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Ines capture the heart of agile development here in a way that whilst Salesforce related is not too specific that you couldn t read this book and gain something if you were not in the Salesforce ecosystem at all I particularly liked the way she focussed less on the terminology and ceremony and around the actual practice A highlight for me were the semantics tips and the fun illustrations A very worthwhile purchase Amazing book Very Easy to read and understand I love The Tip and why not try sections I ve been working in companies that utilize Agile for years and while it s a great methodology implementations and teams varyI found this book to be extremely helpful in understanding some of the pitfalls and mistakes that organizations may make while adopting Agile There were real stories that I was able to connect with and which often gave me something to think about and ideas to try in my own businessSince we work within the Salesforce Eco system as well the examples easily resonated with meI whole heartedly recommend this book Clear simple and easy to read packed full of scenarios examples A super handy guide for those new to Agile and looking to introduce this methodology into the way they and teams work The principles described in this book whilst written in the context of Salesforce CRM technology can be applied to similar tech operation functions An enjoy. If you are using Salesforce you are already committed to getting the most out of your tech solutions In the same mindset you want to get the most out of team working maybe you’ve heard of Agile and Scrum but somewhere along the way habits have formed which aren’t achieving that goal It can be difficult to know how to start to implement ch.

Able and insightful read Ines has really done a great ob with this book A good idea is worth the price of a book so I buy any book that I think will give me a good idea I was happy with this book because it is full of good ideas It lays out what development is why Agile matters and how to move towards it The author uses illustrations and beaks concepts out into stories semantics tips alternative options and source citations It s a practical manual that will help from day one It s also the type of book you give to a delivery team to align uickly because it s coming from a book instead a supervisor I found this book a simple read with lots of ideas and content The use of semantics was great and the amount of references material is amazing Thank you I purchased this book with a hope that it will provide me detailed information on how to implement agile delivery for Salesforce projectsI was expecting Case studies that include examples of actual deliverables for Salesforce projects egHow to create a Product backlog and Sprint backlog for Salesforce projectsHow to plan scope of a Sprint for Salesforce projectsHow to estimate for user storiesChallenges in Daily scrums for Salesforce projectsBurn down charts and Kanban boards for Salesforce projectsTools Reports Templates for Salesforce projectsHowever I found it is a generic book on agile delivery than specific Ange and even harder to take others with you on that ourney But as Ines says ‘it doesn’t have to be painful’In this book Ines will show you how to make the most out of Agile to Motivate a team Deliver value to your customers and your business Develop sustainable working practices Encourage adaptability and acceptance Embrace mistakesEa.

Becoming more agile whilst delivering Salesforce TXT Ê Paperback AUTHOR Ines Garcia Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

O Salesforce projectsIt is a management book than technical bookI hope in future versions the author will include detailed case studies and scrum artifacts which are specifically for Salesforce projects Developing on the Salesforce platform is not like developing any standard web or business app it s uite different So this is great having a book that delivers the following The book explains Agile to teams developing on Salesforce Ines gives real world Salesforce based examples about how teams have overcome challenges in adopting Agile practices This book does not provide excuses to let you off the hook for doing good Agile because Salesforce development is different All Agile transformations have challenges and a Salesforce development team doing an Agile transformation is going to find it hard also So this book gives practical achievable tips to help Salesforce development teams along their path to Agile Sections named Tips Why not try Semantics and Resources really help to break down the content into calls to action that you can start with right nowRespect As usual it should start with oneself and of course extend to othersand do respect that nobody on the team should feel unappreciated or ignored It s about understanding that we are all capable independent and interdependent people with voices worth being heardRespect to you InesI highly recommend this book. Ch chapter begins with a real life example to illustrate a relatable scenario and concludes with practical easily implementable suggestions that you can try immediately and recommendations for further reading Be reassured by Ines’ warm style and years of experience; she knows what the real world is like and this book is your guide through

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