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The Author tells breaks own this journey into the most simple aspects of life traveling from place to place finding your breakfast lunch and Running Like China: A memoir of a life interrupted by madness dinner meeting people and simple conversation It also portrays well theifficulty of riding this great Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump distance and the conversations that one would have with themselves as to whether they could make it all the way If you want to really understand the places food and people along the way from New York to Rio then this book willo just that Great tale Funny and entertaining A super fun read if your into Cycling touring travel and food had a hard time putting this book Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping down When I first started reading this book I thought it was the usual man seeks adventure on road trip I ve read a few and they are entertaining which is why I keep reading them The Hungry cyclist is both a geographical and off the beaten path culinary toure force I greatly enjoyed Davies writing style and colorful analysis of the highly varied people customs and foods that he encountered on his epic bike journey across the Northern USA Western Canada and then Journeys on the Silk Road: A Desert Explorer, Buddha's Secret Library, and the Unearthing of the World's Oldest Printed… down. Theiverse cultures of the Americas Toms journey from over the Rockies to Baja California through Central America Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster down all the way to Brazil via Colombia gives the real flavour of this truly extraordinary landmassThis is a tale ofeath battles with suadrons of mosuitoes malodorous public toilets of galloping The Life and Visions of Yeshé Tsogyal: The Autobiography of the Great Wisdom Queen dysentery oneay to Running Like China drowning your sorrows with cowboys andining with beauty ueens the next.

The West Coast through Mexico Central America and finishing off by going Stories of the Sahara down the and along the eastern part of Brazil to Rio It was an unbelievable trip matched by the strangest collection of foods recipes andescriptions that you can imagineBoth my wife and I heartily enjoyed reading his book and had many laughs over the situations that he found himself in I had the great opportuntiy to meet Tom in Baja while on this adventure Knowing 1st hand how intelligent humorous and interesting he is I knew that the book would be good And I was not One Bright Moon disappointed Very good read especially if you have lived visited the places he cycles through I could never eat some of the things he tried I found this book very entertaining and great fun to read Some of the recipes are really not appetising at all but I am sure this was the intention of the author Great humour and a crazy adventure Will probably read this again in a couple of years Bought this for my partner who loves travel adventures he has so far read it 3 times as it is a fab book if you like real life travel tales this is a mus. But above all it is an ambitious story of getting to where you want to be even if you have to endure cactus induced punctures unforgivingesert heat uphill struggles through never ending cocaine plantations or artfully The River at the Centre of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time dodge hungry bears neurotic RVriving Americans angry rabid ogs and run ins with local law authorities in the processAn amazing tale of what can happen when you get on your bike and go.

Having just completed 5 weeks touring Germany Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Spain and Portugal I am in awe of Mr Davies Reading his book uring this trip gave me the added confidence I needed I also have travelled thru Canada BC Oregon California by bike and his travels brought back some great memories Fascinating account of one man s journey through the America s with a culinary bent Made me feel hungry and exhausted at the same time There is one paragraph in the introduction to this book about France which I read to everyone because the wording is so exuisiteI was Last Boat Out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution disappointed that the rest wasn t uite as well written but it was still well written and Iid very much enjoy this bookI have also had to lend it out to many friends who ve also enjoyedT If you are a cyclist with plenty of time to The China Voyage do what Tomid then this is the book for you A wonderful read I met the Author personally and became aware of the book and then read it with great interest I ride a bike also but no than 50 miles at a time and as I read it I became aware of truly how far he had traveled The story. Over 100000 miles to cover one man one bike and one hungry stomachHaving created his alter ego the Hungry Cyclist and with thousands of pedal powered miles before him Tom Kevill Davies pushed off from New York City on one of the most ambitious gastronomic adventures ever undertakenA ballsy travel memoir The Hungry Cyclist follows Toms adventure into the hearts and minds of the people he meets Revealing.

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Epub Ebook The Hungry Cyclist: Pedalling The Americas In Search Of The Perfect Meal ✓ Tom Kevill Davies – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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