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Low writing style littered with numerous humerous stories from his travels and kendo career that help flesh out the subject and make it come alive Coupled with iagrams that are almost beautiful in their simplicity it allows you to really understand what is being said on any pointThe areas covered are also excellent running the range from the very basics of simple cuts and how to put on your clothing to complex advice on how instructors can best structure classes It s the range that means this is a book you buy when you start and are still referring to when you re running your own Chocolate: Luscious recipes and expert know-how for biscuits, cakes, sweet treats and desserts dojoAnd for anyone who buys this book and like me thoroughly enjoys iton t forget to sign up to Salmon Sensei s excellent weekly blog and kendoinfonet for further insight and guidance. Mind as of the sword For many adherents the goal is to train your mind to achieve a state of mushin no mind Beyond that this book also shows you how to win competitions and integrate kendo into your personal fitness routines This is the first book to clearly link the philosophical and mental elements of kendo to the physical techniues thereby enabling readers to gain a holistic understanding of the martial art It offers a comprehensive training program similar to those given by leading kendo teachers in Japan past and present.

review Kendo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship

pdf ebook Kendo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship BY Geoffrey Salmon – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Very good guide Boring book I find this an excellent primer book for anyone beginning kendo and for those that wish to correct many of the faults which naturally become part of every kendokas personal makeup along the way I have recently started training a beginners class and have advised all of them to buy a copy to the extent of bringing copies of the actual book for sale along with me The book covers many of the unasked and unanswered uestions which many just polyfiller in at the beginning and never truly find any answer for As a result it allows a much greater fluidity of understanding in why we are actua I just started practicing Kendo and I found this book extremely interesting Even though most of the content is about techniues you will not meet before Master the art of Kendo Japanese Swordsmanship with this illustrated and comprehensive martial arts guide Kendo or the Way of the Sword holds a special place within the martial arts as one of the few practices tracing back irectly to Japan's ancient samurai heritage Modern students flock to kendo for physically and mentally challenging activity that combines traditional martial arts values with strenuous physical activity Author Geoff Salmon has over 40 years of kendo experience gained in and outside of Japan His goal in thi.

Any months of practice it gives you the big picture of what to expect and context for what you just started learningOnly a negative note about the random Japanese spelling also inconsistent across the bookThere is a standard for transliterating Japanese and it eterministically matches with pronunciation Why not using it After The Homemade Chocolate Truffle Cookbook: Delicious and Easy Truffle Recipes doing Kendo for 18 months I ve tried reading several of the recommended books and this is far and away the best I ve tried Unlike many it s written in English by a native English speaker for an English speaking reader and so avoids a lot of the poor translations and misunderstood explanations many older books suffer from If this was the only thing in it s favour it would still be a valuable read but Salmon Sensei also has a nice easy to fol. S kendo guide is toispel many misconceptions about the sport and to make kendo training accessible and effective for anyone His simple straightforward writing style is especially helpful for beginning students and martial artists from other Pierre Hermé: Chocolate disciplines who wish to add kendo training to their repertoire The core of this kendo book is a series ofetailed instructional seuences emonstrating the basic kendo techniues The author also presents the fundamental principles and philosophy that make kendo as much an exercise of the.

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