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Aries from bonus footage n his film s DVDs you ll have no trouble recognizing him in this read Interesting facts about the stars he s encountered in his life Isn t it heartwarming to meet such a nice man in the superficial and cut throat Hollywood business Refreshingly genuine Marie Claude R Garry Marshall s autobiography is a delight from his stories With My Little Eye: The incredible true story of a family of spies in the suburbs of growing up as sickly child in the Bronx to his desires to be a writer his college days at Northwestern and his Army service And you can t leaveut his tap dancing mom his business travelling dad and sisters Ronny and Penny He began his professional writing career with Joey Bishop and worked with folks like Danny Thomas Sheldon Leonard and Lucille Ball During this time he worked with both difficult and easy to work with people and I think found that being easy to work with is the way to go Based A Bigger Picture on advice from Sheldon Leonard he worked his way into producingdirecting The Odd Couple Happy Days Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy amongthers It was interesting to read how the mix Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas of people got along and what shows were headaches and what shows made going to work fun I won t give it away He then turned to directing films with hits and not so hits like The Flamingo Kid Nothing in Common Beaches Pretty Women Runaway Bride The Princess Diaries and son Again his work ethic On Writing of trying to make things pleasant for everyone impressed me It is a difficult business but if you can make it fun it s a plus for everyone involved It s too bad not everyone has this up beat attitude And yes Marshall did not always have good days He encountered cancer and hip replacement surgery later in life but is still looking forward to each and every day I could not believe folks saying they were irritated by his references to being a dadr that people grow up and away from Happy Days I think if we had people writingdirectingproducing films The Best of Me of the family ualityf Garry Marshall we as a society would be in better shape today I really enjoyed this book and some The Last Days of John Lennon of the antidotes are hilarious I truly enjoyed the book It was almost like living mywn life A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea over again The heartf his book surrounded his family and I loved that This was picked for this month s book for book club I can hardly wait for the discussion to begin I was so looking forward to reading this book Especially as I had The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection ordered itnce before but been sent the wrong item This starts so well Mr Marshall was a writer in what most people consider the Golden Age Walden: Life in the Woods of American television comedy He wrote for all the great comedians But he doesn t seem to want to upset anyone What we. D audiences for decades andhas withstood the testf time In My Happy Days in Hollywood Marshall takes us Letter to My Daughter on a journey from his stickball playing days in the Bronx to his time at the helmf some Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass of the most popular television series and moviesf all time sharing the joys and challenges f working with the Fonz and the young Ju.

Enjoyed everything about this book What a great man he was so sorry he s passed A son brother husband father and grandfatherto go n to do so many Burke and Wills: The Triumph and Tragedy of Australia's Most Famous Explorers other roles in his career lif Garry Marshall is nothing shortf being an American Institution Whether he has the mythical Midas Touch is a uestion I asked myself as I read the astonishing list Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia of credits that he has given the worldImagine being associated even ifnly for a few episodes with a cast that includes Joey Bishop Danny Thomas Dick Van Dyke Lucille Ball And that is Australia Day only in the first 100 pagesIt seems that television especially from the fifties up through the late eighties could not have survived without Mr Marshall and his magic touch His hard work intelligence and dedication to the arts is evident with his amazing rosterf hit shows as well as the way he chose to write this bookAnyone could have used the array Outback Stations: The Life and Times of Australia's Biggest Cattle and Sheep Properties of big names as fodder for elicting tonsf gossip and than just a hint Becoming: The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller of scandal But like with the scripts he wrote and the shows he produced Garry Marshall rises above it You read about the Hollywood Television Legends and get an accurate picturef them He spells Hillbilly Elegy: The International Bestselling Memoir Coming Soon as a Netflix Major Motion Picture starring Amy Adams… out the facts simply without passing judgmentn them A Promised Land or placing either a halor horns upon the idols This has to be applauded loudly especially when it comes to discussing his sister LAVERN AND SHIRLEY star Penny MarshallMildly but always writing as if shrugging his shoulders a bit he talks about the problems Every Lie I've Ever Told of becoming a star too uickly You might not like what Garry Marshall has to say about Cindy Williamsr Penny Marshall A Mother's Story or the starsf THE ODD COUPLE as he doesn t bother to play God and forgive them their sins Monash's Masterpiece: The battle of Le Hamel and the 93 minutes that changed the world or temper tantrums But he also does not take aim at them and try to shoot them down The vast arrayf talented men and women he worked with have talent intelligence and a few uirks In a factual but never dry method we learn about them Perhaps they don t shine as brightly after you read about the problems they caused the cast and crew but because Garry Marshall always bows respectfully toward their talent you still admire themIn all MY HAPPY DAYS is a lively and uite enjoyable book This was a wonderful look at the life So Big the Land: A True story about life in the outback of Garry Marshall and written in such a positive way It was fun to hear allf the stories about the many television shows and movies that he was either at the helm f r acted in himself but not in a mean spirited way Also nice to learn how he got his start This is a guy I would have loved to have had as a friend Dirt Classroom: An inspiring true adventure through the Australian Outback or mentor Recommended read Sweet man And what a sensef humor If you listen to his audio comment. With the television hits The Odd Couple Happy Days Laverne Shirley and Mork Mindy and movies like The Flamingo Kid Beaches Pretty Woman andThe Princess Diaries under his belt Garry Marshall was among the most successful writers directors and producers in America for than five decades His work n the small and big screen delighte.

Get is an incredibly rushed series f anecdotes which tells us nothing The Twins of Auschwitz: The inspiring true story of a young girl surviving Mengele’s hell of all those great stars that he worked for Mr Marshall comes across as a very nice man which i am sure he is but we learn nothingf the real Hollywood Everyone that he meets is really great There doesn t appear to be any problems at all in Hollywood No sex no drugs no nasty people We get no history ECHOES IN THE CASTLE: Castle living in the 20th century or... what NOT to do in retirement of the castf Happy Days I am sure that a series that ran for almost 10 years must Against The Flow: A True Story Beginning in 1930s Outback Australia of had a few glitchesr ego problems Then he gets into films Again every actor is great and professional No problems whatsoever The writing becomes blander and blander the stories repetitive and banal There is no background to his sister Penny s break up with Rob Reiner Boy 11963: An Irish Industrial School Childhood and an Extraordinary Search for Home or much mentionf her directing career Then after a few interesting films he settles into a run Last Stop Auschwitz: My story of survival from within the camp of boring and rather poor movie choices The failuref these is glossed The Literature Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained over I cannly say that after a good start this book became a chore to finish It tells us nothing Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China (Christian Heroes: Then Now) of Hollywoodr show business which is what I read these types Something Beautiful Happened: A Story of Survival and Courage in the Face of Evil of book for and you get no ideaf what Mr Marshall really feels about his life But he does seem like a very nice man I cannot recommend this book at all except to Happy Days completists who are very easily pleased Garry Marshall is an fabulous writer director story teller His formula for creating hit movies is unbeatable and unsurpassed His idea is to have fun while your working and his movies mimic life his Before and After: the incredible real-life story behind the heart-breaking bestseller Before We Were Yours own and thatf The Two Popes: Official Tie-in to Major New Film Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins others I haven t seen allf his movies but the Ned Kelly: The Story of Australia's Most Notorious Legend ones I have seen are excellent Kudos to Garry Marshall A great writer and all around person I feel like Ive gotten to know him through his movies and writing I read his sisters book My mother was nuts and decided to read his to complete the picture RIP Garry You are sadly missed I really enjoyed this book Garry Marshall just seems likene Castaway: The extraordinary survival story of Narcisse Pelletier, a young French cabin boy shipwrecked on Cape York in… of the nicest guys He had some great anecdotes about allf his various movies and TV shows and their stars If it s Hollywood gossip My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage or dirt that you are looking for look somewhere else Even things that could be viewed as negative are tempered with understanding He seems to have had made many friends throughout his career and it is easy to see why I was a f Enjoyable light reading It s a pretty happy book The first half is fun than the second half He gives the inside scoopn the shows he directed and was surprisingly frank about working with his sister Not unkind but honest If you watched his shows you ll get a kick ut f the book Nothing deep here The Cattle King or gut wrenching just light enjoyment Good for relaxing before you sleep. Lia Roberts the street performer Robin Williams and the young Anne Hathaway among manythers This honest vibrant and ften hilarious memoir reveals a man whose career was defined by his drive to make people laugh and whose personal philosophydespite his tremendous achievementswas always that life is important than show business.

Book download My Happy Days in Hollywood: A Memoir author Garry Marshall – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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GARRY MARSHALL is a veteran producer director and writer of film television and theatre He learned his craft writing jokes for Lucille Ball Dick Van Dyke and Danny Thomas He has created and produced some of television's most beloved situation comedies including HAPPY DAYS LAVERNE acts in movies directed by his son Scott; and produces plays at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank California with his daughter Kathleen

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