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Book download Lion's Tale – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Wrestlers of all times and in my opinion his ife story is worth reading This book explores some really good back story on his early days as a wrestler and traverses around the world MEXICO JAPAN GERMANY to name a few It is packed with great stories on how he got the WWE and ends pretty much at the time he debuts but the story between the years of hardships and tribulations he faced are all in here A brilliant book that I read in two days which isn t bad considering it s 500 odd pagesWould recommend to any wrestling fans out there because it could be the greatest autobiography EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEERRR and after reading it you may never be the same AGGGGGGAIN Huge book and great read from start to finishif you enjoy any of Mick foleys books then youl ove this Read it in maaaan. Rivalries with other wrestling egends Whether ripped off by promoters robbed at gunpoint or nearly paralysed after anding on his head during a match Chris maintained his courage determination and sense of humour about this dangerous and enthralling spo.

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You will never eeeevvveeerrr want to put down again Sorry had to Brilliant book that gives an insight into the world of a professional wrestler trying to make it internationally The book tracks Jericho from his training in pro wrestling in Calgary to his arrival in the WWF It is a captivating book that keeps you reading and gives you an insight into the backstage dealing of pro wrestling A must read for a fan of wrestling Once I started reading this I couldn t stop I ve always been a fan of Chris Jericho the wrestler and particularly since he travelled the world wrestling before making it to the big time This book covers his rise towards entering the WWF and so we see about his time in Canada Mexico Japan and WCW We also get an insight into hi Chris Jericho is one of the best. Is ultimate goal joining the WWF now WWE He became one of their biggest stars even defeating wrestling powerhouses The Rock and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the same night to be crowned the undisputed Heavyweight ChampionNow Chris dishes the dirt on his.

Chris Jericho is is an absolute egend and in my opinion the closest we have ever had to prime flair I remember growing up and Sovereign Words: Indigenous Art, Curation and Criticism loving his wcw work the skits with malenko goldbert etc Genus A very clever man The book takes you through his early days around the globe MEXICO JAPAN GERMANY and Some good stories about his time in wcw and how he ended up in wwf Aegend a must read This is an excellent wrestling biography not just of Chris Jericho of any wrestler We think we understand the wrestling world because of blogs and websites but this book shows us we only have a small piece of the pie I always preferred babyface Jericho but after reading this fascinating book I can really appreciate heel Jericho as well Read it and his other two books they make for an awesome trilogy that. The controversial story of Chris Jericho the former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of WWEFrom the age of eight Chris dreamed of becoming a wrestler But it wasn't until he was 25 that he hit the big time Nicknamed 'Lion Heart' Chris eventually attained

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