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Also Not what I was expecting at all Very disappointed I am extremely disappointed with this product The images are printed both sided of the page so you cannot cut one image out without ruining the picture on the reverse I feel like the images although vintage do not have much appeal to them and the ones that are ood are on the coverI brought the birds book and the bizzare NOT WORTH 16 I feel also as if the paper isn t uality also and that it would rip with too much The portable Collection of Novels by Louisa May Alcott: (Classics of Feminism) with audiobooks links glue or harshlue spreading like newspaper Amazing images but you can only use one side of each page for cutouts Why would you print anther image on the back of each page What a wast. The creative director of Vault Editions Kale James Kale has published over 12 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with brands including Nike Samsung Adidas and Rolling Stone Kales artwork is published in numerous titles including No Cure Semi Permanent Vogue and Whether youre an advanced collage artist or a first timer looking to explore creative outlets this book will provide you with the necessary means to make artwork that will impress both your clients and peersGain access to your files and start creating bizarre and beautiful collages today.

( KINDLE Cut and Collage: A Treasury of Bizarre and Beautiful Images for Collage and Mixed Media Artists ) author Kale James – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Cals I could easily print off there are a lot of anatomical images with skin diseases etc I appreciate bizarre but these are The Art of Memoir gross to look at Plus the pages are printed on both sides It s a collage book Meant to be cut out Whatenius designed this One star is being Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (Routledge Classics) generous Waste of money if you want it for collage Pages are double sided and most pages only have 1 or two pics which are not designed to be cut out but are set out as reproductions of vintage pictures Mainlyrotesue medical diagrams Nothing bizarre really which is what i was looking forward too like weird creatures and two headed dogs or something Not much variety in the type of pics. Appen when working with paper crafts which is why we have included a uniue download link that will provide you with access to a print ready PDF of all artwork featured Reuse your favourite images as many times as you like without having to scan or purchase the publication again Accessing the PDF will allow you to scale the size of the images so that the pieces of your collage fit together perfectlyWhen accessing your downloadable PDF you will also et the Vault Editions Skulls and Anatomy sample pack completely freeAbout the author This book was curated and authored by.

It is ok abit to much full sized images that I personally don t find that useful in my artwork but oh well I was a bit disappointed with these images I like the odd but these are REALLY odd Love this bookall sorts of beautiful imagesfor the artistcollageJunk journalsetchighly recommendgreat price with prime membershipthanks Wonderful pictures The only downfall is the fact that the pictures are printed on both sides of the page so they have to be photocopied and not cut I literally took this out of the package flipped through it and immediately decided to send it back It says it contains bizarre and beautiful images but in addition to some botani. Would you like access to a rare treasury of incredibly bizarre and beautiful images to create dynamic and impressive collages withCut Collage Volume1 will provide you with precisely what you have been searching for This offering from the team at Vault Editions features full colour anatomical illustrations incredibly rendered botanical and sea life artwork including octopi suid pufferfish eels andAlso featured are a compelling collection of birds snakes surgical euipment skulls circus freaks tattooed men insects animals and odditiesFeatures We understand that mistakes

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