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Perienced etc In physical and also technical ability We ve been taking our two kids 108 on these trail rides and they re pretty dang tough rides Builds character but just a word of warning not scaled w young kids in mind IMO Well worth the price though great book Great tour of some of California s finest mountain biking trails Well described good directions for getting to the trailhead My only complaint is that the author is in such good shape that his ratings of difficulty don t work for mere mortals like me His idea of intermediate is my idea of a very challenging ride With that noted I recommend the book it s a great guide and Tahoe MTB trails do not disappoint. Ch with a topographical map directions to trailheads trip distance suggested season difficulty ratings a fitness intensity rating suggested routes options and trail descriptions formatted as mileage logs easy to reference at a glance while out on a ride.

Good book that gives you an idea about where to ride in Tahoe Two things are missing elevation profile of the ride and details about how technical trails really are For each ride the book gives you a classification among beginner intermediate advance expert but very little description about whether the trail is rocky smooth with roots how steep etc This p to date 2017 trail guide is a must have for anyone planning a mountain biking vacation to Tahoe CA The book ses an easy to follow format There are seven major geographical areas where trails are delineated Each trail has an easy to read summary of trail type distance elevation fitness intensity etc followed by. Northern California is known as the birthplace of mountain biking and Tahoe is its most famous destination The 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail TRT circumnavigates the sparkling blue lake along the spine of the Sierra and Carson Ranges that circle it and serves.

READ ONLINE Mountain Bike Tahoe: 50 Select Singletrack Routes – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

An overview a map and specific directions for locating the trail head A detailed mileage log is provided followed by additional options to connect to other trails or to make longer loops Thanks to a local mountain biker I became aware of the vast resource of multi seTahoe mountain bike trails This book is way better than the multitude of Tahoe hiking books that never seem to hit the mark for the day hiker Checked this book out from the library sed it for a few rides then had to just buy it the author did a great job There was one ride which it was hard to follow but it was way out in BFE and it was probably just my issue Also the book grades rides as beginner ex. As the backbone of Tahoe's intricate trail skeleton Over its course numerous other trails and roads intersect the TRT creating endless options for loops of various lengths point to point rides and all day epics Mountain Bike Tahoe features 50 routes ea.

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