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pdf read Liberation: The Unoffical and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7 Author Alan Stevens, Fiona Moore – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Free download Liberation: The Unoffical and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7

When it comes to Blake s 7 I will puchase about anything Sorry impulse buying here Hope its a good read Interesting and chalenging to the ideas i held about a beloved show Recomended and thanks for writing somethjng so in depth Being in fandom for over 30 ears and a Blake s 7 fan for 28 of those I think I can say that Liberation is a well researched and engaging book about the iconic series from the BBC The only caveat is that the author have thrown out a few interesting notions which don t jibe with the rest of Blake 7 fandom but a new and different way of looking at the series is always good I think I would recommend it highly as one in a series of good books on the Blake s 7 television series A very good book which analyses each episode all 52 which also gives information in relation to other audio books or books which appeared after the final instalment was aired It is a good read for fans of the Blake s 7 series I like reading the detailed plot summaries and reviews of the episodes and little details The print is larger and easy to read I had both editions of this book Bought the first one Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction years ago forgot I had it and bought the second edition The only big difference between the two is the se. From its first appearance in 1978 to its final episode in 1981 'Blake’s 7' was a series which pushed back the boundaries of what was possible in TV science fiction Despite the attempts made by critics over theears to deride it for its low budget special effects sometimes dubious costume design and overly middle class.

Cond edition is large print and therefore over 300 pages while the first edition was only about 230 pages Before reviewing the book what I did was watch a Blake s 7 episode and then read the related section deali Blake s 7 is one of the greatest sci fi TV series of all time and this book is a very useful guide for those new to it and those who already do Much of the book is devoted to analysis but this is not always spot on and leaves some topics under explored There is also a timepage wasting section on an alleged spin off but one which features neither the milieu nor the characters of Blakes 7 These pages could be better used on character and actor description and analysis pulling together what had already been stated on the former throughout the bookThe authors are adamant that Avon is killed at the end despite the scene not been shown and despite that fact that the authors claim the Federation soldiers never use stun guns but they do in Project Avalon as this book even states Clearly there is a degree of ambiguity here as with the apparent death of Sherlock Holmes in The Final Problem So the definitive statement in the book is uncalled forThere is no discussion about whether the heroes are freedom fi. Casting 'Blake’s 7' continues to remain popular and to gain new audiences due to its intelligent treatment of powerful themes of human evil rebellion love and death In this book Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore go beyond the stereotypes and look at the background to and the writing of the stories Including technical detai.

Ghter or terrorists the topic is broached but not investigated This is a major theme and the implication here is that there are the latter but this seems to warrant discussion After all they don t on the whole target civilians or act as ruthlessly as Baader Meinhof or the IRA didDiscussion of plot and character are occasionally at fault in Search Locate Destroy Gan is castigated by the authors for deserting Cally et Balke has orderwd him back thus reducing Gan s responsibilityThere are parts of the book in which the authors could go further eg in the analogy of the eighteenth century navy some parts seem simplistic and some wrong transportation to Australia only happened at the very end of the 18th century More comparison between Star WarsStar TrekDr Who would have been useful and perhaps a comment as to why B7 is never mentioned in Big Bang Theory as these others areA few pictures of the major characters would have been good tooIt is a good book but there are a few holes all minor but cumulatively not to good A fantastic guide to a fantastic series Recommended The reviews of the episodes are in depth and insightful I read it as I watched the series again and the book complemented the viewings very well. Ls overviews of the production of the series and in depth analyses of every episode this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the development of TV science fiction during the late seventies ‘ a wealth of detail about the early development of the series’ From the foreword by series producer David Malon.

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