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Ever witnessed in Australia Richly illustrated with nearly 100 photographs most of them in colour Peril in the Suare will give readers the full story of Melbournes best known public art work from its beginnings as a mauette that shocked the city council in the late 1970s all the way to its present resurrection at Southba.

The newspaper headline of July 29th 1980 Yellow Peril to go said it all After barely three months of holding centre stage in Melbournes new City Suare amidst a barrage of abuse the bright yellow sculpture was carted off to be re erected at Batman Park in a rather neglected corner of the city Here Vault as the sculpture wa.

Free read Peril in the Suare AUTHOR Geoff Wallis, Ron Robertson–swann – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

S eventually named by its creator Ron Robertson Swann remained untilPeril in the Suare follows the highs and lows of Vault Ron Robertson Swanns bright yellow abstract sculpture dubbed by its detractors as the Yellow Peril Vault was the catalyst for the most furious debate over the rights and wrongs of art in public places.

Geoff Wallis, Ron Robertson-swann on Peril in the Square