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As mentioned elsewhere this is nowhere near as entertaining as the earlier volumes The tone often becomes annoyingly snide reminding one of the worst excesses of Who internet forumsThe know all attitude of Tat Wood becomes very irritating very uickly He either possesses the most brilliant mind on earth or he s got an internet connection Whichever it is what a shame that he can t tell a cor anglais from an oboe I agree with others here that this volume is nowhere near as good as previous books Humour is definitely acking Previous volumes treat Doctor Who with gentle whimsy but this book has none of that Mr Wood s scathing and often downright nasty critiue does not make enjoyable reading All the above were birthday presents chosen by the person so have been greatly enjoyed All uiz books useful for preparing own uizes If you enjoyed the previous books in this series then you won t be disappointed with this one It covers the first two years of the revived Doctor Who that is Christopher Eccleston s time in the TARDIS as well as David Tennant s first season It s not an episode guide as such it doesn t provide a full synopsis of the stories What it does do is analyse the stories in minute some might say obsessive detail with notes on how they fit into continuity new facts about the Doctor or his companions that are revealed for the first time and things to watch out for as you view the episode for the umpteenth time Then there s a detailed analysis which includes notes on British culture so that overseas viewers will understand the UK centric references identification of what that particular actor has been in before and my favourite part the nitpicks plot holes and other stuff that doesn t uite make sense when you think about it This is followed by a critiue the author is clearly a big fan of the programme but he doesn t She's Got This let this blind him to any faults that the episode might have had so it s not unending praise Finally there s the Facts section with original transmission date viewer numbers and the behind the scenes stuffPrevious books in the series which covered the era when Doctor Who was a serial devoted a separate chapter to each individual story Now that the episodes are mainly one off self contained stories each one gets its own chapter though for the occasional two parter some of the sections are combined Each chapter has ateast one accompanying essay on a Kamala and Maya's Big Idea linked theme covering such topics as why Ecclestoneft after only one season why the series is made in Wales as opposed to say Manchester and whether the horse in The Girl in the Fireplace can be counted as a true TARDIS Companion No really You may well disagree with some of the conclusions here but that s the fun of itThis is not a book for the casual viewer who will watch the programme if there s nothing else on That said you don t have to be an obsessive fan to enjoy it But for those who Bachelor Girl like me have beeneft wanting there s good news there are numerous references in the text to future volumes and those for Volume 8 are so detailed as to strongly suggest that it at Mr. Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass: A Discover Great Art Book for Kids (Explore Glass Artists Series 1) least is in an advanced state of preparation so hopefully the wait won t be tooong This book is beyond fabulous It s not only full of extremely interesting facts about the first two series of the rebooted WHO but also Islandborn lots andots of informative articles and essays on Doctor Who in general I started reading it at 10am and was STILL reading it at 1am the following morning I was obsessed Bloody great Maybe it s because the author can t draw on decades of hindsight about these episodes or maybe it s because it misses the gentle sarcastic. About Time vol 7 continues an examination of the real world social political context in which each Doctor Who story was made this time focusing on Series 1 and 2 of the revamped series 2005 to 2006 starring Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant Essays in this volume include Why Now Why Wales; RT Phone Home;.

Book read About Time 7: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Series 1 2) (About Time series) BY By Dorothy Ail,Tat Wood – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Reater compliment than to note that ifwhen this series is available electronically I will almost certainly re buy itThird the writing often takes some unpacking especially if you re hoping to extract every bit of marrow For example the section on The Unuiet Undead contains this sentence talking about the classic Seventh Doctor episode Ghost Light The process of stacking up the references for the viewer to tick off and feel slightly cleverer for getting was characteristically Ben And Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos late 80s but in Ghost Light it was a side effect of a critiue of that very mentality set against the opposing idea of allowing change diversity and experimentation There s nothing explicitly WRONG with that sentence outside of hyphen usage that made me cringe as an editor with an internalized style guide however it s 46 words in one sentence being used to convey ateast four ideas This book is NOT TwitterNonetheless these complaints are all minor and should do nothing to dissuade prospective buyers outside of making sure they know what they re getting into Anyone who has ever fallen down the rabbit hole of TV Tropes or Wikipedia and emerged hours The Story of Ruby Bridges later exhausted but invigorated with newevels of understanding insight and knowledge has already touched the mindset that comes to mind when reading an About Time volume About Time 7 continues this tradition and I emphatically recommend these books to all Doctor Who fans ooking for what I consider to be the best episode guide series ever Let the alien apocalypse come I m ready I own all the previous books in this series and have enjoyed each one The writer has strong opinions which although I don t always agree with them do give one much food for thought The mixture of analyses and essays give ots of insights into the making of the series and where the ideas came from If you re interested in how TV is made in the UK in general and Doctor Who in particular you should get this book great and very well researched Having all the other volumes I was Shadow of His Hand: A Story Based on the Life of Holocaust Survivor Anita Dittman (Daughters of the Faith Series Book 6) looking forward to the volumes that would deal with the New Series The insight humor references and information in the past books were wonderful and had me rereading the volumes again and again They allowed me to watch the old episodes in a newight Not that I always agreed with the volumes of course Many of the episodes they felt had failed I thought were wonderful sometimes for the same reasonsSo when Volume 7 came out I was happy to snap it up and read it And it was worth it The volume covers the first two series starring Christopher Ecclesron and David Tennant and does it well It treats the new episodes JUST Little House on the Prairie: 3 like the old ones breaking them down examining them exploring the issues they bring up The essays as in the other books were wonderful They ask such important uestions as Gay Agenda What Gay Agenda Is Doctor Who Fandom Off Topic and Why Doesn t Anyone Read Any MoreOne issue the book brings up is the second series the Golden Age of the new Doctors Sadly Tat Wood does not seem THAT impressed with many of the second series episodes and suggests that it isn t the Golden Age In fact from his comments in this book it seems that the series will be going down hill from here From his point of view unless I am reading into his writing than is there I don t know if I agree For example he rates The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit prettyow when I thought both episodes were pretty good I The Tinker's Daughter: A Story Based on the Life of Mary Bunyan (Daughters of the Faith Series) liked the idea of the Doctor dealing with something outside his sphere of understand and knowledgeStill this is a must for any fan of Doctor Who any science fiction fan or anyibrary dealing with British Television Enjo. D; Bad Wolf What How and Why What's a 'Story' Now; How Long is Harriet in No 10; Has All the Puff 'Totally' Changed Things; Stunt Casting What Are the Dos and the Dont's; The Great Powell Estate Debate; Is Arthur the Horse a Companion; Are Credited Authors Just Hired Hands; How Many Cyber Races Are There; and.

Humour of former co author Lawrence Miles but this book somehow just wasn t as enjoyable as the previous onesThere s too much pedantic The Bell Jar listing of production schedules and not enough new insight to put the ideas behind the episodes into an unexpected wider contextDespite that this is still one of the better episode guides out there It s just disappointing compared to the earlier ones Were the world to descend into post apocalyptic chaos no doubt caused by an alien invasion and I could only save one series of books about Doctor Who there is absolutely no uestion It would be the About Time series There is no other seriesepisode guide I ve found that is as exhaustive yet interestingly soLike any good episode guide it includes copious amounts of facts about the program who wrote each installment when they aired what other acting efforts you d recognize significant performers from etc It goes over information that you dogically want to know how significant characters evolve and what kind of traits abilities or insights each episode provides into them how the episode fits into the Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Olympic Gold larger whole what kind of continuity gaffs or problems there are copious triviaengthy ualitative critiues etc It also includes great research into placing episodes in context historical what The Story Collector: A New York Public Library Book likely inspired the episode or elements within it cultural especially useful for me as an American continuity and However this series goes beyond the call by invariably presenting information about and insight into matters you DIDN T KNOW you wanted to know About Time 7 ramps this up a notch as it talks about the first two series of the 2005 revival ensuring that EVERY episode it covers has a supplemental essay As a few examples The Girl in the Fireplace gives rise to trying to sort out who ualifies as a companion by asking if Arthur the Horse counts The Unuiet Dead takes the opportunity to ponder whether the new series is xenophobic and Bad Wolf gave the most comprehensive unpacking I ve yet found into trying to figure out why Christopher Ecclestoneft after only one seasonThe entire book series also has a wonderfully cheeky sense of humor dropping in asides and stray observations that prove insightful at the same time they re amusing For example one section of this volume begins Unavoidably the bulk of this essay is going to be an attempt to get the chronology of the present day stories to make sense despite BBC Wales strenuous efforts at times to prevent this It can be dense reading but it always tries to be interestingMy complaints are minor and primarily conjured in an effort to appear impartial First this book series is exhaustive yet this thoroughness means it can be exhausting I estimate there to be at Maddie O'Brien's Wild Turkeys least 20000 words devoted to the episode Rose alone and evenesser episodes probably receive 7000 8000 words apiece If you start reading an episode s chapter at the same time you Martha Hughes Cannon - America's First Female State Senator: A Historical Fiction Short Story for Kids (Splash Read) load that episode s DVD and press Play youl Marlon Bundo's Day in the Life of the Vice President likely STILL be reading that chapter by the time the closing credits roll Being presented with this much material all of it interesting can feel at times overwhelmingSecond since so much of this book is a reference theack of electronic versions of these books is at times painful Trying to read nearly 26 ounces of information where each page is crammed with text can make the whole experience feel a Girl with a Camera: Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer: A Novel little unwieldy and theack of searching ability is sometimes sorely missed although the existence of copious cross references obviates this need a fair bit The paper version has certain benefits but I suspect a Kindle or PDF format would be where it truly shines I can offer no Is the New Series More Xenophobic; Why is Trinity Wells on Jackie's Telly; He Remembers This How; What's Happened to the Daleks; Why Doesn't Anyone Read Any More; Reapers Err What; What's So Great About the 51st Century; Gay Agenda What Gay Agenda; Does Being Made in Wales Matter; Did He Fall or Was He Pushe.

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