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Mselves are not the answer is an ye opener It is important to make the distinction between them and defensive disciplines Throughout the Stop Obsessing: How To Overcome Your Obsessions Compulsions entire book the author does anxcellent job of not only informing you but No Such Thing as Normal: From the author of Glorious Rock Bottom entertaining you as well The author does anxcellent job of ALСОHОL CONTROL: How Tо Cоntrоl And Stор Drinking Exсеѕѕ Alcohol exposing the truth about many of the martial arts myths legends and mysteries Overall this is a good book injecting some much needed reality into the many myths that surround the martial arts The information is presented well by Sam Fury who clearly has good martial artsxperience and knowledge The book is a fast read and held my interest throughout Enjoy. To use in these positions and Includes 4 Free BonusesGet your copy ofGround Fighting Techniues to Destroy Your Enemytoday and you will also receiveYour ground fighting strategic guideA critical first aid guide including an mergency first aid cheat sheetSpecial Report How to run up wallsThe 16 principles of self defense Fundamental lessons to protect yourself from violent attacksGet your hands on this step by step ground fighting training manual because with it you'll become unstoppable in any ground fightGet it now.

I have always thought that martial arts were not for me because I am like a peaceful guy But I saw that this was not just about hitting to your opponent but to gain discipline and self confidence It also increased my strength and stamina while learning something new I m really happy to have acuired this book Very good information worth buying I love this book and the simplicity of what the author is sharing with us the readers I am glad that I found this book as I just keep to the basics I am going to add this to my catch wrestling This book or so called book is like a small pamphlet or brochure It has some good techniues. Teach Yourself to Ground FightIn this no nonsense ground fighting book you will learn the most useful grappling techniues and strategiesEasily adaptable for Mixed Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu street fighting or any other ground fightDiscover how you can dominate any ground fight because these are the most ffective grappling techniues there areGet it nowDiscover the Most Effective Grappling TechniuesThe best position to get into when fighting on the ground and how to get thereHow to scape this position in case

In it but only for the person that doesn t know anything basic It has a rear naked choke the basics of the mount position and the difference between full guard and half guard Like I said very basic on a small pamphlet type book with very few pages Should be worth 099 retail If you re looking to learn the very basics and have no knowledge of ju jitsu or the basics of the ground game this could be a book for you otherwise stay away This is a new subject for me but one that I am finding and compelling Taking steps to protect oneself and keep fit in the interim makes a lot of sense Knowing that stereotypical martial arts in the. Our opponent gets you in it firstThe two best choke holds to nd any ground fight FASTArm and leg locks to get your opponent to tap out or Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction end any street fightHow toscape from the most common grappling techniuesHow to apply the best techniues so your opponent can't A Brand New You: The Ultimate Guide for Quitting Porn and Self-Transformation escapeLearn a Proven Grappling StrategyOne key lesson that is thessence of winning of all ground fightsThe four dominant positions of ground fightingHow to adopt scape from and maneuver between these grappling positionsThe best ground fighting attacks.

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BOOK Ground Fighting Techniues to Destroy Your Enemy: Street Based Ground Fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Marital Arts Fighting Techniues (Self–Defense) author Sam Fury – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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