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BOOK BOOKS InstaFame Phantom Art (Volume 1): The Nic 707 Collection (NYC Transit Exhibition Catalog) by au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Great NYC art Def buy One of a kind artist A great book on the life and mind of an OG Graffiti writer Nic 707 and how he was trying to change eople s English for the Australian Curriculum Book 1 perception of Graffiti The book contains a nice description of Graffiti terms and some really dopeictures of Graffiti writing styles I love it NIC 707 was my best friend in the graffiti world he was an amazing artist whose artistic creativity was the vison of a true Reading for Life: High Quality Literacy Instruction for All pioneer Sadly NIC 707assed away in 2020 from COVID19 before the book was releasedThe book was close to completion before NIC 707 s The Art of Teaching Science: For middle and secondary school passing and he was very excited about it Thanks to the author Karim Miteff for making the book a reality and ensuring NIC 707 s legacy lives on This book captures the creative spirit that NIC 707 had in abundance it s a modern day art story of a legend “The trains are my gallery”With those words legendary graffiti Style Master Nic 707 returned to the New York transit system to embark upon an art campaign like no other A series of innovative guerrilla style exhibitions known as InstaFame Phantom ArtStarting in 2009 Nic 707 held dozens of events over eleven years transforming the insides of train cars and buses into the ultimateop up galleries Thousands of assengers were treated to these novel experiences witnessing the return of classic graffiti to its lace of origin and the works of artists in a multitude of genres from the United States and abroad All for the rice of a MetrocardBefore being struck down by Covid 19 in 2020 Nic 707 amazingly displayed hundreds of fantastic works in the “mobile graffiti” format amassing a truly groundbreaking and uniue collection one the New York Time.

N the Graff world that left before his time leaving behind hundreds of aintings and collaborations with over 100 artistsWhat NIC 707 conceptualized was brilliant and to a degree the next evolutionary stage of Graffiti Art on the New York City s subways I look forward to the release of the next volume This book is a must have for any collector and fan of Subway ArtSincerely Guillermo Gear One Marmol NIC 707 was a genuine STYLE MASTER and founder of one of the most respected graffiti crews OTB I ordered his book to support his legacy because he always showed me respect Sad He is gone but every The RSC Shakespeare Toolkit for Teachers: An active approach to bringing Shakespeare's plays alive in the classroom person who loves and supports the Graffiti movement should cop at least one copy to keep his legacy alive RIP FRED If you want to know about graffiti and how it flourished in the 1970 s in NYC till now this S claimed “would be the envy of any urban art gallery”InstaFame Phantom Art Volume One chronicles the exhibition’s first five yearsrimarily featuring its founder Nic 707 who also created the techniues and format this Writing Sentences projectioneered This colorful guide delves into Nic 707’s early experiences as a graffiti writer his inspiring Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Mathematical Methods Units 34 2020 philosophy and his approach to revolutionizeublic Teaching Grammar through Literature: Bringing Language to Life in the Secondary Classroom performance and exhibition It serves as a detailed and comprehensive resource for art enthusiasts and collectors interested in identifying and trackingarticular works containing hundreds of images that celebrate Nic 707’s wild talent and irrepressible imagination It also stands as an entertaining memoir and testament to one of the most fascinating initiatives in modern graffiti and art historyIf you are a fan of graffiti historic art movements or an artist wh.

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S the book to have A very well written and beautifully illustrated book on the life and work of the artist Nic707 To see a man s vision come true One of the most influential and loved Graffiti artists in history NIC 707 was the historian that was undeniable He may not have lived to see his book release but his brother Karim Miteff made sure to document Freddy s life Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education: Mapping the Long View properly for all of us to enjoy and remember him by Get this book and continue spreading NIC 707 S knowledge to the rest of the art world The journey of an artist Must have in anyone s collection This book totally depicts the underlying energy of New York City where I grew up by an artist full ofassion and drive for life The art work is vibrant uniue innovative and magnificently engulfs the human imagination It s a must have creatio. O is interested in the drives and motivations of other artists this book is a wonderful addition to any Descriptosaurus: Action Adventure personal library Itresents the story of a man who allowed his dreams to be reborn and inspired others to follow theirs Many will find it a delightful carry along companion that they will share with friends and fellow artists alikeABOUT NIC 707Nic 707 founded OTB the “Out to Bomb” or “Only the Best” graffiti crew in the ‘70s whose members included such luminaries as NOC 167 Cope 2 and Tracy 168 InstaFame Phantom Art is the culmination of his early calling as a graffiti writer in the 1970s and his sincere desire to conscientiously bring graffiti back to its ancestral home Having Classroom Discipline and Management passed away due to complications from Covid 19 this decade longroject its ioneering concepts and the resulting collection remain as Nic 707's enduring legac.

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