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Ebook Online The Spirit of the Sword: Iaido, Kendo, and Test Cutting with the Japanese Sword – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

I am not classically trained as there are no swordsmanship teachers in my area and I acknowledge that am pretty ntalented when it comes to the sword but with that being said this book gave me some insights in to the art of the sword and helped me progress in terms of techniue though considering my previous level of swordsmanship this isn t saying much but to a beginner this should definitely be Trial Advocacy and Criminal Law Practice useful As a student of batto do this book is an essential purchase for any student seeking to expand thiernderstand of the Japanese sword Classic in its field the author spends a great deal of time describing the different characteristics of many different blades highlighting which will be Fighting for Truth: A Trial Lawyer's Insight into What It Takes to Win useful depending on your size strength experience andsageie a mid range iaito might be good to start iaidokata with but as your techniue improves and higher The Devil's Advocates: Greatest Closing Arguments in Criminal Law uality blade will be better for you maybe even moving onto shinken not recommended for anyone below 3rd dan despite what some instructors pushthe author also is keen to see anification of the different sword styles as they are all part of the sameif all you do is kendo then your sport. Test cutting as a test of technical and spiritual mastery The Spirit of the Sword first published in Japanese in 1980 now translated into English for the first time is regarded by many as the most complete of Nakamura's writings on Japanese swordsmanship Here Nakamura instructs the reader on the integration of iaido kendo and tameshigiri;

The Japanese sword fascinates many A lot of people also take the further step of finding a school to study it in The real thing however is hard to find even in Japan where so much is clouded in tradition and lack of realism Nakamura Sensei is the probably the last of the real swordsmen who taught a martial art and not a sport or dance Anyone who trains in a sword art MUST read this book for proper insight into Japanese swordsmanshipThe book itself does not aim to teach but provides insight based on actual combat experience The fact that the author shares a lot of his personal experiences offers instruction than gold can buy I only hope a Hardcover edition will be released at some point A leather bound edition should be in a every swordsman s library An excellent book on iaido tameshigiri various techniues history of Japanese sword fighthing and much This book is great and very explanatory of its content Moreover it contains images of each move included in slow motion photographyI highly recommend it to everyone who would like to self train for the Japanese swordPS start with wooden training swords or you WILL hurt yourself. Nakamura Taisaburo's landmark book on the art of the sword includes technical information thoughtful analysis and fascinating recollections of his own training and teaching One of the most famous Japanese swordsmen of the twentieth century Nakamura sensei is widely acknowledged as the preeminent reinvigorator of the practice of tameshigiri.

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Ing ability on the techniues you are allowed to se based on the current rules will be good but your overall sword techniue will be badeually if all you do is iaido kata you will never be able to prove your cuts are noteworthy they may sound good in thin air but without putting it into practice with regular tamashigiri then you will never get the instant feedback of a good or bad cutthis book is a very interesting read that throws away the politics of different associations and gets to the heart of the matter that by buyingreading this book YOU are interested in learning about the sword and not the petty restrictions made by shallow minded people the author is very critical of bad techniue he has witnessed over the years despite the world level competition due to the petty politics and bad teaching Excellent book highly recommended I have been practising Iaido in the UK for 26 years and I also refit swords I could have saved hours of my life experimenting in both fields had I found this book years agoDavid Collins Anyone interested in iaido should read this book it is writen by one of the modern master who pulls no punches. He correct mental approach to sword practice; training methods; numerous kata or forms; a guide to sword maintenance; and historical notes on the se of the sword as a weapon Illustrated with over 800 original photographs this book is a must have for any student of the Japanese sword and an excellent resource for sword enthusiasts in genera.

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