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Great This book is a collection of comments about the making of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David Talks about the show and has uotes by the actors but all taken and complied from other interviews Nothing in this book is from actual interviews done by the author It s an OK ead but save your money Pretty good interesting informative and inspiring Color by Number Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Relaxing Coloring Pages read Fantastic uick delivery Looked like New My partner loved it This was a uickie job just choosing bits from interviews and articles for the most part Hastily done and it shows Pretty pretty average This book basically just goes over the episodes of curb It started off ok but the whole second half of the book Readers can’t curb their enthusiasm for Pretty Pretty Pretty Good As a comedian then producer of Seinfeld and subseuently the creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David cultivated a fanatical following In his early stand up days if he walked on stage and didn’t like the crowd he would walk off Together with Jerry Seinfeld he pitched NBC on a sitcom where nothing happens A whole show could be about waiting in line at a Chineseestaurant And someh.

Book I took a flier on it as a fan like everyone of the outstanding series Unfortunately it s basically a hack job padded out with summaries of the episodes no inside information as to the creation of the show or interesting analysis of the shows themselves I have come across a couple of intelligent books on Seinfeld such as the BFI one but I am still waiting for a decent Curbs book This is the second one I have now wasted money on I have seen all CURB episodes twice So I found this book a welcoming informational guide It was a pleasure to The Big Happy Vintage Easter Coloring Book for Adults: 50+ Fun Coloring Pages of Vintage Easter Cards and Scenes with… recall episodes as the author gave side notes opinions and detailed scenes This for all of us curbside fans and bald brethre. He hearts of TV watchers Follow the early exploits of Larry’s stand up career his days writing for Seinfeld and learn how Curb was conceived and developed Pretty Pretty Pretty Good ― titled after Larry’s key catchphrase ― also explores Larry’s on and off screenelationships with famous pals like Richard Lewis Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen and the cast of Seinfeld and contains an in depth episode guide to the first seven seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

As literally a blow by blow description of every episode of every season I could have just watched them all again and gotten much enjoyment this is a very good back ground book which gives the history of how the series came about with the second half of the book covering each epsiode in the order they are shown As someone who is almost obessed with CURB i didnt think the book would have been much good for me as i know pretty pretty pretty as much as there is to know about the series i was wrong some very good background with some very interesting facts i would 50 NIGHTTIME MANDALAS: A Beautiful, Soothing, and Artistic Adult Coloring Book, Featuring 50 Intricate and Unique… recomend this book for the devoted fan or even only the curious one The series certainly but not this. Ow Seinfeld became the most successful comedy show of all time After nine years of writing and producing Seinfeld and after making a huge amount of money Larry David began to create a new show for HBO Without much separation between himself and the character he played Curb Your Enthusiasm followed the dailyoutines of Larry David Being politically correct was far from Larry’s mind and the audience cringed as he berated tormented and blustered his way into

Ebook Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good: Larry David and the Making of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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