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This book is is orgeous Well curated The models are stunning Contains super useful info for recreating these looks such as the type of cosmetics used for each era of history setting patterns for hair styles that are clearly illustrated step by step instructions for achieving the looks and cosmetic colors that were popular by era There is a full chapter on just about every decade in the last 20th century with at least 6 8 different looks in each chapter Authentic representations not modern interpretations Tons of full color photography This is the book I have been looking for A much better tutorial that just about any other book out there This is what I was hoping I was The Making Of The Atomic Bomb getting when I ordered Dita VonTeese s book This book delivered Highly recommended Prettyood book however I am upset that there isn t a eual representation of women of color to include Hispanic and Asians There isn t any representation of black women until the 1970 s pg 220 It is still an interesting read and reference Purchased this as a Six-Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War gift and the recipient couldn t be happier I was able tolance through this before wrapping It s a lovely book well made The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and its Dangerous Legacy great information and beautiful photos Definitely recommend for those interested in makeup hairstyles and vintage looks when did the 90s become vintage Glad to see this carried on Im a collector for such books and this one is one of the best It is written by tow of the best makeup and hair artists in the world Im happy to own the book of these tow real ARTISTS I wish to know them personally and be a friend of them What a beautiful book If you are passionate or curious about timeless hair beauty and style through. By Louise Young and Loulia Sheppard 2018 Academy Award nominee for her hair and make up design on Victoria and Abdul 'If you haven't heard of Louise Young and are interested in period makeup or any makeup in fact then we highly recommend you check out her latest book' PIXIWOO The definitive step by stepuide to recreating the most striking make up and hair styles of the 20th century Timeless is a beauty bible for the olden.

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Kindle Download Timeless: A century of iconic looks – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Ose who are already familiar with make up and hair products rather than a beginner This would be an excellent resource for writers who are writing historical fiction If you want nice vintage looks and shortcuts to et there then this is your book the research is not really accurate but it is really helpful for a I need to do this right now The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb in the Words of Its Creators, Eyewitnesses, and Historians guide as well as an introduction to vintage styles not for the serious historian or re creator interpreter of historic make up recommended but not a bible Disappointed with the book was not as informative as expected Also included no detail or specifics of any hairskinmake up products used in any photo nor specific recommendations to accomplish a timeless look with recent products Pretty photos but no help in achieving similar results has someood points but not the best reference for period hair flavored than a true recipe And helpful too It will definitely help you recreate those timeless looks If only it could do it for you Some of that stuff is NOT easy This book is absolutely beautiful It is a very large Cyber-Warfare: And the New World Order (World War III Series Book 4) glossy volume filled with full colour photos throughout and is a journey of fashion make up hairstyles and female looks andlamour throughout history It is really upmarket in its presentation and incredible value for money Six stars for this book because five stars is not enough Bought for daughter who is doing a make up course Book very well presented with Chernobyl Prayer: Voices from Chernobyl (Penguin Modern Classics) good photography and descriptions of the main influences and make up types for each decade from 1920 up to 1990s Covers hair styles and the make up that was available at those times Wish the other books I d bought were all of this uality. E 1980s and beyond Accurate practical and beautiful this is the ultimateuide to the most classic looks of all time Between them Louise and Loulia have provided make up and hair styling for stars such as Scarlett Johansson Keira Knightley and Selma Hayek and on films including Victoria and Abdul Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Pride and Prejudice Florence Foster Jenkins Anna Karenina and The Duchess among many other.

Time don t miss thisThis is a thick The Sleepwalkers gorgeous hardback book The type you d want to have out on display It starts with a brief written and pictorial history about the early years including some Victorian era factsIt s then broken into chapters starting in the 1920 s all the way through to a chapter titled the 1980 s and beyondEach section has lots oforgeous full page full colour photographs featuring relevant hair styles and makeup of that era It The Great War: 1914-1918 gives you written instructions on recreating each style including what you ll need to have to hand eg Bobby pins hairspray This is accompanied with drawings of step by step instructionsIn my photographs for this review you can see page examples of the finished look with instructions with it There are some brief details about makeup like the colours of the era but if you want to really focus on vintage makeup others books are out thereWhether aift for your Grandma so you can talk about what styles she had a present for your sister who is vintage obsessed or for you keen to try timeless looks this is worth every pennyDefinitely not a book to hideaway now thentime to order some bobby pins hair curlers and hairspray and start practicing I sense lots of fun coming upHighly recommended and so much nicer that I had expected This book is beautiful So well done A fabulous table book if you have a beauty hair or photographic studio A must for any hairdresser or Mua full of pictures to follow Well done to all the team on putting together such a wonderful book This book has The Zimmermann Telegram great pictures and explanations of beauty products and styles This is auide to the styles rather than a how to book Suited for th. Ages of style from renowned film television and make up artist Louise Young along with Academy Award nominated film industry hairstylist Loulia Sheppard Step by step photography and clear concise instructions help you to recreate make up and hair looks from the past 100 years of beauty from the dark smouldering eyes of the jazz age flapper to the red lips and victory rolls of the 1940s right up to the electric colours of th.

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