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(BOOK ☆ Relentless: 12 Rounds to Success) author au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

An enjoyable read from one of boxing s best romoters There is a lot of information on Eddie s life growing up but the book mainly focusses on the business element of the sport with lots of tips on how you can implement certain things he talks about in your own life He does touch on some of the big fights but I suspect we will get detail on that in a future book I am liking it so far and know I will take away life lessons I think of myself as a bit of a salesman so it is the ideal book for myselfOnly thing I don t like is the grammar Starts aragraphs with As one too many times for my liking Also at the beginning of the book on age xiii One sentence has been started with but I would never do that and that s wasn t how I was taught but and and are extension words to be used in a sentence Usually rather then using a comma Also he used God in lowercaseMaybe its because I am a Christian but when saying God it should always be in uppercase Overall a really good book would recommend It s an interesting approach the motivational mixed with life experiences but it didn t ui. 1064.

Te work for meThe book I found to be a little bit repetitive as if the concept of 12 rounds has been decided at the start and Hearn now needs to fill the chaptersI read a fair amount of books this is okay it s not exceptional or even above average which is a shame because Hearn is someone who I find entertaining and interesting my hopes were much higher Completed in 6 hours Feeling The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently: Quit cigarettes for good with this groundbreaking method (Penguin Health Care… pumped Great read Not what I was expecting but it s a decent read Gives a great in depth insight into how he s become so successful in his respective field despite setbacks that may have demoralised others sent them off the beaten track It s insightful inspiring also serves as a great self help guide for anyone in any field Bought this book for my son who lives in the USA he mad about boxing He told he couldn tut it down and read it from cover to cover He informed me that the book was very motivational and has got him All in all he would highly recommend this urchase Let me start by saying I love Eddie Hearn as a salesman he s one of my idols and the minute I heard he was releasing a Shi.

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Ook I bought it on re saleUnfortunately for me the book was euivalent of Okolie vs Askin Great expectations but didn t deliverThe autobiographical sections I really enjoyed Quit Smoking Affirmations: Affirmations to Help You Stop Smoking Now and Quit Your Cigarette Addiction The Easy Way… particularly about his younger life and wish there was of it but the mindsetlife lessonieces were very repetitive and felt forced into the storyline Some sections are Quit Smoking Hypnosis: Guided Sleep Meditation to Overcome Nicotine Addiction, Reduce Stress and Get Smoke-Free in 30… packed with throwaway advice one sentence after another all of which you could easily find in a fortune cookieThe overall result feels like two books rolled into one but with little connection between the two Can t help feeling like an autobiography would have been the better focus but I m sure that ll be in theipeline soon A great book written by an inspirational figure in sports Well done Eddie and thank you for what you have done for boxing over the years A nice 6 hour read enjoyable lots of valuable How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good pieces of advice andractical guides I expected better from Hearn This book is only good if you are a boxing fan and have a entrepreneurial mind which I do but just a heads up Good read Great book very informative and also funny. Ppin.

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