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I now have orderd and received my 3rd Bennett Klein Colour My SketchBook and I am just as n love with t f not than the first twoI love how each and every picture Child of God is so vastly different from one another The grayscale tones spot on not to light and not to dark The paper uality Jubal Sackett (Sacketts Book 4) is accepting of all mediums but as always you should place card stock underneath for any bleed through especiallyf you are leaving the pages The Hunt For Piper Oberg intactn the bookThe only problem The Riverboat Series: A Historical Western Series is deciding which picture to tackle first I can t wait till the 4thnstallment Blood Meridian is released to see whats lurking Rocky Mountain Saint Box Set (Books 1-5) (Rocky Mountain Saint Boxset Book 1) in Mr Klein s mind next I love part 1 and 2 I am sitting on my front porch waiting for the mail to bring me part 3 today Bennett Klein coloring books are superbly top notchthe gray scales done perfectly The paper No Country for Old Men is kinda thin but I just use my colored pencils and that actually looks better than the gel pens which may bleed throughyou won t be making any mistakes by buying these books HAPPY coloring Absolutely stunning artworkt s just such a shame that U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - You Think I Shot Him: Tales of the Old West Book 41 insist on ruiningt by using such bad uality paper The aet Caleb Johnson: Mountain Man: The Last Wagon Train: A Frontier Western Adventure (A Mountain Life Western Adventure Book… is so good bought Calamity Jane 7: Cut One, They All Bleed (A Calamity Jane Western) it anyway thought s single sided and book Calamity Jane 8: Calamity Spells Trouble (A Calamity Jane Western) is cheap enough to take to bit so you can colour with whatever medium you like without ruining the rest ofmages One of my favourite artists The grayscale helps to shade and highlight and brings out the artist Deputy Sheriff Fergus Murphy: (The Murphys of El Paso - Book 2) in each of us Heres one of my colourings I love love love to color What I love about coloring s the stress relief the creativity and the beautiful pictures I get to create What I hate about coloring Cheap paper. Greyscale.

Pleas please please charge a little for the coloring book and print your artwork on better uality paper I have never seen a review saying I like cheap paper to color on so this book was exactly what I was looking for It really sucks the enjoyment out of coloring when I have to fight to get my colored pencils to lay down right I suppose this paper s fine Any Other Name: A thrilling instalment of the best-selling, award-winning series - now a hit Netflix show! (A Walt… if you use markers but for colored pencilst sucks And I use good Faber Castell pencils Bennett Klein s sketches are top notch After coloring the very first sketch I am hooked Each book gets better and better Anyone who loves adult coloring will love Bennett s sketchbooks He makes Letter for Gene it very easy to follow the lights darks and shadows of the pictures His sketches are kind of uirky which I love I liked the other twon the series and this was no exception yes the paper Rural Romance Collection is thin but themages are lovely something for everyone and a worthy follow up to the other two books The Time-Traveling Texan if you liked the other two you wont be disappointed subject matterncludes foxe I ve been wanting to try greyscale for a while now Based on reviews and the type of artwork done Off the Grid (Joe Pickett Book 16) in this book I chose this to be my first The arts stunning The drawings are so well done with fine attention to the detail I ll post some photos of my finished colorings once completedA small sampling of my coloring fun Well what can I say about Bennett I LOVE THIS MANI have all his books and they are just fab and the artist himself The Water Dancer is wonderful We have a FB group and hes on the group and The Keepers of the House is so supporting and generous hes just amazing The book IS grayscale but ts. Adult colo.

Very light so ts really easy to color Another great book from this author I really enjoy coloring these grayscale books This The Underground Railroad: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2017 is my third grayscale book from this artist Again there are fun and uirkymages as well as the tattoo type of The Good Lord Bird: A Novel image I like both types ofmages as they are fun to color and not like my usual flower and animal books Like his other book the The Happy Valley (Kenya Series Book 2) images are printed on light weight non perforated paper Themages are single sided but can easily be cut out of the book for coloring or display As with his other book and most CreateSpace books I find that pencils work best for me with the occasional gel Golden Poppies: A Novel ink pen accent If using wetter mediums you will certainly need to put a sheet of paper between pages to avoid bleed through The pencils lay down pretty smooth and the results are prettynteresting Another great coloring experience from Bennett Klein Includes some Black Leopard, Red Wolf: Dark Star Trilogy, Book 1 iconic one of a kindmages mouse victor carrying dragon s head The Invention of Wings iguana eating a fairy flowerhead woman cradling bee fairy bubble bath with roses pirouetting penguins mouse ridden by fairy T Rex dragon with angel cross eyed fox octopus clock and cape buffalogiraffe couple Drawn with awesome detail greyscale reallymproves results Only down side these books don t have perforated pages Dedication Deacon King Kong: CHOSEN BY BARACK OBAMA AS A FAVOURITE READ includes Frank Frazetta all time greatest fantasy artist amazing greyscale drawings for an avid fan of adult colouring Themages are sublime and the book s full of beautifully drawn oddities A refreshing change from colouring books full of butterflies patterns and the like More of the same pleas. Uring book.

Colour My Sketchbook 3 Ï ONLINE BY au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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