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Kindle Pdf Textile Landscape: Painting with Cloth in Mixed Media ☆ Cas Holmes – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

I bought this book before I even took a class with Cas She is such a talented artist and tutor This book is everything I hoped it would be Intelligent thought processes well laid out and the art work is phenomenal I thoroughly ecommend this book for anyone interested in textiles or landscape or even if you collect beautiful books This is a truly beautiful book The cloth cover is exuisite and the contents superb I look through it again and again and the observations information and guidance contained within are well worth eading Whilst there are works of other artists featured in the book there are. Textile Landscapes demonstrates how to develop your approach to textile art with a focus on using found objects and paint and stitch on cloth and paper Cas explains how to exploit the contrast between the hands on textural uality of working with fabrics and threads and the spontaneity and movement of brush marks to lend a painterly uality to your workShe begins with the basics keeping a sketchbook to generate ideas painting and stitching on cloth and on paper and working digitally; Inspiring Landscapes looks at urban and urban space the.

Plenty of examples of Cas Holmes work which is what particularly interests me I am so glad I decided to buy this book it will always be treasured Regurgitated techniues so there was nothing new there Not enough of Cas Holmes work and too much of other artists work which was so dissimilar from her work that it had no elevance I was so looking forward to this book being Graphic Design: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded released and it has been a waste of money Very happywith my new book Love the uotes andeferences to other artists I need to start creating again and this book will help I am eading it through from the start after scanning through Changing seasons and great landscapes as well as intimate spaces and travel diaries; Painting and Marking with Cloth explains the practical aspects of painting and dyeing cloth and how to make connections between paint print dye stencil and stitch; Stitch scapes looks at the different forms of landscape experimenting with photographs and prints and how to translate those images using ink stitch abstract and collage techniues and then at how to transform the image using digital techniues; On Closer Inspection covers using elements and

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Few times I know that I know a lot about the process but this book will act as a helping hand Informative Inspiring mixed media artworks from Cas and insight to how they are created with beautifully written explanations and inspiring idea Graphic Design: A User's Manual. recipies throughout It provides an introduction to other interesting artists who work with textiles and insight to their work too I think this book works as well for someone with little or no previous art knowledge as it does for those who are experienced It is a joy to dip into for inspiration but also a goodead with lovely pictures for those who enjoy landscapes. Etails from landscape and the environment as found objects and for esearch; finally People and Place explores the elationship we have with the outdoors and the built environment as well as personal interpretations of placeThe book includes artworks by the author that explore the UK USA and Australia as well as works by other internationally enowned textile artists A creative guide ideal for textile artists of all levels students teachers and practising artists and makers to make uniue and beautiful work inspired by the world around

Cas Holmes on Textile Landscape: Painting with Cloth in Mixed Media