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Having just watched Dark Shadows through 50 years later I thoroughly enjoyed this series as crazy as the stories were It was like watching an acting troupe from New York as they all played multiple parts they time traveled the gothic sets and clothing were beautiful and it was just a ootHaving grown up during the 60s and 70s I was fascinated by who these actors were and this is the book that tells you about everyone in the cast It This is a 552 page book looking at the major actors and actresses on Dark Shadows It doesn t neglect the ones who appeared only for short times though The book even includes photos and two appendicesFor each of the major actors and actresses information is given on what they did in Dark Shadows but also what they did before they were on the show and what they did after they were on the show The information for each person is very detailed as is virtually everything in the bookWhat I found most interesting though was the incredible The Crossing Of Ingo: Book 4 hard work these people did Most of them were in numerous stage plays andor on television shows andor in movies Itas to be Puffin Nibbles: The Mermaid's Tail hard to learn all the lines in plays and in scripts and then perform then sometimesundreds if not thousands of timesA lot of the people Bubble Kisses had gone through divorces and other difficulties in their lives A lot of themad a background in stage work and many Isadora!: Take That Thumb Out of Your Mouth had been in various Shakespearean plays The book presents theuman side of those in the show It s a fascinating read I The Boy Without a Name: English-Urdu Edition have been a fan of Dark Shadows since I was about nine years old andave Books For Kids - Willy the Silly Panda: Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-6 had many years to discover things about the cast and crew of Dark Shadows through Kathryn Leigh Scott s books convention anecdotes compilation videos etc After many years of loving the fandom I was uite impressed to encounter a book that introduced me to new facts and stories about the actors particularly the ones Iave never Tashi: 1 heard much about most notably Humbert Allen AstredoI was actually able to sit down and read it cover to cover even though it would be very easy to skip around and read just about the people that interested you Definitely a worthwhile addition to my increasingly digital Dark Shadows collec. Over 40 years ago millions of kids ranome from school every day to catch the adventures of vampire Barnabas Collins and is family of werewolves witches and other creatures Dark Shadows remains one of the most popular cult TV shows of all time Barnabas & Company tells the tale of the

DOWNLOAD å Barnabas & Company: The Cast of the TV Classic Dark Shadows Author By Craig Hamrick,R. J. Jamison – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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Tion and worth checking out if you are a fan or are interested in the culture of the show and the people behind it If you are looking for storyline synopses then this is not the book for you But if you want to know about the talented actors that brought Dark Shadows to life then check it out I am in the midst of a massive Dark Shadows re watch thanks to the recent box set release of the entire series and every time a new character pops on the screen I go to this book to check out their biographies and always find interesting facts and uotes from them or from other actors who comment on each other It adds a lot to my enjoyment of the show itself I read this book when I began the long delightful journey of watching the entire DVD series of Dark Shadows I ave learned so much about the story lines cast and characters This book is enhancing all aspects of my enjoyment of the seriesI remember Dark Shadows as my dear straight laced no nonsense Grandmother s favorite program and the ONLY daytime TV she would watch I was a pre teen at the time She considered me far too young to watch Dark Shadows so I was sent outside to play while it was onNearly 50 years later this book in conjunction with the MPI videos pulls open the The Tale of Tam Linn heavy draperies onto the magical story line of all things Collins I wish I could share this book with Grandmother She wouldave been as delighted with the back stories as I now am Into the world of Dark Shadows and the people who created that world for us I barely The Dragon Stoorworm have scratched the surface by looking through the wonderful photo gallery reading FIRST the terrific segment in the book devoted to Humbert Allen Astredo and being so glad that itas been added to the updated version of the book Humbert is a wonderful actor who is a big favorite of mine from the show and although I adored nearly everyone associated with it I wanted to read that section first Now I m back to the beginning of the Kindle edition and am slowly digesting it savoring it like a wonderful meal enjoying it and so glad for it s flavors and aromasThank you RJ Jamison for continuing with the update that you and Craig Hamrick worked on to give us even Arvelous actors and actresses who came together in a tiny studio in New York City to make magic Through the performers' own words read about the paths that led them to the fictional Tashi and the Haunted House hauntedamlet of Collinsport Maine and beyond Learn about the show and the actors that inspired the 2012.

O enjoy about these wonderful artists than even the first edition of Barnabas Company gave usHIGHLY RECOMMENDED A must for any fan of Dark Shadows very well written and great behind the scenes information Very good This book is so much fun to Heir of Iron Hearts: Iron Crown Faerie Tales Book 2 have onand for anyone caught up in watching the entire original series The authentic camp of the spooky soap is greatly enhanced by being able to read all this background info on everyone who ever stood in front of the camera for DS ToS We love it The newly released 2nd edition is the version of this book that you want to get While the first edition was about 250 pages this one tops out at 551 pages and is chock full of interesting information on DS though there are many typo s and factual errors guess the proofreader Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales had a bad day I doave one uibble on the book In the original version done by Craig Hamrick Actress Betsy Durkin was given a single paragraph and relegated to the back of the book with the other day players And rightly so In this 2nd edition she Tashi and the Giants: 2 has been mysteriously promoted to the Core Cast front section of the book and given a whopping 10 pages of Bio Why Her minuscule acting resume could fit on a small post it note She never acted past 1969 and is just a minor foot note in theistory of Dark Shadows Perhaps she is a personal friend of co author RJ Jamison and this was just a BFF moment between the two ladies Or perhaps she made a financial contribution to the book and therefore was given this most undeserved promotion She only appeared in 10 episodes as the character of Vicki was being phased out A deserved promotion to the front of the book should Tashi and the Ghosts: 3 have been given to John Lasell who played Dr Peter Guthrie He was in 24 episodes and was a key part of the original LauraPhoenix story line Who could forget Barnabas Well I did until now Back in the day I ranome to watch DS but life gets in the way and all these years I ad forgotten about DS Is it old age that one starts to remember the good old shows on tv or is it going through my kindle book store looking for a good read Age plays a part yes but seeing Barnabas where are they now this is a must read for all fans of Tim Burton Johnny Depp major motion picture Dark Shadows Included are updated chapters on Jonathan Frid Kate Jackson David Selby and interviews with Humbert Allen Astredo Betsy Durkin Robert Rodan Jerry Lacy Lara Parker Denise Nickerson Conard Fowkes Addison Powell Christopher Pennock an.

By Craig Hamrick,R. J. Jamison on Barnabas & Company: The Cast of the TV Classic Dark Shadows