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Anything with some in depth information and presentation The best I could do was watch a you tube video with dubbed english which showed him in his studio He does graphics too and a book about his graphics would also get my attentionArtist ceramic scul. Ling of space harmony and proportion Enric Mestre b1936 is one of those observers of space and volume who have left their mark on the ceramic sculptural art movement of the 20th century and beyond As one of the key artists of the Spanish school his name is mentioned in the same breath as master sculptors Jorge Oteiza and

The photography of the sculptural ceramics was beautiful I have seen photos of this artist work in art magazines and wanted to see and know about him and his work Yet internet searches turned up so little about him that I had despaired of ever having. Monograph of works by Enric Mestre one of the greatest living ceramic artistsBreaks the barrier between applied arts and free sculptureFeatures selected works from Mestres complete oeuvreDespite the fundamental functions that architecture must perform it will always inspire artists across all genres with its masterful hand.

Read free Enric Mestre: Ceramic Sculpture (English and Spanish Edition) – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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Ptors who are inspired by Eduardo Chillida or Ruth Duckworth cannot go wrong with this book Mr Mestre s vision is founded in a stark geometry usually finished with extremely subtle glazes and stains His work could almost serve as models for a brutalist. Duardo Chillida His sculptures come across as sober spatial constructions but appearances are deceptive these objects have a poetic force that counters the gaze of the beholder This book celebrates the masters best creations and is a perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover his timeless workText in English and Spanish.

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