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Books Epub A Wrestling Life: The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

In the late 70 s Dan Gable s historic loss was legendary alreadyIt was interesting to read how his life developed and the journey wrestling took him onI now coach and used the book as a motivator along with stories of those I wrestled withUnlike other sports there are very few of those in life who wrestled as youth and did not become successful in lifeDan coined the hrase If you can wrestle you can do anything and became the embodiment of that This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world phraseThe writing style was easily to follow with each chapter being a stand alone mini story of its own Awesome book could notut it down x As a resident of Waterloo. What does it take to be an Olympic gold medalist and to coach a collegiate team to fifteen NCAA titles In A Wrestling Life The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable famed wrestler and wrestling coach Dan Gable tells engaging and inspiring stories of his childhood in Waterloo Iowa; overcoming the murder of his sister as a teenager; his sports career from swimming as a young boy to his earlies.

I think of Dan Gable as an example of the first John Deere tractor Just like it he showed the way to be a winner His stories are full of what made him a winner and if we applied his examples we can also win in our lives A great read for those who need to know that success comes from hard work There is no easy road to being happy and a winner We all lose some of the time we just need to keep trying I m not that familiar with wrestling but I briefly heard of Dan Gable through Tim Ferriss and then dug deeper into the life of Mr Gable and new I had to absorb some of that Grit that he displays Through this book I bel. T wrestling matches through the 1972 Olympics; coaching at the University of Iowa from the Banachs to the Brands; life changing friendships he made along the way; and tales of his family life off the mat A celebration of determination teamwork and the The Carbon Club: How a network of influential climate sceptics, politicians and business leaders fought to control… persevering human spirit A Wrestling Life captures Gable's methods andhilosophies for reaching individual greatness as well as the in.

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Ieve I have done that by him distilling where he gets his motivation from and why you have to train both hard and SMART Liked how it wasn t in chronological order and it went back and forth Short brief chapters make it a east read that you can always go back to when needing that extra bit of gritNow ready to run Marathon Des Sables I was fortunate to be at IOWA when he was coaching I met him a few years ago at a speaking engagement and the intensity of this man has not diminished The book is great for fans coaches and athletes How to motivate train and For the Love of Soil: Strategies to Regenerate Our Food Production Systems prepare for competition I wish he was still coaching at IOWA. Credible amount of fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from working asart of a team Whether we are athletes or not we all dream of extreme success and are all looking to make our future the best it can be but along the way we will undoubtedly need time to recover and rejuvenate Let these stories inspire you to find your Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail: The Diary of a Country Vet path to strength and achievement along whateverath you ta.

Dan Gable on A Wrestling Life: The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable