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Chnicians try to model the orm but it seldom is convincing Stick with the original series Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the '80s Changed Hollywood Forever folksI couldn t agree Unfortunately this awful trend continues as and comic art that was never intended to be computer colored is ruined by the gaudy slick unconvincing attempts to modelorm Thorne nails it on the head and his words could be used to describe the coloring on the new EC Archives as well as many other such projects Anyone who s upset that this isn t the right item being advertised needs to LOOK MORE CLOSELY before clicking the buy buttonThis is EXACTLY what I ordered with STUNNING art by Neal Adams and Frank Thorne If you want classic Red Sonja and classic Frank Thorne printed on glossy paper stock with bright coloringyou ll love it. Al Walt Disney's Disneyland featuring a cover by Frank Thorne Plus legendary Red Sonja writer andormer Editor in Chief Roy Thomas provides an introductio.

Rd of Conan 1 Probably the main reason or purchasing this volume is that most of the art is supplied by Frank Thorne although Esteban Moroto and Dick Giordano who also eature are certainly no slouches Some readers may be put off a little by the colouring which is not exactly Sterling Hayden’s Wars faithful to the original and my understanding is that Frank Thorne in particular wasn t too impressed The stories themselves are generally routine battles with wizards an Here is a uote about these Dynamite reprints of the Red Sonja booksrom Frank Thorne himself My Sonja was raped by a computer The line work that I labored over those years breaks up and looks like it was spattered with ink I m not comfortable with computer coloring it s too gaudy and slick The te. All begins and help set the stage or the current Red Sonja series This is a must have collection of never before reprinted materi.

My childhood herosfearless ighters Hollywood Heyday: 75 Candid Interviews with Golden Age Legends for rightousnessdefenders of the weakslayers of demonsmonster and evil peopleMy childhood heros It was great This is the incarnation of Red Sonja I grew up reading as back up stories in Marvel s Conan SagaAlong with good writing by Roy Thomas and Brian Jones and art by Dick Giordano and Sonja s best artist in my opinion Frank Thorne The biggest problem I have with this collection is the missing issues Am grateful toinally have access to the original Sonja stories even though they seem to have been recolored in a way that obscures the line work but at least the storyline is here This volume collects the earliest Red Sonja appearances Lulu in Hollywood: Expanded Edition from Marvel Feature 1 7 as well as an appearancerom Savage Swo. This contains the Red Sonja tales rom Marvel Feature #1 7 presented in glorious ully re mastered color These tales are where it.

(BOOKS ✓ The Adventures of Red Sonja, Vol. 1 (Marvel)) BY au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

BRUCE JONES is the authorartist of nine previous novels including under the pseudonym Bruce Elliot the bestselling STILL LIFE plus numerous screenplays teleplays and graphic novels Jones won the Upcoming Author of the Year award from the Bertelsman Book Club He lives with his wife novelist and screenwriter April Campbell Jones and their dogs Pete and Lily The Joneses spend their time in the ethers between Los Angeles and the Midwest

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