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Rother Finally the twins get the treatment they eserve For old fans and new alike it s a great series I loved the story I m collecting all these books Great reading Great gift many thanks Bought this after watching the newold He man series finally had it in my shelves for a while Cover looked great so I The Line Becomes A River: Dispatches from the Mexican Border decided to pick it up Geez this was one of those really glad I got it Awesome illustrations and concepts great characterization and writing You won t regret this one stays true to the past while adding so much As a fan of the show as a kid thisid not The Distance Between Us: A Memoir disappoint I m a life long MOTU fan and absolutely love the new comics from DC The art here is amazing and consistent Arrived from in perfect condition Highly recommended for any MOTU fan masters rock I ve really enjoyed this series of he man comics that has been made for the adults who grew up with the hero in the eighties and this entryoes not isappoint Good writing and excellent graphics I liked it. Eclaim their kingdom What sacrifices must He Man make to salvage his family legacy Don't miss a moment of this epic new MOTU series Collects He Man The Eternity War #1

EPUB He–Man: The Eternity War Vol. 1 · au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

This takes He Man to whole new level Those used to the filmation He Man will be surprised The battle for the soul of Eternia is in the balance I look forward to the final chapter in this saga Who will live who will not It took awhile to get into the story as it proceeds along a ifferent track than the mini comics or the filmation cartoon of course but once I The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience did I really like it Great art good characterevelopment really enjoyable plot This is Volume One of the Eternity War part of the Masters of the Universe comic book series It tells the story of Hordak escaping the terrible IN THE DREAM HOUSE: A Memoir dimension Despondos and conuering the world of Eternia Both He Man and She Ra seek to overcome the evil horde but Hordak is simply too powerful that is until Skeletorecides to join the battleIt s an interesting plot and the storyline evelops in several fascinating ways I particularly enjoyed the moment Skeletor has an epiphany and realises that if he fights on the side of evil The war to end all wars has begun in Eternia Hordak and the villainous Dark Horde have taken over Castle Grayskull and plan to use it as a weapon to terrorize and rule

E s estined to forever lose However it s the artwork that s stand out as so many of the illustrations are fantasticIf you re a fan of He Man then I recommend this volume and its seuel Combined this Eternity War story arc is the epic finale of the comic book series The Masters of the Universe title was part of the DC Comics New 52 saga which has now come to an end The adventures Ordinary Girls: A Memoir depicted in these comics are available in a series of trade paperbacks My son loved his book even at 35 he still loves He Man when I bought this Very nostalgic amazing art traditional He Man storytelling There s nothing to not love here for any fan She Ra s is finally back can t wait for next volume Graphic novels concise several issues in a single volume yet theownside is you have to wait longer for the next volume But reading in Kindle means you can read and take anywhere Fantastic return for the aughter of Grayskull finally coming into her own and being eually a hero as her He universe However a resistance is building led by She Ra The Sorceress Teela and the benevolent warrior He Man To what lengths will the Masters of the Universe go to

Dan Abnett is a novelsit and award winnig comic book writer He has written twenty five novels for the Black Library including the acclaimed Gaunt's Ghosts series and the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies and with Mike Lee the Darkblade cycle His Black Library novel Horus Rising and his Torchwood novel Border Princes for the BBC were both bestsellers He lives and works in Maidstone Kent

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