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Ojects which are presented in the book I was unable to complete the work as instructed using the tools I have The micro motor and hand tools are not able to to perform the tasks As the book is about power ngravers I am sure the new tool and the book will add new skills to help me improve my work to a higher level Once I get the new tool and practice I will be able to review the book fully and completelyAnd will apply the proper ratting at that time Have you Just Ignore Him ever marveled at the fine carvings on the stocks of rifles and wondered how they re done If you answered Yes then purchase this book and prepare to be walked step by step through the most intricate of designs withxcellent photography and superbly written Revolution explanations Well worth the purchase price Awesome Book I read reviews on this book and visited his web site where I purchased Bills DVD His book covers the necessary steps to start carving but wish there was than the step. Els can learn this process from start to finish with this new book by Bill JanneyThis book providesverything a carver needs to get started in the art of gunstock carving The author offers an overview on the special tools reuired a reference section on gunstocks and wood a step by step demonstration in full colo.

This is a style book about one craftsman and how he approaches the art of carving a gunstock I purchased it for carving knife handles and wanted a way to learn that was laid out and presented in a clear and concise formatThis book does just thatThis is NOT a carving book of traditional methods or philosophies it is the Janney s way his philosophy and how he does itBUY this book to learn Bill Janneys method of carving a stock DO NOT buy this book to learn to carve traditionally or checkerFor me it met my needs But I did the research before buying so I knew this was the method I wanted to learn Traditionalists and purists may not appreciate the techniues but then again the results are the thing most folks see Not the right design s for my project great book I found this book gave great information as to what can be done with high speed air tools However I am waiting for my new Vortex ngraver to see if I am able to complete the pr. The specialized art of carving gunstocks is very popular with both hunters and crafters Many hunters commission artists to carve an image replicating a successful hunt on their gun or rifle which is then displayed to commemorate their catch This type of woodcarving can be very lucrative and now carvers of all lev.

By step on the actual carving of animals I was shocked when I watched his DVD because he use a power carver as well as the turbo carver when I xpected just turbo carving It seem that all of these authors hawk their own wares such as tool to use Also in the DVD he uses a different basket weave than he illustrates in his book I guess I am kind of reviewing the book as well as the DVD but no where in the book does he us a vibrating power carver and I do not mean the rotary carver This is a pretty good book Most photographs are good There are occasional descriptions that reuire some thought to unravel What is particularly well done is a step by step description of creating a fish scale and basket weave pattern Eually well done is a description of creating leaves The book offers some purchase options of uipment used by Janney The book you have won t be up to date most likely Check the author s web site for DVD or personal instruction. R photography and over 25 patterns includingDeerElkDuckHunting DogsRamsBig Game Elephants Rhinoceros Lions and GazelleAnd The patterns are meant to be photocopied and placed on the gun providing a traceable outline to following while carving Also included are patterns forBasketweave backgroundFishweave background.

epub book Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide to Carving and Engraving Gunstocks (Fox Chapel Publishing) BY Bill Janney – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk


A retired electrician Bill Janney has a full time gunstock carving business His work has been displayed at the SHOT Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show held in Dallas Texas the Ward World Championship Carving Competition in Ocean City Maryland and featured in Chip Chats and Rifle magazines Bill has also produced videos and appeared on a PBS TV program called American Woodshop A blue ribbon winner and Paragraves Master Carver Bill teaches carving around the United States He lives in Middletown Ohio A schedule of his classes and other information is on his website BillJanneycom

Bill Janney8 on Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide to Carving and Engraving Gunstocks (Fox Chapel Publishing)