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Do much better in terms of a book about the Series Beautiful in every way and so informative Thank you so much to the people who put it together I will treasure it for sure This is a gorgeous over sized book Chock full of photos on every page including many full age photos The photos range from publicity photos to screen grabs to rehearsal shots and everything in between It makes a great start with an introduction by Adam West written in 2015 which starts with You ve one it You ve one it Super Batfans Your love for the classic Batman has enabled me to celebrate over forty years of the same kind of regard or affection It never occurred to me all those years ago that I was creating a character for the screen that would withstand the test of timeWhat is good about this book is that it gives you lovely etails such as who came up with the Batpoles and how the series got made at all On the minus side you re given this information via minute Chocolate by Antonio Bachour: Print Replica details a memo of xxate from xx to xx etc which may sometimes bog Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection of Over 50 Recipes down the reading a bit But overall this book is a uick and enjoyable readTo round it off it includes a fun list of all the Holy xxx exclamations made throughout all the series Episode 1 had Holy Ashtray and Holy Barracuda One of my favorites is from the last episode Holy Roman Pressure Cookers Not exactly snappyThere s also an episode guide with very abbreviatedescriptions If nothing else this reminds you of the freuent punning in the episode titles The Impractical Joker The Sandman Cometh and The Catwoman GoethBatuiz of the trivia I learned from this book answers in a comment to the review1 The original Batmobile based on a Lincoln Futura weighed in at 5500 pounds True or False2 Madge Black who played Aunt Harriet had a favorite episode starring which sparkling bad guy3 Over 120 episodes someone usually Robin used the phrase Holy 200 times True or False4 There were a total of 33 Batclimbs All but 3 of them had a surprise guest open a window to talk to the Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafes of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague Revised Edition dynamicuo True or falseAs I m old enough to have seen Batman when it originally aired I had fun reading this bookHappy Reader. E can indulge in a My Thriving Kitchen: Learn to create healthy, yet decadent desserts from the creator of Thrive Wholesome Treats detailed and inepth look at the show that inspired generationsBATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and c DC Comicss.

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Epub online Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series BY au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Absolutely amazing book had to get my copy elsewhere as I purchased from a fraudulent marketplace seller unfortunately were good as gold with the refund but it was still frustrating Still as for the book itself it s absolutely amazing and essential for fans of the TV show The complete companion of the classic 1966 classic series Loads of photos information about every aspect of the show including trivia and guest star information Exceptional RECCOMENDED Love this book Loads of rate photos bw colour A must for all 1966 Batman series fans KAPOW If you watch this series as a kid as I Chocolate: Luscious recipes and expert know-how for biscuits, cakes, sweet treats and desserts did in the 70 s then you will love this book the photos are fantastic and reading first hand accounts of the actors and crew who worked on the series is amazing I only wish I was there I was around eight years old when the Batman series was first broadcast in the UK At that age I took it at face value while my parents forced to watch along with me nooubt chuckled at the camp humour played absolutely straight by the cast Now that I m an adult well age wise if nothing else I too can appreciate the comic undertones of the stories When the series came out on DVD a couple of years back I snapped it up and now along comes the perfect companion to the shows themselves This book is clearly a labour of love crammed with behind the scenes photos and The Chocolate Addict's Baking Book details of how Batman made the jump from comic book page to the screen The top villains are all here the Joker with actor Cesar Romero s moustache clearly visible under his white pancake makeup the Penguin the Riddler and threeifferent Catwomen There s a list of every single Holy exclamation by Robin my favourite is Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods and an episode guide A nice touch is that every chapter is introduced by a rhyming couplet just like the episode titles used to be on televisionIf you only know the current Ah, Fudge!: Tried and Tested Recipes for Fudge, Caramels, Nougats, and Marshmallows dark version of Batman you might find this book a bit strange But if like me you remember the brightly coloured antics of the TV incarnation you will love this volume Just make sure that the Bookwormoesn t get his hands on it My special. Batman A Celebration of the Classic TV Seriesis the efinitive book for all fans of the popular Sixties show Presented in a lavish hardcover edition the book featu.

Needs brother owns 2 of these books and reads them every week He loves Batman and they are very high uality I like reading them with him as they are very informative about the series Love this book Along with Facts And Stats From The Classic TV Show Book great companion to the DVD TV Series Set Highly recommend both books This hefty volume contains some great photos and some interesting text but I m isappointed that it overlooked the series regular supporting players including Neil Hamilton Alan Napier Stafford Repp and especially Madge Blake whose granddaughter provided access to the actress s personal notes and Batman scripts The authors omitted the granddaughter s name from the acknowledgments section which is awkwardly titled The family members of those that have passed on instead listing her simply as a researcher Also I noted that Ann Rutherford Dozier s name was misspelled in those creditsThose fans interested in the guest villains will find them well represented with oversized color photos etcI found that the particular font style of the narrative and its The Chocolate Addict's Baking Book double spacing made the bookifficult to read However your average Batfan will be pleased with the book Any fan of BATMAN will like this book It covers the Adam West Burt Ward series in GREAT Detail covering the Good Guys Bad Guys Tools Etc Color Pics and articles cover all parts of the show Anything you want to know about the show is here Very well The Sweet Book of Candy Making: From the Simple to the Spectacular-How to Make Caramels, Fudge, Hard Candy, Fondant… done Tons of beautiful behind the scenes photos along with many stories and memories from actors and crew A perfect addition to any Bat fan s collection I bought this as a lifelong fan of the Batman 66 tv show I was six years old when it aired originally and I was a huge fan instantly I had just started reading comic books which cost twelve cents at the time and could be had for six pop bottles returned for the two centeposit This book couldn t be any better It has many many bits of trivia interviews with major creative staff and the actors The perfect gift for that Baby Boomer in your family For the serious 1960s Batman aficionado this is a godsend I on t think you can. Res classic images rare stills photography and production art and serves as the ultimate tribute for fans of the seriesNow at long last collectors and Bat fans alik.

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