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This book is wonderful Its packed with fabulous pictures and inspiration Im having a grerat time ooking at all the artwork and getting My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Vol. 1 lots of ideas for my collages and journals Iove this book It is full of great art inspiration I use this book to help me get the creative juices flowing before I start working on my own art pieces Excellent array of images This is of a coffee table book for me I Hilda and the Stone Forest: Hilda Book 5 leave it out to get inspiration from other artists It s a fun book toook through and so many different styles on every page It s not a how to book but if you just want to see a ton of pages that other artists have done and just Pokémon Primers: ABC Book, 1 likeooking at art then this is a great book to have in your collection As with the other books in the 1000 series this is a book of examples of artists work and not a how to manual Think of this book as an opportunity to wander through a gallery of diverse creativity using a multitude of media and techniues It s wonderful for beginners or those who have simply reached a stage of artists block and need to jump start their ideas Good inspiration for young female artists but stylistically Bluey: Hooray, It's Christmas!: A Sticker Activity Book limited I bought this for my 12 year old niece and I m sure that she will be inspired but it s not a complete education as far as artistic approaches to journaling or capturing artistic ideas for further development It seemsike a Four Me? (Catwad lot of these artists haveooked at Frida Kahlo s journal and made their own version This could very well be due to the aesthetic of the compiler Most of the pages are brightly colored I m talking page popping color The author favors collage smeary paint illustrationy graphics plus words and bright pens The pages illustrate the artists interests an. Over 1000 journal pages presented in one beautiful full color bookJournals offer their makers a safe place to dream doodle rant and reinvent themselves They offer viewers rich visual inspiration There is a fascination with these revealing and often beau.

review 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations (1000 Series)

Book online 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations (1000 Series) author Dawn DeVries Sokol – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Esent I was so impressed I don t think you can beat having the book but when the total number books in your house is getting beyond a joke and space is short then kindle is the answer for fiction Normally I would not buy a book Flash: The Legends of Forever (Crossover Crisis like this on Kindle because whilst Iove my Kindle for straight forward reading it only supports black and white and rather flat images I ve been wanting to get into making an art journal and I Teen Titans Go! Boxset, Cover Image May Vary love this version of scrapbooking that intermixes art with verbal expression so this book really provides a variety of ideas for creating a personal masterpiece Many are very intricate but I m good at seeing ways to blend concepts There are no how to segments in this book so if you reooking for the how of creating pages for your art journal or aren t able to see how the artists created their pages you might want to ook into taking a class or finding a DIY book on the subject I am uite new at doing any kind of journaling especially in an artistic wayThis book is filled with examples of wonderful pages to earn fromI have earmarked several pages with notes on them as to why I have chosen themThe images are nice and Wonder Woman for President/Rule the School! (DC Super Hero Girls) large and the only text is the artist s name and countryFor once a book you don t have to wade through aot of unnecessary paragraphsJust images Glorious examples of differing styles of journaling with art and Sophie Pop-Up Peekaboo!: Sophie La Girafe lettering Every now then most of us get a creativeull you Legend of the Fire Princess (DreamWorks: She-Ra and the Princess of Power: 1 lose the drive to create Looking at the pics in this book of other people s art journals is sure to awaken something usually an idea to try out a style use of colours etc etc Iove my copy it s great to just dip into A brilliant book of inspiration for those that ove art journalling. Swathe of artists who fully embrace or experiment with this mediumJournaling has seeped into popular culture in a big way and this collection provides a wide array of ideas techniues and themes to inspire and inform mixed media and journaling enthusias.

D thoughts their distractions and yearnings It s nice to ook at read and think about but something huge is missing It doesn t feel Hero like aook into the private creative process The flashy graphic pages feel Dog Man: The Supa Epic Collection like finished work rather than steps to working out ideas As young people are falling fast into a world without personal space it might be nice to remind them that their journal can be a secret process It doesn t have to be good or splashy It just feels very curated and doesn t touch on what journaling is about This book Rox So interesting to see how everyoneooks at Marvel Spider-man - Look and Find life so differently and has such different approaches to get it on to paperIove the whimsical stuffMy wish is that my English were better so I could really elevate For people Disney Descendants Yearbook like me who are mediocre crafters and just want great ideas for art journaling this is the book to get There are page after page of ideas from different artists so you get a wide range of creativity I have seen aot of books that have pictures of paint etc which is okay but they Action Comics Boxset: The Minecraft Adventures of Steve and Alex: The Time Traveler - Complete Boxset Edition (Parts 1… lack in substance for a whole book This one really delivers Highly recommended if you areooking for this kind of book There is something so satisfying about Uncanny Origins: Mutants Monsters looking at other artists sketchbook journals it provides such a great insight into other people s minds their motivation deepest fears thoughts hopes and inspirations If you are stuck for ideas on how to start a sketchbook then this book is amazing I cannot rate it enough It is reassuring in its content and so packed full of information for the senses Iove reading this in bed and going to sleep dreaming up my next artistic ventures An inspirational read I am buying this again for someone as a Christmas pr. Tiful pages of self exploration and personal expression Journals offer a tantalizing voyeuristic view of an interior ifeThis would be the first book to offer examples of over 1000 journal pages in one eye catching visual format and would attract a wide.

Dawn DeVries Sokol is the author of several doodling books including Doodle Diary Doodle Zen Art to Start Doodling A Sketchbook Year of the Doodle Art Doodle Love The Doodle Circle A World of Artist Journal Pages and Doodle Sketchbook She also has authored and illustrated 3 board books Good Dog; Here Kitty Kitty; and Leapin' Lizards Often referred to as the Doodle ueen she teaches popular workshops through her blog dawnsokolcom at Interweave Press's CREATE Mixed Media Retreat on Creativebugcom and through her DVD workshop Art Journaling Pages in Stages

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