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Ee Ken Russell s Mahler virtually indistinguishable from Greta and co and Jack the Ripper sleaze I note with interest that someone has finally written a book about his victims long overdue things look up There are some xtraordinary martial arts posters that have to be seen to be believed some lively biker trash and some rare 1960s and 70s spy films action and super hero rip offs featuredAs before the usual horror material is included once again ranging from CANNABIS TINCTURES FOR BEGINNERS: Concise Handbook on How to Make Cannabis Tinctures With Ease and Without Stress early Karloff to Jess Franco from Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee to giallo and also as before there is some fun to be had by aficionados in identifying the films Some of the posters are a littlextreme than the last lot if that s possible one marvels at the thought of some of them actually being displayed in public What a different time it was Many of them were way too over the top Candida: Killing So Sweetly – Proven Home Remedies to Conquer Fungus and Yeast Infection even for 1970s Britain let alone the 21st centuryOnce agai. Least in the horror andxploitation genres for which compositions almost invariably included curvaceous female figures in jeopardy juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terrorVOLUPTUOUS TERRORS 2 collects 120 film posters by a wide range of acclaim.

Great reproductions of Italian movie posters very nice book Looks like an awesome book and it would have been in mint shape but the delivery kid had way too much in his arms and was in too much of a hurry and dropped the book and it destroyed the whole corner but other then that it s a great book for anyone who loves horror movies and horror art I absolutely love these books Large reproductions of fantastic and colorful genre art I own both volumes and hope a Vol 3 is forthcoming I only wish there were hardcover Earthwise Herbal Volume I: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants editions available Having been a little disappointed by volume one in which the art didn t uite measure up to the pulp paperbacks orrotic comics of Italia I was starting to regret ordering volume two at the same time although I was ncouraged by the superior cover As it turns out this is a interesting selection After a depressing start with far too much Nazi rubbish I was amused to Classic Italian film poster art is renowned as being among the most accomplished creative and dynamic of its kind From the post war period through to the 1980s Italian artists consistently produced posters with sumptuously stunning designs and imagery – not.

N there s a preponderance of axes making xes and knives taking lives Terrible waste of pretty girls but when Ragazza Tutta Nuda Assassinata nel Parco translates as Stark Naked Girl Butchered in the Park it s no use pretending you didn t know what was coming Other delights include Dance Steps on a Razor Blade and Traces of Poison in a Champagne Glass Imagine being asked what you saw at the pictures last night and dredging up titles like those Rather bluntly House of Zombies has a monster nomming down on a negligeeWhen I reviewed the first book I said there were barely any I d look at twice This time I d say that applied only to about two thirds of the book As before I m in it for the Green Tea, Honey and Olive Oil: Amazing Health Benefits of Honey, Green Tea and Olive Oil: Boxed Set of 3 Books… exploitation art rather than the horror films and in that respect this one just about has thedge Horror fans will find it a gold mine Either way a fascinating study of the dark side of popular culture All Good Man. Ed Italian artists created for both indigenous and foreign language film productions Classic xploitation pulp horror and giallo movies all figure in full color full page reproductions showcasing some of the world’s most innovative and seductive poster desi.

Free pub Voluptuous Terrors 2: 120 Horror Exploitation Film Posters From Italy (Art of Cinema) BY au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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