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Me happy and same time overwhelmedit s price not worth its amezing Aesthetic valueyes this book was pricelessit s colour plates very beautiful and also analysis very interesting. Expressly revealed genitalia The tender and titillating The Kiss is one of Rodinrsuo;s most famous works as well as the brooding The Thinker 1880 Produced in collaboration with the Museacute;e Rodin this book introduces Rodin and the evocative intensity and influence of his work at a defining moment for emerging modernism and as a leading inspiration for 20th century artists from Maillol to Brancusi Moore to Matisse.

Ncompassing as it could be slimmer than others in the series Rodin was one of my beloved artist alongside Michelangelo RembrandtTurner Caravaggio and Raphaeland this book make. Sh or turmoilRodinrsuo;s works are distinguished by this fidelity to nature and physicality He rendered his subjects as he found and saw them old and wrinkled or young and voluptuous and pushed the textural possibilities of clay wax plaster bronze and marble to record the particularities of body surface and form The results were often deeply sensual beguiling the viewer with smooth contours silkiness and poses that.

Capa mole bem simples Good review of his work and life Condition is Excellent Somewhat slender volume covering some of his works A good reference but nowhere near a as all In a career that bridged the late 19th and early 20th centuries Auguste Rodin 1840ndash;1917 was at once deeply inspired by artistic heritage and a rebel against its idealized forms With a commitment to naturalism he sought to render not only the realities of human flesh but all the rawness of human feeling and experience exploring the physical postures and expressions of contemplation joy love lust loss shame angui.

Free online Rodin (Basic Art Series 2.0) Author TASCHEN – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

TASCHEN on Rodin (Basic Art Series 2.0)