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online pdf Stickerbomb Skateboard: 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers AUTHOR Studio Rarekwai (SRK) – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Ifferent artists and designers It s a win win and you get a ton of great stickers at a very affordable price whilst many designer stickers sell for around a pound each I have bought every book they ve brought out some multiple times as I ve sed sequin star: 2000 - 2006 (The JonBenét Ramsey Story Book 1) up the sticker inside with this one being the last one I added to my collectionThis isnusual for Stickerbomb in that it only has about half the number of stickers as most of their books 150 and has fewer artists involved with a larger percentage of pages being given over to telling you about the designers The book is divided into a number of sections each dedicated to a skateboard designercompany and each section is dedicated to a few pages of stickers from that company There s a lot of famous designs like the Screaming Hand from Santa Cruz etc which skateboard fans will be familiar with but there are also lesser known subtle designs and the historiesinfo about the companies is very informative I BLACK STAR OVER BETHLEHEM III (JBR Book 3) usually throw away the books once I vesed p all the stickers as most only contain a brief prologueintroduction about the theme of the collection but I kept this one as it had a lot interesting contentAlso there are large stickers in the book than you find in most Stickerbomb volumesAll in all I m really pleased with this bookThe actua. Cruz to the innovative graphic led creations from Girl and Alien Workshop Stickerbomb Skate illustrates the central role that stickers have played in skate culture Including five legendary skate brands Alien

Good ality stickers but i was hoping they would range back to the 70s no Powell or PowerPaw etc THey should def do a vintage sticker book But as it is everyone should like a few of these Weather you think thats a good dealMaybe one for post year 2000 skater Bought this to decorate my daughter s skateboarding helmet Considering vinyl skateboard stickers cost around 1 each this was a cheap way of making her helmet look awesome The book is great with information about 5 iconic skateboard brands Would be nice to keep and not Remember Me: The gripping, twisty page-turner you won’t want to put down use the stickers My 10yr old lad loves this Pages of greatality stickers and nice background history on some of the top brands All in all we love it I have been a huge fan of Stickerbomb products since I was an adolescent and Behind The Words: A Logical and Satirical Guide to the Impossible Defense of Jodi Arias Volume II used to buy them when the stickers came in boxes rather than books They seemed way expensive back then but that could just have been because I was a kid with limited pocket money so savingp for Stickerbomb 1 and 2 was a big deal I really wish they d bring back some of the designs from those days I d definitely be interested in buying themOver a decade later and I m still buying Stickerbomb products I collect stickers and put them on EVERYTHING and Stickerbomb provides a very cost effective selection in a themed anthology by This new book of fully peelable stickers compiled by the Stickerbomb team brings together the best skateboard stickers both classic and new from the 1970s to today From Jim Philip's legendary drawings for Santa.

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L design of the stickers was less my thing than most Stickerbomb collections because I m into arty stickers than Skateboardbranding ones and all of these tend to prominently display the name of the company that designed them Also you get less stickers for your money despite the price tag being on the higher side for these sticker books Still it s full of really cool designs and I Witness for the Defense: The Accused, the Eyewitness, and the Expert Who Puts Memory on Trial used almost every one and it s a change from thesual Stickerbomb style Plus there s some interesting info for those who don t know as much about skater culture and the different companies behind itIf you re a skating fan or a sticker fan I can recommend this book However if you re not that into skating and just looking for some cool stickers to jazz p your home or belongings then I d probably recommend one of the other Stickerbomb books over this one I d suggest doing as I did and getting this one lastHowever it s still well worth a look though I probably won t be buying it twice like I have with the SB XL book or the Monsters oneIt really depends what you re into but SB tends not to disappoint Much than a mere sticker set the book is educational and makes for an interesting read The stickers are very artistic stylistic and cool Best sticker set on for skateboards Ideal as a complimentary gift. Orkshop REAL Toy Machine Girl and Santa Cruz and featuring interviews with key illustrators and artists; including Philips Ed Templeton and Mike Hill; this is an indispensable collection for any skate obsessive.

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