and much loved star Admired by his Romeo and Juliet (No Fear Shakespeare) fellow professionals on both sides of the Atlantic as a person and a performer and a ground breaker in early television comedy that saw his influence on subseuent comedy actsrom Monty Python to Ronnie Corbett to The Fast ShowYou may be amiliar with the man as a contemporary of the 40 s 50 s and 60 s or not as a ilm watching kid of the 70 s like myself but you will wish above all to have been a How to Read and Understand Shakespeare friend of such an amazing person as T TAn excellent read very informative and very amusing Terry Thomas was the archetypal British gentleman bounder according to his on screen persona In his view that was ok by I can honestly say that if I d picked this up in a real bookshop Id velicked through the pages and put it back The story itself is 190 pages the last 130 pages are a list of every single appearance of T T in theatre radio TV and movie And I mean EVERY appearance At one point there s a half page dedicated to namechecking party guestsI Henry V (No Fear Shakespeare) found the writing style very bland Andor such a The Shakespeare Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained flamboyant character I expected some anecdotes and insights This is a thoroughly engrossing study of a man who to those like myself who grew up in the Fift. With his sly little moustache broad gap toothed grin garish waistcoats and ostentatious cigarette holder Terry Thomas was known as an absolute bounder both onscreen and off Graham McCanns hugely entertaining biography celebrates the life and career of a very English rascal Born in 1911 into an ordinary suburbanamily Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens set about transforming himself at a very early age into a dandy and a gadabout But he di.

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