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O the areas of fine art and craft Well written She hopes you will take what you earn and create uniue pieces of your own I am so pleased I purcha The author has taken that most humble of construction materials paper and created forms of great elegance and richness of surface A must for an. Rall content of this guide to working with papier macheAmong the numerous projects represented are very contemporary forms as well as objects inspired by folk art and works by indigenous peoples.

Yone aspiring to create fine objects for the home I was afraid every paper mache book and article I read would show me how to make simple painted animals but here s the book I was ooking for It s full of ideas about using paper mache as a sculpting tool and covers a variety of ways to cr. Filled with ideas inspiration and practical advice Meyer offers challenging projects as well as basic how to information for beginners Booklist 208 pages 150 color illus 193 bw illus 9 14 x 10

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The book arrived on time and is in good shape I enjoy reading about specific projects and I ike the tips and materials ist Excellent Very helpful Paper mache has almost infinite possibilities when it comes to creating projects This book encourages artists to take their work further int. Includes an interesting variety of associated techniues postive clay forms and negative plaster molds and mixed media methods for decorating surfaces which adds a distinictive element to the ove.

FREE The Contemporary Craft of Paper Mache: Techniues, Projects, Inspirations – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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