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Would be fantastic lthough viewing the photos of manuscripts is necessary I thinkDespite the collouial style Hamel A Place Called Home: Look Inside Houses Around the World as you would expect professor of Cambridge really knows his stuff But he tells you in Kids' Survival Guide: Practical Skills for Intense Situations a way that he expects you not to knownything in The Big Earth Book a non patronising waynd explains well little secrets of the Manuscripts His passion for his work really comes through At the Seaside Activity Book: Includes more than 300 Stickers and this isn insight into My Holiday Scrapbook a different world Medieval Europe or Anglo Saxon England so unknown to usnd yet Travel Games Pad a lot is relevant to human natureOne minor point is sometimes the text refers to picture Boredom Buster a few pageshead or behind which means you have to flick backwards Alfie on Holiday and forwards but this is minor criticisms My only other criticisms which The Big World of Fun Facts aren t even criticisms but suggestionsre please include photos The Magic Carpets Guide to Earth's Forbidden Places: See the world's best-kept secrets and please Mr Hamel writenother book Oh Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been? I've Been to Paris and Guess What I've Seen... and this shouldlso be made into n udiobook narrated by Mr Hamel himself especially Where's Wally? The Totally Essential Travel Collection as the size makes it near impossible for commute read for those who like to do that unless you get the paperback version which is not recommended for the reasons I Heart the World: A Celebration of Land, Sea, Flora, Fauna and People around the Globe above This book is wonderful exhibition of The World's Cutest Animal Colouring Book artistryn engaging string of mystery stories Follow the Line Around the World a tour of period of European history First Words - French and reference volume for readers even casually interested in medieval manuscripts The My Travel Journal author introduces series of manuscripts in much the way Diamonds Are For Never: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery International Adventure Series Book 2 a journalist would interview series of important or notorious public figures setting the physical This Is My World and political scene of the interviewnd then interweaving physical description of the manuscript with little Vámonos a Bogotá adventures into historynd often with Minecraft Book: The Unknown Quest 3: Order of Obsidian: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel an enticing mysterybout the book He manages to touch on topics from classical Greek Incredible Journeys: Discovery, Adventure, Danger, Endurance authors to movable type printing from Charlemagne s court to monastery scriptoria to the rise of the commercial book trade without ever losing his enthusiasm focus or narrative thread He does take timet the beginning to introduce some technical vocabulary VÁMONOS: Havana and nomenclature but it is done clearlynd in the service of his later story telling If you enjoy looking Australia: Travel for kids: The fun way to discover Australia (Travel Guide For Kids) at old manuscripts love calligraphy or illustrationnd Secrets of Disneyland: Weird and Wonderful Facts about the Happiest Place on Earth aren tlready Bigfoot Goes Back In Time: A Spectacular Seek and Find Challenge for All Ages! a palaeographer or if youre just looking for First Baby Days: On the Move: A pull-tab book to help your baby focus a really engaging romp through medieval European history this book is wonderful Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids adventure This isn outstanding close up of twelve illuminated manuscripts by King Arthur of Great Britain: A Tale for Tiny Travellers a true subject matter expert Mr De Hamel knows thert knows the history Let's Explore... Jungle and provides the delightful detailsnd idiosyncrasies of the reading rooms of the great libraries of the world that hold these cherished objects His chapter layout sweeps you from the earlier middle Bear Grylls Survival Skills: Maps and Navigation: 1 ages to the renaissance outlining the development of European civilization in the process Helso traces the survival of the manuscripts themselves which in many cases First Words - Mandarin: 100 Mandarin words to learn appears to be miracle or n ccident too Unuestionably my number one book of the year ExcellentA very fine insight into Alphabet Street a world most of usre unfamiliar with by What A Waste: Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet a scholar of real substancend clarity Not uite Freedom Train as rivetings the blurb would have you believe but fascinating nonetheless The insights into the history The Turnip and craft surrounding his selected books that de Hamel brings to the book makes it stand headnd shoulders Maisy's House And Garden abovenything that ventures into the same waters The Curious Garden and theyre few Water Balloon Wars (A funny adventure for children ages 9-12) and far between This book is remarkable Christopher de Hamel is dear friend for over 30 years Maisy Goes to London and Im honored to know someone who combines erudition with Jill and the Steeplechaser (The Jill Book 4) accessibility in his many studies of manuscripts creativitynd the obsessive pursuit of these treasures This book combines these topics in Becoming a Witch (Book Six): A Formidable Foe (Unofficial Diary of a Minecraft Witch) a uniuend readable way For most of us mortals YOUR KIND OF WIFE: BUILDING VIRTUES IN YOUR WOMAN actual contact with these rarencient books is simply impossible We settle for photographs high priced facsimiles or Scooper and Dumper an exhibition in darkened room with mere moments in front of Hope Ignites: A Post-apocalyptic Family Adventure (Shattered Sunlight Book 3) an original manuscript So here were taken by the hand into the librarymuseum How Does My Fruit Grow? admonished by L historynd Home about the modern world too In so doing de Hamel introduces us to kings ueens saints scribesrtists librarians thieves dealers Belonging and collectors He traces the elaborate journeys that these exceptionally preciousrtifacts have made through time My Big Wimmelbook: My Busy Day and shows us how they have been copied how they have been embroiled in politics how they have been regardeds objects of supreme beauty Doll's House Sticker Book Country House ands symbols of national identity Maisy's Digger Shaped Board Book and who has owned them or lustedfter them nd how we can tell From the earliest book in medieval England to the incomparable.

Free Epub Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts: Twelve Journeys into the Medieval World ´ Christopher de Hamel – u.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Meetings with Remarkable ManuscriptsC de HamelI got the e book Dear Evan Hansen after hearingn interview with the It's My Body: A Book about Body Privacy for Young Children author on pod castTop bookIt is written with Girls Book: Puberty, Periods and all that stuff! GIRLS ONLY!: How Will I Change? For Girls aged 7 to 13 a wry humor theuthor really does know manuscripts Super Shamlal - Living and Learning with Pathological Demand Avoidance (K.I. Al-Ghani children's colour story books) and takes youlong with him exploring the history of both the manuscript Worldshaker and the times it was producednd where The Silver Donkey and how it is now keptAfter reading the e book I was going to get hard copy for myself but first I booked out the hard copy from my local library Meet Polkadot as I wanted to have good look A Big Hug Book: Life is Like the Wind at the illustrations of the manuscripts described in the book so glad I dids I was very disappointed with the uality of printing of the illustrations very mediocre The Huge Bag of Worries: The Huge Bag of Worries almosts if they were done in the early 1930 s Speak and this was first Train Your Dragon To Do Hard Things: A Cute Children’s Story about Perseverance, Positive Affirmations and Growth… attemptt colour book printing or the print house was using their new mud lens to take the photosSo if you have even SISTERS a passing interest in manuscripts you will Im sure enjoy reading this book Might just wait for the second printing if you go for the hard copy Train Your Dragon To Do Hard Things: A Cute Children's Story about Perseverance, Positive Affirmations and Growth… and hopefully by then they will have sorted out the print ualityThe writing is brilliant only four stars from me because of the poor print uality of the illustrations in the printed edition It s not often one comescross such Legend a superbly well written book Hamelin has deceptive lightness of touch he knows these manuscripts s few ever will but his style is open nd full of humour highly informative nd uirky learned but never intimidating It takes time to read nd it repays the effort For me the most powerful chapters were focused on the very early manuscripts the Gospels of St Augustine Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orisha) and the Book of Kells There is sense of Ruby’s Worry: A Big Bright Feelings Book almost personal encounter with these distant voicess they came to terms with their relationship with Christianity particularly in the light of the collapse of the civilised Roman world which had produced itIt brought to mind my own first reading of Bede s young Oxford student Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food and the excitement of struggling through the medieval Latin real struggle in my case to see the world in the terms of the monks writing in their scriptoria in Jarrow It's Kind of a Funny Story and Lindisfarne It opened up my sense of the historical mennd women with very recognisable characters grappling with Finn's Feather an inexplicablend very threatening worldThe later chapters Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family arelso very revealing For me the chapter on Chaucer was of most interest To see some of the very earliest manuscripts brought to life recalled my own first encounter with The Canterbury Tales s n A level student Again this is not easy language to engage with What If We Were All The Same!: A Children's Book About Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion and it s great shame it has largely disappeared from the UK school curriculum but there cannot be many better ways to understand the 14th century than through the stories of ChaucerThis is one of the best books I ve read over the past decade It is beautifully produced elegantly written Little Brother and completely engaging Buy it read it perhaps by the fires Different is NOT Bad: A Dinosaur's Story About Unity, Diversity and Friendship. (4) a retreat fromutumnal rain Stella by Starlight and windnd preferably with good malt whisky nd lose yourself with some of the most beautiful texts ever produced For context I know nothing My Totally Off-Limits Best Friend: A YA Sweet Romance (Sweet Mountain High, Year 2: A Sweet YA Romance Series) about Manuscriptsnd don t tend to read non fiction but based off rave reviews I AM A BIG BROTHER and the fact that the book is beautifulnd well made I decided to give it Bedtime Stories For Kids: Elena And the Bicycle A Children's Book about Friendship, Sharing and Social skills (Short… a goIt s beautiful book I m referring to the hardcover s nother reviewer mentions don t bother with the paperback completely different level of uality size is small so you can t ppreciate the photos of manuscripts s well The Unadoptables as other illustrationsnd most nnoyingly ll photosillustrations Mary Has the Best Pet: School of Monsters (Volume 1) are in blacknd white Little Miss Sunshine V4: Mr Men and Little Miss and the paper uality is noticeably lowernd Hamel writes The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey almosts n udiobook style like he is your friend having My First Book Of Feminism (for Boys) a chat with youbout his latest Skellig adventure going off to museum in Italy or America My Nanny Loves Me: A Picture Book for Young Children and Grandparents; Boy Version (Personalized Grandparent Books for… and so onnd what he has seen The Things I Love About Birthdays and got up to there The language is unfussynd untechnical Maisy Goes On Holiday and really Hamel should do podcast or Maisy Goes To The Museum audiobook of this because I think it. An extraordinarynd beautifully illustrated exploration of the medieval world through twelve manuscripts from one of the world's leading expertsWinner of The Wolfson History Prize Jon Klassen's Hat Box and The Duff Cooper PrizeA San Francisco Chronicle Holiday Book Gift Guide Pick Meetings with Remarkable Manuscriptsis captivating examination of twelve illuminated manuscripts from the medieval period Noted His Ex-Wife authority Christopher de Hamel invites the reader into intimate conversations with these texts to explore what they tell usbout nearly thousand years of medieva.

He curator what is OK NO nail polish NO djustment of the stands NO touching without Episode 3: Dream Crusher: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Springdale Bulldogs Year 1: Age 15) a surgical scrub satt The Boy in the Dress a tablend given I am an Aspie Girl: A book for young girls with autism spectrum conditions a 30 million dollar book to lookt We learn to study the history the construction the meanings My Friend With Autism: Enhanced Edition and the variantss we explore the scribbles the calligraphy the painting the binding everything He makes it fascinating like The Hatmakers a psycho historical profile of famous person Yet he never is condescending or over The Kissing Booth academic You go through the tour likettending Everything, Everything a partynd talking to series of special hosts I proudly read the entire book several times nd will freely say it is unlike Can I tell you about ADHD?: A guide for friends, family and professionals any other book on the subjectll of which study the material from only n rt historical viewpoint Very uniue Wonderful text the book is 9 14 by 6 14 inches which is one of the few cons this size is too small to illustrate the manuscripts The best binding Dare You to Chase the Soccer Player (Rock Valley High Book 5) and the pagesre durable The Night Diary and heavy weighted The very best part is theuthorship information on the libraries Peter and the individual histories combined with illustrationsphotos Therere 59 pages that contain Fancy Nancy a remarkable biography notesnd n ppendix Read The Book of Kells chapter first Sneezy the Snowman and found the information entertaining informativend complete This text is One Final Vinyl a compact interesting book of many manuscriptsnd I Donut Go Breaking My Heart: A Wish Novel am very pleased that I purchased this remarkable meetings book There is no way to know from the preview seeings only The Boy at the Back of the Class a very brief Kindle preview isvailable that the paperback edition of this otherwise splendid book is Dare You to Resist the Bull Rider (Rock Valley High Book 4) a travesty With the exception of mere 16 page insert of images in color the book is entirely printed in black The Secrets We Keep and whiteI purchased this book month or so Knife Edge: Noughts Crosses, Book 2 ago intending to read its Adorkable a reward to myself when I finished major project I was disappointed that the book was much reduced in size the guts of many softcover versions of books Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons are identical to the hardcover versions but I didn t evenllow myself to crack open the covers Social Skills Activities for Kids: 50 Fun Exercises for Making Friends, Talking and Listening, and Understanding Social… afraid that I d want to dive in rightway After seeing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and flipping through copy of the gorgeous hardback Italian version in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated Edition a Roman bookstore the other day one I presume closely matches the hardback version in English I opened my paperback copy Why on earth wouldnyone want to read Christopher de Hamel s wonderful text without being Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection able to see the manuscript pages in full colorI doubt it s worth the cost to send this copy back to I ll be looking for hardback copy elsewhere Sorry but I mngry with you The Baby-Sitters Club at the moment I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is very clearly writtennd in n ccessible style with care taken to explain Windows any occasional technical terms whichrise I note that some reviewers disliked the uantity of background information The Midnight Gang about the manuscripts plus the descriptions of theuthor s visits to their current locations I found the former very interesting part of the provenance of such manuscripts which can shed light on why they were made for whom P is for Potty! (Sesame Street) (Lift-the-Flap) and thus what theyre intended to convey The latter did highlight the difference between the circumstances for which the items were produced Rachel's Day in the Garden: A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book and those they exist in today ie flagging up the de contextualization which occurs when something is viewed in museum De Hamel does The Baby-Sitters Little Sister afterll entitle his book meetings with remarkable manuscriptsI have studied Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts! a very littlebout medievalearly modern manuscripts but most of those included here I had not come It's Not the Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends (The Family Libr acrossnd was fascinated In Where's Teddy? addition I thought I greatly preferred pre C 1516th manuscripts but readingbout for example the Spinola Hours It's Okay To Make Mistakes and having really good look Where Did I Come From?: An Illustrated Childrens Book on Human Sexuality at the plates has modified my view One canlways do with coloured plates but I thought here there was Breathe Like A Bear: 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere a very good selection sensibly located near the relevant textnd thank heaven large enough to have Guts a really good look I loved in particular the chapters on Hugh Pictornd on the Hours of Jeanne de Navarre I really hope there is What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming OCD a seuel. Book of Kells to the oldest manuscript of the Canterbury Tales these encounters tell narrative of intellectual culture What Makes A Baby andrt over the course of Boy's Potty Time a millennium Two of the manuscripts visitedre now in libraries of North America the Morgan Library in New York Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff: an empowering children's book about responsibility (Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too 2) and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles Part travel book part detective story part conversation with the reader Meetings with Remarkable Manuscriptsallows us to experience some of the greatest works ofrt in our culture to give us My First Yoga: Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Babies and Toddlers a different perspective on historynd on how we come by knowledg.

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